From Classroom to Career: Top Gifts for Aspiring Teachers


When looking for the best gifts for student teachers, find something that's both practical and memorable. Whether you're considering classroom supplies, personalized keepsakes, or tech gadgets, there's a wide array of options that can make a lasting impact. Here are quick suggestions to get you started:

  • Gift Cards: Teachers Pay Teachers, Amazon
  • Classroom Supplies: Staplers, Notebooks
  • Personalized Items: Custom lanyards, Photo albums
  • Tech Gadgets: Thermal laminators, Bluetooth speakers

Student teachers, or aspiring educators, work tirelessly to prepare for their future careers. They balance coursework, lesson planning, and classroom management while honing their teaching skills. A thoughtful gift not only shows appreciation but also supports them during this crucial stage.

My journey in supporting educators began with my passion for creative, handmade goods. With Frostbeard Studio, we've seen how personalized and meaningful gifts can brighten a teacher's day. We'll guide you through choosing the best gifts for student teachers, offering practical and heartfelt options to consider.

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Best Gifts for Student Teachers: Practical Choices

Gift Cards: A Flexible Option

Gift cards are incredibly versatile and always appreciated. They allow student teachers to buy exactly what they need, whether it's classroom supplies or personal items. Amazon, Target, and Visa gift cards are popular choices because of their wide range of options.

However, one standout is the Teachers Pay Teachers gift card. This platform offers educational resources created by teachers for teachers. A gift card here can help student teachers purchase lesson plans, worksheets, and other classroom essentials. One teacher on Reddit mentioned, "A gift certificate to TeachersPayTeachers is an awesome idea, and something that’s sure to be appreciated!"

Essential Classroom Supplies

Every teacher knows the importance of having the right supplies. Here are some must-haves that can make a big difference:

  • Staplers: A reliable stapler is a classroom essential. It’s something teachers use almost daily.
  • Pens and Highlighters: Quality pens and highlighters are crucial for grading and organizing notes. Consider sets that include multiple colors.
  • Notebooks: Teachers always need notebooks for planning, jotting down ideas, and keeping track of student progress.

One teacher shared, "I spent $60 at the Dollar Tree and another $30-40 at Walmart to fill a bin with hole punchers, staplers, scissors, and other supplies. She ended up getting a job at my school the following year, and we shared everything."

Organizational Tools

Staying organized is key for any teacher, especially those just starting out. Here are some tools that can help:

  • Planners: A good planner can help student teachers keep track of lesson plans, meetings, and important dates. The Erin Condren planner is a popular choice because of its customizable features and motivational quotes.
  • Rolling Carts: These are perfect for moving supplies around the classroom or between different teaching spaces. They offer great storage and easy access to materials.

One of the best gifts I received before I started teaching was a Scotch Thermal Laminator. It’s incredibly useful for creating durable teaching aids and protecting important documents.

Classroom supplies - best gifts for student teachers

By focusing on practical gifts, you can help student teachers set up their classrooms and manage their responsibilities more effectively. This support can make a significant difference as they transition from student to professional educator.

Next, we’ll explore personal and memorable gifts that can leave a lasting impression.

Best Gifts for Student Teachers: Personal and Memorable

While practical gifts are essential, personal and memorable gifts can leave a lasting impression on student teachers. These gifts often carry sentimental value and serve as keepsakes that remind them of their journey into the teaching profession.

Personalized Classroom Items

Desk Nameplates: A custom desk nameplate is a thoughtful gift that adds a touch of professionalism to a new teacher's desk. It helps them feel like they truly belong in their new role. You can find a variety of styles and materials, from classic wood to modern acrylic.

Custom Lanyards: Personalized lanyards are both practical and personal. They can be customized with the teacher's name or a motivational quote. These lanyards not only help in keeping ID badges and keys handy but also add a bit of flair to their daily attire.

