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4 Book to Screen Adaptations That We're Excited About

The summer blockbusters have come and gone, but with fall traditionally comes quite a few page-to-screen adaptations of our favorite books and series. But, if your life is anything like ours, then it’s probably pretty hectic. As much as we would love to see the latest movies to hit the big screen, we simply don’t have the time required to see every book-to-screen adaptation that rolls through our local movie theatre. Our solution? See one movie a month. The four films listed below are set to be released now through the end of the year, so we feel confident that we can squeeze them in.

Frostbeard Studio Unveils New Look

Exciting news - our Book Lovers’ Soy Candles have a fresh look! We’ve redesigned our labels, added scents, new sizes (2oz and 4oz tins!), and made a bunch of improvements. We’re beyond thrilled to share these new developments with our friends and fellow book nerds alike.

Create Your Own Wizarding Magic: How to Turn Your Home into Your Favorite Common Room

It’s Fall y’all! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) We’re breaking out our favorite fall-time decor to turn our houses into our favorite wizardy common rooms to match the season. What could be better than curling up on your couch with your favorite throw blanket, a snuggly cat or two, and enjoying a good book while being surrounded by some magical decor?

15 Book Inspired Tattoos that are Literarily Incredible

What better way to profess your undying love of a character, story, or fictional world than through a tattoo? At Frostbeard, we’re all about finding new and innovative ways of bringing our favorite literary works into our lives. Be it through our book themed candles, bookish merch, or personal tattoos, literature holds a large part of our hearts.

Permanent Book Candle Collection Update!

Important news, book nerds! We're making updates to our candle collection.

One-Stop Shop for Bookish Gifts

Exciting news - we've added a bunch of awesome book swag to our studio retail shop! Please come visit our studio in South Minneapolis to see our exceptionally nerdy collection of goods, featuring many of our favorite local and national artists. Most items are handmade and everything is super awesome. A one-stop-shop for book nerds! 📚🤓

Why I'm Not Ashamed to Read Trashy Romance Novels

It's easy to get a little embarrassed when your literati friends ask what you're currently reading... and the answer is a trashy romance novel. These books often have a stigma attached, that the audience is completely made up of crazy-cat-ladies indulging in an indiscretion. Obviously these broad generalizations don't line up with reality, so why the weird guilt? It's not necessary.

Frostbeard 5-Year Recap

Frostbeard is five years old! Looking back, as usually happens, it feels both a longer and shorter amount of time in the making. In the blink of an eye, I went from brewing candles in my mom's kitchen to having a successful small business with a permanent location and three employees. I swear I've spent half my life stickering wicks, but alas, it's only been a few years!

BOOKSTOR-IES [EPISODE TWO]: Moon Palace Books (Minneapolis, MN)

Second Episode of our Bookstor-ies is the Longfellow Neighborhood treasure, Moon Palace books! Moon Palace is a testament to the idea of small neighborhood bookstores. Owners Angela and Jamie Schwesnedl opened shop when independent bookstores were on the decline and the ominous shadow of Amazon was starting to take hold of the market.

10 Art Prints Every Book Lover Needs

Here at Frostbeard we're all suckers for Bookish art. If there is one thing nerds are good at, it's definitely spending money on geeky things. My apartment, for starters, is a poorly organized dragon horde of nerdy merchandise. Here are my top 10 favorite book inspired Art Prints that you can buy today!

What We're Reading - January 2017

Naturally, we're avid readers at Frostbeard (pushes nerd-glasses slowly up bridge of nose), so here's a look at a few of our favorite reads from January.

Embracing Hygge - Our Coziest Candles

Hygge is a Danish term which roughly translates to "coziness," but it's the all-around feeling of pleasure and comfort; being relaxed and surrounded by people you love, doing things you enjoy. Thick wool socks and chunky sweaters, hot cocoa in front of the fireplace and candles are all examples of this concept. We've highlighted our coziest candle scents to help you create the most hygge atmosphere possible this winter. 

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