Candle Collection Guide

Not sure where to start? Follow our handy guide to learn about all of our bookish candle scents.

Book Lovers' Soy Candles

Permanent Collection

Our 12 most popular bookish scents! These classic creations are available year-round.
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Limited Run

Seasonal Collections

We rotate through five seasonal collections (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday), each with four unique scents.
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Special Edition

New and Limited Run

We create a brand new book-themed scent every month! Every now and then we bring back old favorites. These don't last long – grab them while you can.
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"Bring it Back" Collection

Vote for your favorite scents and we'll bring them back for a limited run!
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Bookish Merch

We offer some cute bookish designs. Represent Frostbeard with t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and prints.
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Full Catalog

Check out everything we have in stock, all in one place. This includes permanent, seasonal and limited-run items.
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