The Best Trashy Romance Novels to Read in 2018

New books, old books, red books, blue books, we love all books! But trashy romance novels hold a special place in our hearts; as can be seen by our Trashy Romance Novel candle. When it comes to the best steamy stories to read in 2018, our list is a mix of the old and the new. With a few of the best romance novels of all time partnered with newer releases, our 2018 romance novel picks are pretty eclectic.

Sexy stories can get a bad rap, but we think that that’s silly. Naughty novels have a lot of good qualities, and sometimes all you want is a book that allows you to turn off your brain and revel in some hot or sweet goodness. The greatest thing about romance novels is that you can leave reality behind while you read them. In the context of a romance novel, you can accept traits in characters that would ordinarily take you out of any other story. From bodice rippers and sweet southern tales to paranormal romance, here are our picks for the best promiscuous prose to read in 2018.

The Flame and the Flower: Historical Romance

Arguably, The Flame and the Flower is one of the most well-known romance novels to date. Originally published in 1972 by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, it is the first of the Birmingham series and an introduction for many to the world of bodice rippers. Meeting under less-than-ideal circumstances, two strangers begin down a path that will be filled with love, danger, and trials. Captain Brandon Birmingham finds an allure he can’t resist in Heather Simmons and swears to claim the beauty for his own. Setting sail with his beauty in tow, the pair makes their way to America to figure out their new life at Brandon’s southern plantation.

Caleb: Paranormal and Southern Romance

Caleb by Sarah McCarty is the first of the Shadow Wrangler series and combines both southern and paranormal romance genres into one hot package. Ever wondered what would happen if you turned an old-fashioned cowboy into a vampire and froze him in time only to have him fall in love with a modern baker?Caleb answers this question in dazzlingly, steamy detail. From the moment she laid eyes on him, Allie Sanders knew she wanted Caleb Johnson, but the mysterious cowboy was playing it cool and never seemed to notice Allie, other than their brief exchanges when he came in to try her pastries each morning.

One tangle with a rogue werewolf later and Allie suddenly realizes that maybe her mystery man was a bit more mysterious than she was ready for. Immersed in a world she doesn’t understand, Allie’s only guide is rough-around-the-edges Caleb. Forced to bring the woman he’s secretly burned for into the shadows, can Caleb convince Allie that life can be better in the dark?

Hour of the Lion: Paranormal Romance

Hour of the Lion by Cherise Sinclair, the first of the Wild Hunt Legacy series, is a perfect paranormal trashy romance novel. It has love, intrigue, passion, and more! Being a dedicated covert ops agent for the government, Victoria Morgan isn’t afraid of much. She can handle any weapon with ease and bring down men twice her size. But a sick animal-shifter? Well, that’s another story.

After escaping the clutches of a madman, Vicki is forced to hunt down the truth of this new species that she has just now discovered. Following the dying request of the poor tortured animal-shifter who was forced to turn her, Vicki finds a peaceful community nestled in the mountains partially populated by a whole new population of humans. But something about the owner of the local pub and the town’s sheriff draws Vicki in. Are two guys better than one, and can the three of them uncover the plot that is quickly unfolding around the shifter community?

The Professional: Erotic Romance

Let’s be honest; if we wanted to dive into the world of erotic romance novels, we could list out some titles that would singe your eyebrows off. But for now, we’re going to stay at the shallow end of this particular pool. Besides, you can’t have a list of sexy stories without listing at least one erotic romance novel. While many of the titles listed above have erotic themes or elements, The Professional by Kresley Cole is the first of Cole’sGame Maker series. The novel follows mafia enforcer Aleksei “The Siberian” Sevastyan as he’s sent to Nebraska to watch over the unknowing Russian heiress, Natalie Porter. Natalie was on the hunt to find her birth parents, and unbeknownst to her, managed to attract the attention of her biological father half the world away. As Aleks whisks Natalie back to Russia for safekeeping from her father’s enemies, the two discover ways to stay safe, and warm, in the dangers of the mafia encased Russian tundra.

What Are You Reading in 2018?

What kind of trashy romance novels are your favorites? Do you tend to stick to one sub-genre or do you swear by a certain author? Tell us your must-reads down below in the comments! At Frostbeard we never judge when it comes to reading. Whether it’s young adult,science fiction, or trashy romance, we’re just happy to help connect people with the books they love through our signature book inspired candles and merch.