Create Your Own Wizarding Magic: How to Turn Your Home into Your Favorite Common Room

It’s Fall y’all! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) We’re breaking out our favorite fall-time decor to turn our houses into our favorite wizardy common rooms to match the season. What could be better than curling up on your couch with your favorite throw blanket, a snuggly cat or two, and enjoying a good book while being surrounded by some magical decor? The best part of wizardy inspired decor is that it can last all fall, through Halloween and Thanksgiving! With these easy DIYs, you’ll be set until the winter holidays roll around, at which point we’ll probably have another helpful guide available to help you prep your home to look like your favorite Winter Wizarding Wonderland (title still in progress).

Floating_CandlesPhoto credit: The Sits Girls

It All Starts With a Spark

The first item that will really light the flame of creativity in your home is a wizarding themed candle of course! If you're feeling crafty you can make your own DIY floating candles. You can also take the easier decorating approach by setting out a beautiful candle and lighting it up. Your house will be filled with an enchanting smell while your guests pester you as to where you got such aptly theme wizardy candles. Any of the below candles will take your home from a non-magical hangout to a wizardy common room.

Wizardy_Buttery_Drink_CandlePhoto credit: Reagen.Reads

Wizardy Buttery Drink

Spend a fall weekend in town with your best buds! Give a toast to your recent escapades while the sweet, spellbinding scents of butterscotch and caramel drift among the shops and pubs of your favorite all-wizarding village. This delicious candle is comprised of butterscotch, crème brûlée, and buttered rum scents and it smells good enough to eat!

Please don’t eat the candles.

Headmaster's Office

If you can solemnly swear that you’ve been up to no good, then this candle is the one for you. Take a trip up to the old wizard’s office with this cozy, woodsy scent. Slightly sweet with a touch of lemon drop, this candle smells just like a magical adventure through the wizarding world. Careful of the licorice snaps, they bite! Scents of cedarwood vanilla, fireplace, and lemon drop will fill your home with this comforting accent piece.

Headmasters_Office_CandlePhoto credit: apoisedquill

Divination Classroom

What do the tea leaves have in store for you? Read into your future with this mysterious crystal ball-esque candle. Traditional incense fragrances mixed with black tea scents will create a magical atmosphere as you practice prophesying. Beware the grim! Enjoy the elusive scents of dragon's blood, bergamot, and frankincense and myrrh as you search your mind while relaxing with this conversation started.

Wizardy_Place_SettingsPhoto Credit: Catch My Party

Dinner Party Dressings

Transport your guests from your Ikea kitchen table to a magical great hall by giving your place settings an upgrade. Or by buying your first place setting items. We don’t judge. Stay casual with a group of friends by using golden paper plates to hold your yummy treats at a party, or impress your in-laws with some golden chargers underneath some matching dinner plates. Additionally, try adding in a table runner of your house color to show your school pride. Another easy way to transform your meal time is by adding a variety of candles and holders to your table setting. With only a can of gold spray paint, you can get thrifty by scouring your local thrift stores to find unique candle sticks that once painted gold, will give a prestigious and magical flair to your evening.

Potions_DIYPhoto credit: Sarah Saving

Decor Odds and Ends

Half of the fun of the wizarding world is seeing all of the unique items available for purchase in our favorite wizarding marketplace. These pieces can be used as accent pieces through your home. Adding a few witches bottles, which can be made by using hot glue to spell out words on empty wine bottles and then covered with a layer of spray paint, can give a magical touch to your side tables and bedrooms. Also, the addition of some enchanted newspaper prints can make for some great wall art. And lastly, a magical wand or two would never go amiss. Integrate these DIY wands into your centerpieces, use them as party favors, or display them as a collection, the choice is yours.

DIY_WandPhoto credit: Boxy Colonial

Making Your Own Magic

Do you have some great wizarding home DIYs that you love? Share your ideas and pictures with us below. Looking for a fall themed gift for a muggle friend? Our fall collection makes for the perfect gift for muggles and book lovers alike.