Decorative Posters: Posters with inspirational quotes or educational content make great additions to any classroom. For example, grammar posters from The Oatmeal or motivational quotes can brighten up the classroom and provide daily encouragement. They can be tailored to the subject area the student teacher will be teaching.

Sentimental Keepsakes

Scrapbooks: A scrapbook filled with notes, drawings, and photos from the class can be a cherished keepsake. One teacher shared on Reddit, "I just found a book a bunch of kids had written thank you post-its from class, and one of the students put it together with her artwork. I will always treasure that one!" Including thank-you notes, class photos, and memorable quotes can make this gift truly special.

Handwritten Notes: Simple yet meaningful, handwritten notes from students and colleagues can be incredibly touching. Teachers often keep these notes for years as a reminder of their impact. As one Reddit user, Oblio's Mom, emphasized, "A heartfelt note is great. We treasure those. Even better is when you come back in five or ten years to tell them the difference they made in your life."

Photo Albums: A photo album filled with pictures from class events, field trips, and everyday moments can be a wonderful gift. Each photo can be accompanied by a short note or caption, making it a personalized keepsake that the student teacher can look back on fondly.

By choosing personal and memorable gifts, you can show student teachers that their hard work and dedication are appreciated. These keepsakes not only celebrate their achievements but also provide them with lasting memories of their time in the classroom.

Next, we’ll dive into the best technology and gadgets that can aid student teachers in their new roles.

Best Gifts for Student Teachers: Technology and Gadgets

In the modern classroom, technology is indispensable. From enhancing lessons to organizing tasks, the right gadgets can make a teacher's job much easier. Here are some of the best gifts for student teachers that incorporate useful technology and gadgets.

Useful Gadgets for Teachers

Bluetooth Speakers
A Bluetooth speaker can transform a classroom. Teachers can use it to play music during quiet reading time, for educational podcasts, or even for quick dance breaks. A quality, budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker that's waterproof is perfect for the occasional classroom spill.

Thermal Laminators
A thermal laminator is a practical gift that many teachers love. It’s perfect for preserving student work, creating durable teaching aids, and more.

External Hard Drives
Teachers handle a lot of digital files, from lesson plans to student records. An external hard drive provides a secure way to store and back up this important data. It’s a practical gift that ensures student teachers can keep their files organized and safe.

Tech Accessories

USB Drives
USB drives are small but mighty tools for teachers. They are perfect for transferring files between home and school or sharing resources with colleagues. A reliable USB drive is a simple yet effective gift.

Portable Chargers
For teachers on the move, a portable charger is a lifesaver. It’s compact, reliable, and can charge most phones multiple times, ensuring that student teachers stay connected throughout their busy day.

Cable Organizers
Classrooms can quickly become cluttered with cables from various devices. Cable organizers help keep everything tidy and accessible. This simple tool can make a big difference in maintaining an organized workspace.

By incorporating these modern teaching tools and tech accessories into their daily routines, student teachers can enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in the classroom. These thoughtful gifts not only support their professional development but also show that you understand the demands of their new career.

Best Gifts for Student Teachers: Books and Educational Resources

Books and educational resources are invaluable for student teachers. They offer professional development, practical strategies, and inspiration. Here are some top picks that make excellent gifts.

Must-Read Books for New Teachers

"Teach Like a Champion" by Doug Lemov
This book is a must-have for any new teacher. It provides 49 effective teaching techniques that can help student teachers build strong classroom management skills and boost student engagement. Real-life examples and practical advice make it a go-to resource.

"The First Days of School" by Harry K. Wong and Rosemary T. Wong
This classic guide is essential for setting up a successful classroom. It covers everything from classroom management to lesson planning. New teachers will appreciate the step-by-step approach and the wealth of practical tips.

"180 Days: Two Teachers and the Quest to Engage and Empower Adolescents" by Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle
This book takes readers through a full school year, offering insights into planning, teaching, and assessing student work. It’s perfect for those looking to deepen their understanding of student engagement and instructional strategies.

