Frostbeard Clay

Clay coming soon! Limited run batches of mugs, planters, and likely some sort of ceramic/candle combo. Follow @frostbeardclay on Instagram for pottery updates.

What do you mean… clay? Well, Frostbeard Studio originally started as a pottery studio. Back in 2010, Roxie ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for not candles, but ceramics, making mugs with mustaches and monster designs.

After getting a kiln and wheel, Roxie set up a studio in her mom’s spare bedroom and started selling hand-thrown wares at local consignment shops and craft fairs. In 2012, Roxie created the Book Lovers’ Soy Candle line and the nerdy scents were a hit. Tom joined the team and the married couple switched the small business focus to candles. 

Now, seven years since having a pottery studio, Roxie is finally returning to her original creative passion to make pottery. (But don’t worry, her nose will still be involved in the creation of candle scents.)

Roxie and rainbow mug

Frostbeard Clay Studio

Mustache mug - Frostbeard Studio