4 Book Themed Christmas Decoration Ideas

Greetings my lovely little crafters. It’s almost Christmas - you know what that means? Christmas decoration DIYs! At Frostbeard, we’re all about that handcrafted DIY lifestyle. From reusing your candle jars after the last of our signature scents have burned away to brilliantly bookish crafts designed to make your home feel more like a library, we’re old pros when it comes to creating beautiful works of art with things already lying around your home. So break out your glue gun, scissors, and scrap paper, because we’re going to be crafting up a winter storm!

Book Club Ornament

Looking for a low effort DIY ornament idea that will wow the members of your book club? Well, look no further. This DIY project is super easy. All you need are some tiny books, a white sharpie or paint pen, and a clear empty ornament. I believe that the books showed in this DIY are these ones from Michaels, but any tiny books will work.

Start by writing the titles of all the books you’ve read this year one by one on the cover of your tiny books. Next, gently fold the books to allow them to fit inside your ornament. Lastly, add the top back onto your ornament, and you’re all set. That’s it! Add some extras inside the globe or tie a ribbon around the stem of your ornament to give the final project some extra “wow.” These ornaments are super easy to create and make great gifts. And there’s no need to limit these babies to book clubs. Make your tree book themed this year and fill each ornament with different genres or authors. The options are limitless!

Bookish Baubles

Here’s another super easy bookish DIY that can make a great gift or serve as decoration within your own home. In fact, these bookish baubles would pair great with the DIY ornament above. All you’ll need are some old books that you no longer care about, some ribbon, a pen or pencil, and a clear ornament.

First, you’ll want to find some old books. You can either raid your attic or basement, or head to your local used goods store. It doesn’t matter what the book looks like or what it is. You just need a standard paperback. Next, tear out a few pages of the book – thus the need to use books you no longer care about. But hey, you’re reusing! That’s a good thing. Once you have your pages, cut them into half inch wide strips. After that, grab your pen and wrap the strips around its shaft. Hold for a few seconds and release. You should be left with a bookish curl.

All that’s left to do is gently place your curls inside your ornament, add the top back on, and then adorn the finished product with the ribbon of your choice. See? Easy!

christmas ornament

Paperback Pines

Now that your tree is taken care of, let’s move on to the rest of your house. This super cute paperback pine DIY can be used to add a little literary love to your mantle, centerpieces, or bedside tables this Christmas season. Once again, this DIY project is going to call for you to recycle some old paperbacks, so you’d better stock up when you head to your local thrift store. Ideally, you’ll want paperbacks that are around 150 pages in length. A little less is fine, but if you have a book that has over that, you’ll need to thin it down. For this project, you’ll need some paperbacks, rubber cement, and glitter.

First, remove the front and back cover of your book. Next, the original author of this DIY recommends breaking the binding of your book every 10 pages. Now comes the fun part. Fold the top right corner into the binding. Repeat this step with every page. Cover the first and last page of the book with your rubber cement and then join the two sides. Lastly, add some rubber cement onto the edges of all your nice folded pages and sprinkle on the glitter! And ta-da! You made a tree!

The Book Tree

Anyone can decorate a tree with book inspired ornaments, but can anyone make a tree out of books? No. This DIY is one that you see in your favorite coffee shops and libraries and always wonder how they do it. Well, wonder no more because we’re going to walk you through it!

What’s the secret to making a Christmas tree out of books? Boxes! That’s right; plain old cardboard boxes. For this DIY you’ll need all the books you can find, two cardboard boxes (more if you’re creating a full-sized tree), and some lights.

First, start by placing the larger of your two boxes where you want your tree to eventually stand. Then, create your first layer of books by arranging a few titles around the box as if building a firepit. This is now your base. You’ll want to start layering books on top of your base layer in a running bond pattern (find out what the heck that is here). When you reach the point where your stack of books reaches the top of your first box, add the smaller box on top. Use the edge of the larger box as a foundation for creating the next segment of books. Continue stacking until you reach the top of the second box. Get creative to make the point of your tree. We recommend checking out Pinterest for ideas. And lastly, wrap that bad boy with lights and add on any additional decorations and you’re done!

Happy Holidays from Frostbeard

Whether you tackle all of these DIYs or just one, we hope that your holidays are filled with biblio cheers and joy. Make sure you check out our holiday collection to find the candles that will fill your home with the signature scents of Christmas in your favorite fantastical world. From our family to yours, happy holidays!