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March 2020 Box
(Baker Street)

Frostbeard Lit Box - March 2020 - Baker Street
Frostbeard Lit Box - March 2020 - Baker Street - Watson's Journal Candle
Frostbeard Lit Box - March 2020 - Baker Street - Candle Snuffer
Frostbeard Lit Box - March 2020 - Baker Street - Journal
Frostbeard Lit Box - March 2020 - Baker Street - Tea
Frostbeard Lit Box - March 2020 - Baker Street - Postcard
Product image 1Frostbeard Lit Box - March 2020 - Baker Street
Product image 2Frostbeard Lit Box - March 2020 - Baker Street - Watson's Journal Candle
Product image 3Frostbeard Lit Box - March 2020 - Baker Street - Candle Snuffer
Product image 4Frostbeard Lit Box - March 2020 - Baker Street - Journal
Product image 5Frostbeard Lit Box - March 2020 - Baker Street - Tea
Product image 6Frostbeard Lit Box - March 2020 - Baker Street - Postcard

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Theme: Baker Street

March's Lit Box is the perfect gift for any book lover! Carefully curated with handmade bookish goodies to match the theme, we do the work for you by creating an amazing collection of items.

NOTE: The original box contained perishable goods (cookies), which are no longer included (we ate them). The cost of these items have been deducted from the price of the March box. The cookies were delicious.


Watson's Journal candle or wax melts Frostbeard Studio
Candle Snuffer
Frostbeard Studio
Sherlock Journal
Ariel Wilson
A Study in Tea Riddle's Tea Shoppe
Sherlock Icon button Oakes Bay Road
Literary Map postcard
RedBubble (moviemaniacs)

This item is not a subscription — it's only available for individual purchase. Check out our other past boxes here.

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  • Candle of the Month - One 8 oz jar candle OR two wax melts.
  • 4-6 unique goodies based on the month's theme.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
One of the best boxes Frostbeard ever made!

This box is phenomenal! The Watson's Journal candle is layered, mysterious, and rich and all three fragrances - black tea, parchment, and vanilla - clearly come through. Gorgeous scent. The candle snuffer is exceptionally well made and now resides permanently near my Frostbeard candle collection. The Sherlock-themed extras are exquisite, but my favorite, by far, was the sample of "A Study in Tea" by Riddle's Tea Shoppe. I ordered other teas from them after sampling this tea, but none of those teas are as perfect as the one Frostbeard commissioned for this box. If Frostbeard partnered with Riddle's Tea Shoppe to sell "A Study in Tea" regularly, I would order it every single month! It's perfection. (Reviews of fragrances are highly subjective and whether or not you'll like a particular fragrance is personal, so, for reference, my favorite Frostbeard candles are: Wizardy Buttery Drink, Back to Wizard School, The Wall, Through the Wardrobe, The Inklings, and Snow Maiden. My least favorite candles are: Oxford Library, Book Cellar, Gatsby's Mansion, Christmas in the Great Hall, Bah Humbug, and Old Books.)

Great box!

I was really happy with the Jane Austen themed box, so I decided to order this one. The Watson's Journal candle is on the nose, I hope Frostbeard considers bringing it back or maybe making it part of their permanent collection. The candle snuffer was a nice bonus. Out of the other merchandise, I really enjoyed the Riddle's Tea Shoppe and will be ordering from them (when their teas are back in stock). I appreciate being exposed to other mom and pop shops!

Super fun surprise

I especially loved the tea in this box! The candle is lovely - it's a subtle scent and not super sweet. My roommate can't handle strong sweet scents but I love vanilla so it's a good balance for us!

Great box!

This is the first Lit box I've ordered for myself (I've gifted a couple). Love the scent of the candle, cookies were very tasty, my oldest daughter loved the tea and postcard, my son is keeping the notebook and youngest daughter kept the pin. Very satisfied all around!

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