Educational Resource Subscriptions

Educational Journals
Subscriptions to educational journals offer ongoing professional development. Journals like "Educational Leadership" or "The Reading Teacher" provide insights into current research, teaching strategies, and classroom innovations. These subscriptions help new teachers stay informed and inspired.

By gifting these books and subscriptions, you’re providing student teachers with tools that support their growth and success in the classroom. These resources not only enhance their teaching skills but also help them stay motivated and passionate about their profession.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gifts for Student Teachers

What are the most practical gifts for student teachers?

When it comes to practical gifts, think about what will make a student teacher's life easier and more organized. Here are some top suggestions:

Gift Cards
Gift cards are incredibly versatile. TeachersPayTeachers gift cards are a favorite because they allow teachers to buy lesson plans, activities, and other classroom resources. Amazon and Target gift cards are also great options for purchasing a variety of classroom supplies.

Classroom Supplies
Essentials like staplers, pens, notebooks, and highlighters are always needed. One teacher mentioned, "A really nice metal stapler was one of the best gifts I received. It made me feel prepared and professional."

Organizational Tools
Planners, especially those from Erin Condren, are highly recommended. They help new teachers keep track of their schedules and lesson plans. Rolling carts are another great tool for organizing classroom materials.

How can I personalize a gift for a student teacher?

Personalized gifts add a special touch and show that you've put thought into your present. Here are some ideas:

Desk Nameplates
A custom desk nameplate with the teacher's name or university logo can make them feel like a professional. One teacher shared, "My cooperating teacher got me a desk nameplate with my university's logo. I still have it on my desk today."

Sentimental Keepsakes
Handwritten notes or letters from students can be very touching. Some teachers create scrapbooks filled with these notes, which become cherished keepsakes. "When students take the time to write me a note or a card, it helps validate the many reasons I became a teacher," said Thao Vo, a sixth-grade mathematics teacher.

Custom Lanyards and Decorative Posters
Items like custom lanyards and decorative posters for the classroom can be both functional and personal. They add a unique touch to the teacher's workspace.

What technology is most useful for new teachers?

Technology can greatly enhance a teacher's effectiveness. Here are some useful tech gifts:

Useful Gadgets
Bluetooth speakers can be used for playing educational videos or music during class activities. Thermal laminators are excellent for preserving teaching materials. External hard drives provide extra storage for lesson plans, student work, and other important files.

Tech Accessories
USB drives and portable chargers are essential for teachers who need to move between classrooms or take work home. Cable organizers help keep tech accessories tidy and easily accessible.

By considering these frequently asked questions, you can find great gifts for student teachers that are both practical and deeply appreciated.


Choosing the best gifts for student teachers can have a lasting impact. Thoughtful gifts not only support them in their future classrooms but also show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Whether the gift is practical, personal, or tech-savvy, it can make a significant difference in their teaching journey.

Gift Impact
A well-chosen gift can boost a student teacher's confidence and readiness for their career. As one sixth-grade math teacher, Thao Vo, noted, heartfelt notes and personalized items validate their decision to become a teacher and inspire them to keep going. Even small, simple gifts like a $5 gift card to Starbucks can make them feel valued and appreciated.

Future Classrooms
Equipping student teachers with essential classroom supplies, organizational tools, and educational resources prepares them for success. Items like laminators, whiteboards, and planners help them create engaging and efficient learning environments. Personalized gifts, such as custom lanyards or decorative posters, add a special touch that they will cherish for years.

Frostbeard Studio
At Frostbeard Studio, we believe in enhancing the teaching and learning experience. Our literary-inspired candles create a cozy, immersive atmosphere that can transform any reading session into a multi-sensory journey. These candles make perfect gifts for student teachers, helping them create a warm and inviting classroom or home environment.

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By thoughtfully selecting gifts, we can support and inspire the next generation of educators. Even small gestures can have a big impact.