Book Lovers' Paradise

The greatest thing about books (okay, one of many great things) is that you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere. Lounging by a lake, secluded in a library, cozied up in a cafe – your options are endless! But one of our favorite spots in which to sprawl out with a feudal fantasy or chilling murder mystery has to be our at-home reading nook.

As bookworms of the highest order, we’re always looking for things to add to our novel-filled sanctuary – besides more shelves, that is! So after years spent perfecting our space, we thought it would be nice to help other lovers of lyrical literature turn a part of their homes into a storytelling haven. We’ve carefully curated a selection of our favorite bookish candles and merch to get you started with transforming your preferred reading spot into your very own book lover’s paradise.

No matter the time of year, your reading corner offers the perfect escape from a bad day or gloomy weather. Why not bring your love of literature out of the pages and right into your home? Whether you’re a hardcore sci-fi nerd or a dreamy romantic, our selection of nerdy merch and candles for book lovers will have your nook looking and smelling like heaven in no time.  


Plenty of places could be considered a haven for readers, like a rare manuscript room or a quiet corner of the local library, but nothing screams “paradise” to bookworms quite like a good old-fashioned bookstore. Crossing the threshold into a literature-filled wonderland never fails to send a kind of comforting thrill down our spines, so we set out to capture that feeling in a scent. The Bookstore candle encompasses that lovely vibe with a blend of warm, earthy scents like mahogany and coffee.


Mahogany, Leather, Coffee

Old Books

The sweet, soft smell of well-worn novels takes us back to our childhood, transporting us straight to a time when we were just discovering the wonderful worlds we could inhabit through endless pages and timeless stories. We wanted to convey that nostalgic experience through what we know best, so we got to mixing! Our Old Books scent wraps you up in a delicious papery aroma that creates the perfect environment for diving into a childhood favorite.


Aged Paper, Dusty Shelves

Oxford Library

You don’t need a spiral staircase or a ridiculously impressive collection of tomes to give your home the majestic feel of a classic library. Our Oxford Library candle channels the seductive scent of leather-bound books to leave you feeling like you’re wandering hallowed halls in search of your next great read – all without ever leaving your couch! With woodsy notes and a slight hint reminiscent of men’s cologne, this earthy aroma is your go-to scent for all classy pursuits.


Sandalwood, Oak, Leather

Reading at the Cafe

If your ideal reading zone involves a warm cup of tea or coffee, but the cafe is closed or just too crowded, don’t worry. Skip the lines and channel that cozy atmosphere in your home with our Reading at the Cafe candle. Decadent scents of coffee and chocolate combine to produce the best of both worlds: the feel of a cafe alongside the comfort of your plush couch. But be warned – you may never want to set foot outdoors again after getting a whiff of this delicious scent!


Coffee, Chocolate Pastry

Rainy Day Reads

Dreary weather can’t get you down when you’ve got your favorite book, a warm blanket or furry friend to keep you company, and the Rainy Day Reads candle. The fresh aroma of ginger and lavender makes the perfect complement to soft, grey sunlight and persistent drizzle. Next time you’re faced with a soggy day, light this scent to melt your cares away and transform your reading nook into the ideal spot for a book binge.


Fresh Rain, Ginger, Lavender

The “Purrfect” Print

How many times have you found yourself dealing with (or wishing you were dealing with) a sleeping kitty sprawled out over your latest read? Do you gently shift her off your lap so you can get on with the story? Or do you wait, tense with the suspense of a cliffhanger chapter, for her to awake and scamper away? Pay homage to this classic conundrum with our delightful print featuring a cat asleep on a book. The original watercolor design will add a little touch of whimsy to your space!

A Commanding Mug

What’s a reading session without a bracing cup of tea or steaming latte to accompany you into another world? And what will you carry that blessed liquid in if not a quality mug? We’re particularly fond of the design on this one: “Open Book. Sniff. Read. Repeat.” You don’t have to tell us twice, but it is nice to be reminded to go straight to the source of our inspiration for some of our most-loved scents.

Create Your Bookish Dreamland with Frostbeard

Just in case you thought things couldn’t get any better, we’re here to tell you that each of our vegan candles is hand-mixed and poured by one of our talented artisans right here in Minneapolis! Oh, and our tins and jars are also recyclable – just in case you were wondering. Awesome business practices aside, we’re over the moon to be doing what we love and spreading the joy of reading. Whether you’re looking for magical wizard candles, classic bookish scents, or whimsical fantasy candles, we’ve got you covered with the book-inspired aroma of your dreams.