The Benefits of Candles for Relaxation and Stress Relief

The Benefits of Candles for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Many of us live fast-paced lives where we jump from work to household chores to other responsibilities, and we make little time to relax until we start feeling stressed. However, something as simple as lighting a candle can help with decompression. Delve into the benefits of candles for relaxation and stress relief, and learn some tips for buying the right products.


Specific smells can help you feel more relaxed. Burning a candle with a certain scent pairs perfectly with reading time, allowing you to fully unwind and enjoy a fantastic book. Scents like freshly ground coffee might make you feel like you’re lounging in your favorite café, which is a great mood booster.

Some of the most relaxing candle scents include:

  • Lavender
  • Citrus
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Jasmine
  • Sandalwood

The right scents can also help improve concentration; for example, if you have thoughts racing through your mind, sitting down to read a book may be a challenge. However, by lighting a candle with a relaxing scent, you can slow your thoughts and enjoy the story.  

Visual Aesthetic

Another benefit of candles for relaxation and stress relief is the visual effect, as these items can function as decor to make your house feel homier. Lit candles often create a cozy feeling because of the dim lighting they put out. The soft light combined with the perfect scent helps create a relaxing ambience in your home.

Additionally, the look of a candle itself can encourage feelings of relaxation. This is partially due to association—you might see candles in spas and yoga centers or light them just before a warm bath.

Pro Tip

One great way to unwind is to fill your bathtub, light a candle, and grab your favorite book. As you relax in the bath, allow yourself to engage in the mindful activity of reading.

Tips for Buying Candles

Buying the right candle looks different for everyone because we all prefer different scents. While lavender and peppermint typically help increase feelings of relaxation, the ideal scent still depends on your personal preferences. If you don’t like a specific smell, it won’t help you decompress.

In addition to scent, you should decide on the candle size you prefer. For instance, those who light candles daily often buy larger options, while those who use candles minimally might choose smaller versions. You should also evaluate the materials used to make the candles, as those created with soy wax and high quality fragrance oils are best.

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