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The Ultimate Frostbeard Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season can be stressful, particularly if you’re scrambling to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. But calm your fears, because your search is over! We’ve put together a guide packed with gifts for book lovers. Frostbeard has you covered.

You'll Want to Curl Up and Read in These Minneapolis Coffee Shops

We know a lot of our readers aren’t local, so we thought we’d reveal some of our favorite Minneapolis coffee shops in case you ever find yourself in town! And if you are a Minneapolis or St. Paul native, we hope you find your new favorite spot on our list. 

The Best Book Inspired Brews and Treats to Serve at Your Halloween Party

It’s spooky season! Which means it’s time to carve some pumpkins and throw the best dang fall party possible. On these occasions, there’s nothing we love more than book-inspired Halloween party food. We’ve compiled some of our favorite recipes so that you can be the talk of an autumnal get-together. 

Anti-Heroes We Love to Hate (and Root for Anyway)

We relish a good villain, but you know what’s even better than a bad guy? An anti-hero. In contrast to characters who are evil simply for the sake of it, anti-heroes and anti-heroines might do bad things – but they do them in a way or for a reason that makes us sympathize with them. Bring on the mayhem! Catch us lighting some book themed candles and diving into the misadventures of these guys and gals again and again. 

These Beautiful Book Covers Changed Our Lives for the Better

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, and they’re probably right. In between pouring our latest batch of book inspired candles, we’ve read some really wonderful stories that came in less-than-pretty packages. Here are some of our favorite designs that just so happen to grace the covers of truly magnificent books.

5 Authors We’d Love to Take to Dinner

While we spend a lot of time thinking about our favorite novels and dreaming up sensational new book scents, we also can’t help but wonder about the people who write those novels so near and dear to our hearts. If we had it our way, we’d wave a magic wand and pop into a cozy restaurant for a candlelit dinner with some of the most fascinating names in literature. Here’s the shortlist of authors we’d love to share a meal with.

How to Keep Books Safe While Traveling

Is there anything worse than unzipping your bag to find a brand new book splayed open, spine cracked, cover damaged, and pages wrinkled beyond repair? We just shivered at that thought. Whether you’re cramming paperbacks into a carry-on or  arranging the contents of your checked bag, we’ve got some practical tips for keeping your books safe. 

To E-Read or Not to E-Read?

It’s the ultimate question, generating fierce debate in literary circles around the world. Every bookworm has uttered it at one point or another. In fact, we guarantee that this query has come out of your own mouth sometime in the last decade. Here it is. “Should I get an e-reader?”

6 Fantasy Worlds We’d Love to Live In

From snow-capped peaks to verdant valleys, detailed fantasy worlds have always fascinated us. Maybe it’s the memorable characters that go traipsing through stunning landscapes, or the ingenious magic systems that draw power from the planet itself. If an interdimensional portal ever opens up, you can bet we’ll be leaping in.

The Perfect Summer Beach Reads

There’s nothing like sprawling out on a lounge chair by the ocean and cracking open a good book. The sun shines down, waves gently crash onto the shore, and you slowly sink into the story – what’s that? No ocean? And no vacation plans in sight? Don’t worry, beautiful bookworms. We’ve got a list of some of the best beach reads that will make any lake, pond, or puddle feel like a tropical paradise. 

Why Everyone Should Read YA

We’re not biased. Okay, maybe we are... just a little. But young adult literature (YA) is very special to us. So special that it inspired some of our favorite book scented candles! So here’s a little insight into why YA is so popular – and why you should read it.

What to Read While You’re Waiting for The Winds of Winter

The Winds of Winter is nowhere to be seen. It could come six months from now or an eternity from now, because George R.R. Martin’s lips are sealed as to a release date. What’s a bookworm to do in the meantime? We’ve lined up some truly epic fantasy titles to tide you over as you wait for book number six.

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