9 DIYs to Make Your Home Feel More Like a Library

At Frostbeard, we love a good do-it-yourself project. From using our own used candle jars and tins to everyday household items, creating library-themed DIYs is almost as fun as creating book themed candles! Being the huge book lovers that we are, we enjoy anything that can make our homes feel more like a library. After all, what’s more comforting than being surrounded by books? From the scents of old books to the unique treasures hidden within, libraries are a great place to unwind. We’ve already got the scents of a library covered with our Old Books and Oxford Library candles, but we're constantly on the lookout for cool DIYs to take our home library decor to the next level. Here are nine of our favorite handmade projects that are sure to make your home feel more like a library.

DIY Bookshelves

Any true bibliophile will tell you that bookshelves are expensive. While you can sometimes find the odd well-maintained unit at a garage sale or secondhand shop, if you need shelving in a pinch, you’re usually left hitting up your local IKEA or Target. But what if you want to customize your bookshelf? Custom furniture usually isn't in the budget for most, but apple crates are! That’s right; you can totally make bookshelves out of apple crates! You can get funky with your design and add on some string light LEDs, or go for a more traditional configurations for a sleeker look. Just sand the edges and add on some paint or stain and you’re good to go!

DIY Frame Shelves

Running out of room on your bookshelves and need a creative new way to bring some color and texture to your space while adding additional storage? Try some DIY frame shelves! Spend a weekend digging through your local resale shops and garage sales and find a few unique picture frames. Then, build out backless boxes to mount those frames to, and you’ll wind up with some beautiful, and functional art shelves! Don’t limit your library decor to your standard bookcases, let your collection climb the walls with these floating shelves!

DIY Book Stair Risers

If you’re the type of DIYer who loves to paint, then you’re sure to love this project. Stairs are often wasted real estate in a home; they offer so much square footage for bookishness but are typically left alone. Not in this house! Whip out your paints and brushes, because you could turn those borning stair risers into book spines that shepherd you to and from your destinations every day. Below is some inspiration for a fantastic artist via Reddit. And if you’re not particularly handy when it comes to freehanding designs, there’s no shame in printing out templates to help with this project.

DIY Rolling Library Ladder

As a kid, what was more fun than using the super tall ladder on wheels at your local library? Answer: not much, if you were anything like us. A library ladder is one of those distinctly scholarly items that immediately makes you feel as if you’re walking the hallowed halls of your favorite book proprietor. We’re not going to go so far as to say that making your own DIY library ladder is easy, but it is doable. And that’s what counts. So break out the power tools and tool belt, it’s time to get to work!

DIY Little Free Library

One of the best aspects of a library is that the knowledge and stories contained within are accessible to all. So why not show your neighbors a little love with your very own little free library. The idea is simple; start your little free library with some of the books you’re ready to part with, or some you picked up at your local second-hand store, and then ask passersby to take a book and leave a book. This way your neighborhood will always have a fresh supply of good reads.

DIY Book Art

This one may feel a little sacrilegious, but what better way to give new life to old, unused books then by turning them into awesome library-inspired art? We always love seeing the unique art displayed in libraries across the globe, and now you can make some of your own! For this particular book art DIY, they used the old pages of a book and then ran them through a printer to transfer their favorite silhouettes to the pages, making this a perfect DIY for artistically challenged book-lovers. Of course, if you’re handy with a pen or paint, you could do this one freehand.

DIY Book Wall Clock

Want to give your favorite titles more of the spotlight? Check out this super cool book-themed DIY wall clock! All you’ll need is a high torque capable clock able to support the weight of heavy hands and 12 of your favorite books. While these DIYers taped their books shut in order to mount them, you could use cheap compact shelving pieces so that you don’t have to damage the titles you display and you’ll have the freedom to change them out at will. What time is it? Reading time!

DIY Novel Decoupage Letters

Whether you’re looking to follow a certain theme or just want to add some general bookishness to your space, decoupaging some crafting letters with the pages of your favorite book can definitely help your home to feel more like a library. For kids’ rooms, you could use classic children’s stories, or you could try out the pages of a well-known cookbook for a phrase in your kitchen. What would you spell out in your space and which books would you use?

DIY Succulent Planters

Why is it that libraries always have impressive plant life growing within their walls? And if not within, then on their grounds. Oh, they have a team of professional groundskeepers you say? Well, we’ve got empty book themed candle jars that are just begging to be turned into some library-inspired succulent planters. Making your own terrariums is easy, all you’ll need is a used Frostbeard jar or tin, some potting soil, pebbles, a little moss, and your succulent of choice!

Make Your Home Feel Like a Library with Frostbeard

Did you see any DIY projects that you’re dying to try out to make your home feel more like a library? If you do tackle any of these projects, be sure to share your results below or send them to us on Facebook or Instagram. At Frostbeard, we’re all about bringing the library home; whether that’s with our bookish merch or unique book themed candles. Tell us how you bring your library home in the comments down below!