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Makers Gotta Make: Switching to Fulfillment Shipping

You've probably gotten dozens of updates from businesses on how they're making changes to navigate the new challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. It's vitally important that we do our best to avoid getting sick, especially as a small team of seven people. To reduce potential exposure, we've brainstormed solutions to keep things running smoothly and have as few people working in the studio as possible.

Books to Educate Yourself on Systemic Racism (And Then Do Something About It)

The last couple weeks have been pretty surreal. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder just down the street from our studio, we’ve seen a global shift towards better understanding systemic racism in our society. Many white people are finally asking, “How can I help?” For those who are confronting this issue for the first time, we want to share some resources.

A New “Normal"

With all this COVID-19 craziness, we’re relieved to say that, overall, we’re doing alright. Right now we’re a little overworked and under-staffed, but things could be a lot worse. Life is starting to settle into a new routine and we thought it would be good to post an update — to let you know where we’re at and what to expect through the next few months.

Shipping Updates Coming Soon to Help Us Reopen Our Shop

Our original plan was to reopen our online shop today. Due to the extended Stay-at-Home order in Minnesota, we're making some changes to our business and pushing that back a few days to Sunday April 12th with limited inventory.

Two Week Temporary Closure

Our home state of Minnesota has issued a Stay-at-Home order for two weeks, so we are temporarily closing our shop through April 9, 2020. Digital gift cards are still available for purchase, as well as our print-to-order bookish merch (as long as those manufacturers can continue to operate).

Stay Home and Read

Bookish introverts worldwide are wondering what's so different about social distancing and their normal routine. Turns out, staying home and reading is a highly effective way to flatten the curve and avoid spreading illness. It's also good for your mental and emotional health during this time of high anxiety.

Frostbeard’s Favorite Authors

Since there are so many talented authors and works of literature out there, it makes it easy for even the pickiest of readers to find something to their taste. Guess what? Frostbeard to the rescue! We’ve read widely inside and outside of our favorite genres, and we want to help you find your way to these fabulous writers. Here are, in our opinion, some of the authors that you’ve just gotta check out.

Our Favorite Memoirs of 2019

There’s a lot of incredible fiction out there, but we have to admit that real life also makes for a fascinating read. Whether you’re looking for something heartbreaking or laugh-out-loud funny to peruse alongside your favorite book scented candle, you’ll find it in the memoir section. Here (in our humble opinion) are some of the best memoirs of 2019!

So You Want to Be a Writer: 6 Writing Supplies to Get You in the Groove

It’s come to our attention here at Frostbeard that just about everyone has wanted to write a book at one point or another. So what are you waiting for? We’ve put together a few items that can jumpstart your creative process, make your writing environment more comfortable, and otherwise put you in the mood to tell a good story.

Heist Novels for the Aspiring Cat Burglar

Sometimes, we’re just in the mood for perfectly executed plots and plans – and nothing fits the bill like a good heist novel. If you’re looking for your next thrilling read, you’ve come to the right place. Set the scene with a book themed candle and dive into some of our favorites! 

The Ultimate Frostbeard Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season can be stressful, particularly if you’re scrambling to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. But calm your fears, because your search is over! We’ve put together a guide packed with gifts for book lovers. Frostbeard has you covered.

You'll Want to Curl Up and Read in These Minneapolis Coffee Shops

We know a lot of our readers aren’t local, so we thought we’d reveal some of our favorite Minneapolis coffee shops in case you ever find yourself in town! And if you are a Minneapolis or St. Paul native, we hope you find your new favorite spot on our list. 

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