Community Outreach

Part of Our Mission at Frostbeard is to make a positive difference in our world by helping to promote literacy and the love of reading. By connecting with teachers, librarians and students, along with other local businesses, we hope to do this through various forms of community outreach.

Here we will highlight some of our past events and programs, as well as any current projects.

Ongoing Events

Youth Candlemaking Workshop at our studio

Youth Workshops

We offer youth candlemaking workshops to local organizations. Students learn about the creative process, handmade traditional crafts, and the challenges of a small retail business.

We're currently working with youth programs to create a "Southside" community-themed fundraising candle, with all proceeds going to local nonprofit organizations. Participants of the youth workshops will work together to create a unique candle inspired by their community. We're also working to have opportunities for participants to help sell the candles they made at art fairs and farmers markets.

Ace in the City Back2School Bash Book Drive

Book Drives

We partner up with local organizations to help run book drives for various causes. In the past we've worked with Ace in the City (with the help of Magers & Quinn Booksellers) for their Back2School Bash, which collected hundreds of new, diverse books for K-8 students in Powderhorn, Minneapolis.


We frequently donate our candles to silent auction fundraiser events for libraries and other literary organizations. Unfortunately, due to shipping costs and budgetary restrictions, we have to limit these donations to U.S. literary organizations only and do not give donations to individuals.

Special Events

Hosting Book Parties

We have a beautiful studio space and are happy to partner with local organizations in need of an event space, especially if the event is book themed! We hosted a book release party for Powderhorn365, a program through our neighborhood association, PPNA, where photographers capture one picture each day and have an art book printed each year. We have also served as a meeting place for planning committees for book drives and other activities.