Fall Seasonal Candles

August 15 - November 1

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and take in the magic around you. Notice how the air has taken on that singular crispness that only comes once a year; it hasn’t yet taken on the bite of winter but has lost the weight of humidity that comes with summer. That can mean only one thing. Fall.

In our heart of hearts, fall is a time for picking pumpkins, curling up in front of the fire with a good book, and surrounding yourself with all things warm and welcoming. Being Minnesotans, we love fall. From our Minneapolis studio, we watch as the leaves transform from vibrant greens to deeply saturated yellows, oranges, and reds. Our resident shop dog and chandler in training, Tonks, joins us for outings in the woods as we explore the Minnesota woods.

What’s not to love about fall? From pumpkin flavored hot beverages to certain wizardy cinematic hits, our world is full of fall elements that can transform your dwelling, office, or place or leisure into the autumn paradise of your dreams.

What if you could bottle the smell and feeling of fall? Well, with our Fall Seasonal Candles, you can do just that! Why stop enjoying the pleasures of fall when you come indoors? With our unique and cozy fall candles, you’ll be able to take all the joys of fall with you wherever you go. Light one of our Fall Seasonal Candles while enjoying your favorite book or movie, relaxing on the couch, soaking in the tub, or any place of your choosing to enjoy your favorite seasonal scents. Each of our fall fragrances embraces our favorite elements of the season.

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Le Cirque Des Rêves

Visit gardens made of ice, mazes made of clouds, and vanishing striped tents with the mesmerizing Le Cirque Des Rêves Candle. The fantastical fragrance will transport you to the elusive Circus of Dreams and its decadent treats. Bewitch the senses and create your own magic by turning your home into a deliciously dream-like festival.


Caramel Corn, Roasted Chestnuts, Bonfire

Pumpkin Juice

With a nod to one of our favorite fall-time reads, this seasonal scent is the perfect companion for crisp autumn days. Not shockingly sweet like pumpkin spice lattes, the Pumpkin Juice Candle exudes subtle and comforting scents. Enjoy your favorite wizardy work of literature while savoring the classic fragrances and autumn feelings elicited by this warm and scrumptious candle.  


Pumpkin, Vanilla, Cinnamon

Spooky Stories

Ah, crisp autumn evenings - perfect for gathering around the campfire with a mug of hot cocoa, roasting s'mores, and telling ghoulish tales. Whether you're the type to cower behind a blanket, or one who loves to be scared, light up this frightful fall fragrance while reading your favorite spine-tingling ghost stories.


Dry Leaves, Campfire, Cocoa

The Inklings

If your idea of a college study session involves a dim-lit pub, ancient wooden booths and some of the sharpest literary minds around, then you're in luck. This unique take on a back-to-school scent is inspired by the famous Oxford literary discussion group (aka book club), home to both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.


Cider, Oak, Pipe Tobacco

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Fall Is Here at Frostbeard!

Join us as we welcome in the fall season with these four original autumn scents. Each of our candles is hand-mixed and poured by one of our dedicated artisans. Each scent used in Frostbeard Candles is made with a unique blend of natural essential oils and/or synthetic, non-toxic, fragrance oils. We take pride in creating scented candles that evoke fictional worlds, literary characters, and the pleasure of reading. At Frostbeard, it is always our goal to create awesome things that we feel need to exist! Whether it’s bookish merch or our original candles, we hope that you can feel our dedication and love in every creation that leaves our store.