Wax Melts

Also known as "tarts," melts are simply scented blocks of wax without a wick. Our melts come in small packs of 1" cubes.

How to Use

Wax melts require special devices called a warmer (or melter), which are electric or warmed by a tea light. Break off 1-2 cubes of wax and place them on the warming plate and let them melt. The wax pool will continue to give off fragrance for quite a while.


The biggest difference between a wax melt and a candle is that no flame is required. This is helpful for people who live in buildings that don't allow open flames (such as college dorm rooms), or are concerned about fire danger in their home. Some people with pets or small children prefer melts because they can leave the room and not worry about keeping a candle in sight. Please read our safety guidelines for using candles.

Melts are affordable and long-lasting, which will keep your home smelling great for hours. Most wax warmers have a large surface area and can be left on all day, which helps the fragrance fill up a room.