Permanent Book Candle Collection Update!

Important news, book nerds! We're making updates to our candle collection.

Our Permanent Collection of Book Lovers' Soy Candles will be narrowed down to 12 of our favorites and best sellers. They will always be available throughout the year. Don't Panic if your favorite didn't make the cut! The remaining scents will be available either as part of our new rotating Seasonal Collections - SpringSummerFallWinter - or as part of our Bring It Back Collection, where you can vote to have your favorite scented candle remade in a limited run batch.

These changes will help us manage our ever-growing inventory. We want to continue experimenting and creating new handcrafted fragrances for our Candle of the Month series, but also keep our studio organized with supplies and inventory. Plus, many of our fragrances align naturally with the seasons, and it makes sense (pun intended) to offer them when it's apropos.

Currently the non-permanent candles are on sale, while supplies last. Our Fall Collection will be available starting September 1st and include Le Cirque des Rêves, Bookworm, Pumpkin Juice and Wordsmith. Also watch for a Ghoulish Bring it Back around Halloween.

We will have more news coming soon regarding long-awaited smaller sizes (our tealight sample packs are being phased out as a result). Plus we're working on a cool new bookish look for our labels. As always, thanks for your support!