Candle Safety Tips: Enjoying Books and Flames Responsibly

Candle Safety Tips: Enjoying Books and Flames Responsibly

We’ve all read at least one story that immerses our whole being in the plot. As we read, we imagine what scenes look like or how things smell. Lighting the perfect candle as you read makes the experience more relaxing and further engages you with the plot. Before you get too wrapped up in the story, ensure you know these candle safety tips to enjoy books and flames responsibly.

Carefully Place the Candle

As you prepare to light your candle and read, look around the room to determine the ideal place for the open flame. Avoid any drafty areas beside vents, fans, or windows, as this could blow debris or flowy decor into the flame. For example, if your candle is by an open window with a strong breeze, your curtains could blow into the candle.

If you have children or pets, place your lit candle on a shelf that’s out of their reach. Otherwise, a curious kitty or excitable child could accidentally knock it over. That said, the candle should remain in your sightline to avoid any potential fire risks.

Don’t Forget About Lit Candles

Some candles have amazing smells, and we may forget to blow them out before leaving the house or going to bed. However, leaving lit candles unattended is a major fire hazard. Keeping candles in easy-to-spot locations prevents the risk of this. If you’re forgetful, consider setting a timer to blow the candle out so you don’t have to worry.

Don’t Burn It Too Long

Another important candle safety tip for responsibly enjoying books and flames is following recommended burn times. While an 8 oz candle has a burn life of around 50 hours, that doesn’t mean you should leave it burning for that entire period. Generally, you should only burn a candle for a few hours based on the manufacturer’s recommendation for their product.

At Frostbeard, we recommend burning our candles for 2 to 3 hours at a time. Following this recommendation prevents your candle from overheating and lowers the risk of large flames forming.

Trim the Wick

Whenever you use the candle, trim the wick about 1/4 inch before lighting it. Doing this helps prevent uneven burning and keeps the flame at an appropriate size. Moreover, a shorter wick will create a cleaner burn that wastes less wax and helps your candle last longer.

When cutting the wick, use a wick trimmer or scissors and carefully cut the burnt section. Be careful not to trim it too small, as this will make it harder to light. Of course, accidents happen, and if you clip it too short, you can use a wand lighter to melt some of the wax to reveal the wick.

Tips for Buying Candles

The best advice for buying candles is to consider the scents you like most and shop for soy wax with cotton wicks. Frostbeard sells many candles for reading books, with aromas to pair perfectly with your favorite story. Make your home smell like a coffee shop, hidden garden, or mystical landscape!