4 Ways To Make Your Reading Space More Comfortable

4 Ways To Make Your Reading Space More Comfortable

There’s nothing like cozying up with your favorite blanket and a captivating book. Many bibliophiles love nothing more than finding a space to hide away anytime they want to read. By creating the book nook in your home, you can make a reading environment you can go to for some alone time with your stories. Check out the best ways to make your reading space more comfortable, and jot down your favorite options below!

1. Pick a Spot

Think about where you feel the most comfortable at home and which spaces you could convert into a reading spot. If you love sunshine, create your reading area near a window—bonus points if you have a bay window with a built-in bench! Alternatively, you may prefer feeling secluded when you read. If so, decide on an area of the home that’s away from outside noise.

2. Buy Cozy Furniture

While you can read a book anywhere, from your bed to a public bench, that doesn’t mean every location is great. As you create your reading oasis, consider moving current furniture into the space or buying new pieces.

You’ll need a cozy chair or sofa and ample lighting to easily see in your book nook. Consider also having an end or coffee table to increase the overall ambiance and have a spot to place your favorite reading beverage.

Reading Tip

Consider investing in some book storage so that your reading spot feels more like a private library. Depending on the size of your space, this can range from a bookcase to shelves on the wall.

3. Add Relaxing Smells

Pairing specific scents with the stories you read makes the experience more enjoyable and memorable. You can make your reading corner smell amazing by adding various candles with the scents you like the most. When placing lit candles in the room, keep them out of reach of pets and children to prevent fire hazards. Never leave flames unattended.

Moreover, you could base the scents you place in the reading nook on the story you’re reading. If you have a book that takes place oceanside, you can’t go wrong with aromas like coconut and teakwood. Likewise, rosewood, fig, and spice scents are perfect for a story set in a forest.

4. Make It Personal

Our final tip on how to make your reading space more comfortable is to add personal touches. This is your reading space, and what’s most comfortable is a matter of opinion. Feel free to add a soft blanket, plush pillows, and small décor to accent the room. You could also hang photos reminiscent of your favorite genre to tie the space together.

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