10 Art Prints Every Book Lover Needs

Here at Frostbeard we're all suckers for Bookish art. If there is one thing nerds are good at, it's definitely spending money on geeky things. My apartment, for starters, is a poorly organized dragon horde of nerdy merchandise. Here are my top 10 favorite book inspired Art Prints that you can buy today!

1. The Unicorn is Reading by Steph Terao - What's more magical than a unicorn? A unicorn reading obviously! This particular print also comes as a throw pillow, tote bag, or tapestry among many other things.


2. A Traveler's Heart + Quote by Bianca Green - It's no secret that we at Frostbeard love travel as much as we love books. Let this print inspire you to see the places you read about!


3. Bookshelf by Risa Rodil - If you're anything like me your bookshelves are overflowing. Answer? Put a bookshelf where a real one won't fit! Especially one with magical Harry Potter objects included.


4. Emily Bronte by BadlyDrawnAuthors - Do your tastes lean a bit into the bizarre? Then Badly Drawn Authors is the Etsy shop for you! At once interesting, hilarious, and slightly horrifying.


5. Harry Potter Movie Postcards by Natalie Andrewson - I find postcards are quaint decor options for living spaces with not a lot of wall to work with. Frame these adorable Harry Potter inspired postcards and you're halfway to Diagon Alley!


6. Book Quotes for Book Lovers by TheBookwormPrints - For the minimalists among you, this design has you covered. Bold font choices and a custom option so that you can represent your favorite literary quotes!


7. Dandy Cat by collageOrama - This particular print graces the wall of our studio. Who can resist that debonair stache?! Certainly not unashamed-cat-loving-book-hoarders like us!


8. Book Cover Prints by DareToDreamPrints - Sometimes the hardest part of having a bookshelf is that only the spines are on display. But no longer! Dare to Dream Prints has everything from The Great Gatsby to Frankenstein covered (see what I did there?).


9. Octopus with Books by StudioCatawampus - If I had eight arms I'd be reading books and drinking tea too, much like this adorable guy! Think he's reading The Call of Cthulhu


10. Hobbiton Travel Print by ArtsAndTravelPrints - I love retro travel posters but most tend to be for movie locations. Luckily this Etsy shop has a few bookish destinations for sale! Like this adorable view of Hobbiton. Now if only I could afford the plane ticket...