Telltale Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Favorite Candle

Telltale Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Favorite CandleWhat does your favorite candle smell like? Everyone has one. Some people prefer sweet and fruity smells while others prefer dark and rich scents. No matter what your preference is, you have a favorite candle with that scent. Unfortunately, that favorite candle won’t last forever. Watch for these telltale signs it’s time to replace your favorite candle.

Your Candle Is Drying Out

Liquid wax dries solid, so you may not realize that your candle is drying out at first. After all, it’s supposed to be dry. However, there is such a thing as too dry. As your candle ages, the wax can start to dry out. The wax on the top or sides of your candle may start to crack. While it may melt back together when you burn the candle, it will eventually crack again. Continuous cracking is a sign you need to replace it.

You Can’t Smell Your Candle Anymore

Maybe the top of your candle looks fine. After all, it must still be fine if it looks fine and burns fine, right? Wrong. Candles can burn fine, but the scents within them can expire. You may notice that while the candle melts just as much as it used to, the scent isn’t as strong. Maybe you just think you’re smelling the candle’s scent because it always released scent before. Light your candle and pay attention to the scent it gives off. It’s time for a replacement if the scent is weaker than usual or non-existent.

You’ve Burned Your Candle to the Last ¼ Inch

Your favorite candle may not have cracks and it may still release your favorite scent. However, these aren’t the only telltale signs it’s time to replace your favorite candle. You can’t burn the candle anymore once the wax gets to within ¼ inch of the bottom of its container. The bottom of the container can overheat and damage the surface the candle is on if you try to keep burning it. Measure the wax left in your candle. You need to replace it if the wax is ¼ inch thick or less.

Your Candle Has Expired

You may think you’re in the clear if your candle passes all three signs of replacement. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Candles can expire, even if they don’t have cracks, scent, or more than ¼ inch of wax at the bottom. Most soy candles last a year or two before the ingredients and scents start to expire. You may still need to replace your candle if it’s over two years old.

Now that you know your candle needs a replacement, you must decide how to replace it and what scent to replace it with. Instead of trying to narrow your options to one candle, we suggest getting a candle subscription box. Frostbeard Studio offers a monthly subscription box that will help you find your new favorite candle. Our candles are also long-lasting, so you won’t have to replace it for a while when you find that perfect scent.