The Ultimate Frostbeard Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season can be stressful, particularly if you’re scrambling to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. But calm your fears, because your search is over! We’ve put together a solid guide packed with gifts for book lovers. Whether you’re looking for a present for a hopeless romantic or a studious scholar, Frostbeard has you covered.

For the Tea Drinker

Or, really, for anyone who might like a neat mug for their beverage of choice. Whether they drink tea, coffee, or orange juice, your literature-loving friend’s face will light up when they unwrap this “Do You Even Read?” mug. The playful design says it all so they don’t have to speak a word when they’re wrapped up in their latest read.

For the Witch or Wizard

Know someone who just can’t get enough magic in their life? Allow them to conjure up mystical scents and other worlds with Christmas in the Great Hall a festive blend of mistletoe, ginger, and hollyberry. If they’d prefer something a little more homey, gift them Christmas at the Burrow, a sweet concoction featuring notes of cookies, cinnamon, and vanilla. And for those who can’t stop dreaming of spending the holidays surrounded by witches and wizards, wrap up Wizardy Buttery Drink, a spellbinding mix of butterscotch, caramel, and rum.


For the Romantic

We all know someone who’s either swept up in a grand romance or wallowing in the depths of heartbreak. They can’t help it! They’re a hopeless romantic, and one day they’ll find someone who feels as deeply as they do. Until then, drop off something that will soothe their aching heart and have them looking forward to their next instance of love at first sight. Our Sassenach candle has an earthy-but-sweet mix of basil, lavender, and thyme scent that pays tribute to epic love stories and enduring passion.

For the Frequent Shopper

Looking for a gift for a book lover who also frequents the farmers’ market or the library? Give them the gift of convenience with a high-quality tote bag! This relatable design provides plenty of room for produce, books, or both – while proudly displaying the book lover’s mantra. If you’re bestowing more than one present on this friend, you could even use the tote itself as a gift bag for the rest of your treats. May we suggest a few beautiful books

book tote

For the Studious Thinker

Transform an office, dorm room, or study into a bastion of learning with the help of Oxford Library. This rich, woodsy scent combines sandalwood, oak, and leather to make the perfect candle for anyone who spends long nights with their nose in a textbook or historical novel. You might also want to consider Sherlock’s Study, a blend of cherrywood, tobacco, and rain that will make the erudite recipient feel like a certain world-famous sleuth.

For the Fantasy Fanatic

This person can never get too much of good, old-fashioned swords and sorcery – and we can’t blame them, because we’ve made plenty of book scented candles inspired by our favorite fantasy worlds. Winter Keep is a woodsy mix of evergreen forest and bonfire sure to make your reader feel like they’re perched high in the icy mountains, protecting a kingdom from certain ruin. But if they’d prefer a more pastoral start to their adventure, offer up Halfling Hills, an earthy blend of clover, moss, and pipe tobacco hinting at greatness to come.

For the Cat Lover

Where would we be without our feline friends to curl up next to us while we’re racing through a book? Help a fellow cat lover show some appreciation for their furry pals with an adorable art print of a kitty sleeping soundly on a book. You can also get the charming design on a mug or t-shirt. Take it from us – cat owners will definitely relate to this idyllic but agonizing occurrence.

cat painting

For the Adventurer

Know someone who can never sit still, who’s always on the lookout for an epic quest, and who frequently changes up their whole life on a whim? Delight them with a subscription to the Frostbeard Lit Box, a carefully curated collection of bookish goodies that’s basically a mini Christmas every month! Each box contains a new book inspired candle and four to six unique delights that fit the scent’s theme.

For the Picky Person

Everyone has that one friend with extremely specific tastes. Every holiday and birthday is a struggle, and not for lack of trying. Some people are just inscrutable, and that’s okay – because we’ve got a way around it. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect scent or bookish merch for your pal, make your hunt simple with a gift card. This shows your literature-loving friend that you care about their interests but are also invested in making sure they get something they’ll love. Best of all, Frostbeard gift cards are digital, so you won’t be waiting for a package! 

The Perfect Gifts for Book Lovers

We hope you find something for everyone on your list, and that your holiday season is filled with good cheer – and plenty of new books! Feel free to reach out if you have a question about any of our book inspired products or need help with an order.