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Current processing time before shipping is 1-2 business days. You will receive a tracking notification once your item has been shipped.

International orders take 2-3 weeks to arrive from the shipment date (sometimes longer). International orders may have additional customs fees and/or tariffs depending on your country. You, the buyer, are responsible for paying these costs. We realize international shipping is crazy expensive! It's a bummer and we're sorry, but candles are heavy. We've researched other options and are offering the best rates we can.

International orders may have additional customs fees and/or tariffs depending on your country. You, the buyer, are responsible for paying these costs. If you place a large order, taxes are especially high in UK, Germany and Australia - these fees are based on your order total - you can calculate the VAT fee here.

(Use HS Code 3406.00 for candles)

There are several reasons you may have not have gotten your order yet.

Within the USA, expect 4-10 business days to get your order. Our normal processing time is 1-2 business days, followed by shipping time.

All domestic orders will have a tracking number. Check your order status by following the link in you your order confirmation email.

If it’s been more than 2 weeks, it's likely your order has been lost or delayed. We can refund lost items, but more often than not, the order will show up eventually.

Once you receive a shipping notification please allow 24 hours for your tracking number to start working- it needs to get picked up and scanned in at the post office.

Occasionally, items don’t get scanned in properly. If it has been past the projected delivery date and you haven’t received your item and the tracking isn’t working, please let us know.

If an item is marked as "Delivered" and you have not received it, here are our suggested next steps:

1) Verify the shipping address is correct and that you have a mailbox with your name on it.
2) Check in with anyone else that might have received the package for you (ie. roommate, family member, neighbor etc).
3) Bring the tracking to your local post office to see if they're holding it or they have any further information.

If it has been 21 days after shipment and you've done steps 1-3 send us a message to let us know.


Our candles are novelty items with non-traditional scents! The fragrances are artistic interpretations of fictional ideas, which may not perfectly match what you have in mind, based solely on the title. Some scents are stronger than others. Each candle is listed with a scent strength to help guide you.

Yes to both!

We use soy wax, which is a wonderful, non-petroleum product made from a renewable crop (soybeans). Our candles burn cleanly and slowly, with very little soot. We get our wax from local suppliers in the Midwest, which helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Our candles are made entirely with renewable resources and don’t include any animal products. The jars are glass, so they’re reusable and recyclable. The wicks are lead-free and made with cotton.

Most of our scent ingredients are synthetic fragrances designed specifically for candles. They burn safely, consistently and give off the best scent throw.

A few of our scents do contain natural essential oils (plants and herbs), but many of our candles are fairly non-traditional (paper, ink, basement, dust) and need to be created by professional fragrance designers. We mix these fragrances together to achieve our specific scent combinations.

No. Our candle ingredients are 100% phthalate-free.

An 8 oz candle will burn for at least 40 hours. Take your time! It's best to only burn for a couple hours at a time, not all day long.

Wax melts can last even longer. Use 1-2 cubes at a time, then swap out new ones after you no longer smell any fragrance.

If there's an old scent you really miss, you can request to bring it back for a limited-run!

Visit our "Bring It Back" Collection and vote for the scents you want us to make again.

We release a new candle scent every month! These candles are available from the first of the month until we sell out (at least 5 weeks or so). It's very important to us that we keep experimenting.

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Our candles are made in small batches and may vary a bit in color from what you see in the product photo. We occasionally update our dye mixtures when certain ingredients are discontinued.

When your candle arrives it may have "frosty" white patches or slight discoloration. This is a result of temperature changes during shipping, and is a totally natural characteristic of soy wax. Luckily, it does not effect the burn or smell of your candle.

If you are unhappy with the appearance we can exchange it for a new candle. Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee it won't happen again.

Candle safety is very important. Here are the main guidelines for candle use:

Trim the candle wick to 1/4”.
Always burn within sight – do not leave unattended.
Keep away from pets, children and all flammable items.

Read our complete candle safety guidelines for more info.

Returns / Exchanges

If you find that one of our products is just not right for you, not to worry! We do accept exchanges and returns for unlit, unused candles and wax melts. Please ship them back to us at our address:

Frostbeard Studio
3506 Chicago Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Make sure to include your name and order number! For exchanges, please let us know which item(s) you’d like. If your item is unused, you can return it for a refund or exchange. We don’t offer free shipping on exchanges, so these costs will be deducted.

We aren’t able to accept returns on partially used items (lit candles, etc).

We will replace all products that arrive broken. Please contact us with your order number, a picture of the product(s), and a list of what needs to be replaced. We will get you a replacement shipped out ASAP!

If you received a candle you did not order or one is missing from your order we apologize! Please contact us with your order number and the item you are missing or need exchanged. You may keep any product we may have shipped to you by accident.


Our products are available for purchase online on our website and in-person at our retail shop in Minneapolis.

We also sell our items at bookstores and gift shops across the United States. Check out our stockist map to find a location near you.

Unfortunately, we can only accept one coupon code per purchase at this time.

Contact us right away with your order number and name. Unshipped orders will be completely refunded. Any orders that have already shipped out will need to be returned.

No – Each order must have just one shipping address.

If you and a friend / neighbor / colleague want to save on shipping costs, you CAN combine orders and have everything shipped to one location. You’re responsible for placing the order and getting items to the other buyer(s).


Your first order will be charged immediately, just like a normal order. Recurring orders will be charged on 28th of the month and ship out shortly afterwards.

You will get a brand new candle scent at the beginning of each month! We'll ship them out just before official release, so you will be among the first to get our newest items.

You can manage your subscription(s) by logging into your account on our shop. Please make sure you create an account with the same email you use to purchase items. Click on "Manage Subscriptions" to change your address, billing information and see upcoming deliveries.

If you move or get a new credit card, remember to update your info! Please send us a message if you need any assistance.

You can manage your subscriptions by logging into your account on our shop. Please make sure you create an account with the same email you use to purchase items. Click on "Manage Subscriptions" and then "Subscriptions" to turn them on or off.

Subscriptions can be cancelled or started up again as you wish! Please send us a message if you need any assistance.


Yes, we donate items that support local charities and non-profits, as well as events that support literacy. We're limited in how much we can donate each year, but we love to help out where we can

Due to the high demand of requests we have a “no donation” policy for reviews, as well as personal giveaways and fundraisers.

We occasionally partner with other artists and small businesses for publicity. If you want to feature our product photos, please credit us and link to our site.

Yes, we occasionally give away free candles and other products.

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Yes, we offer wholesale for brick and mortar shops within the US. Please contact us if you're interested.

We offer wholesale pricing for our 8 oz and 4 oz Book Lovers' Soy Candles, including our seasonal scents. We don’t offer wholesale for wax melts, 2 oz tins or clearance items.

Please send us a message! We’ll create a wholesale account for you and direct you to our online stockist shop.

Unfortunately, at this time we only offer wholesale to brick and mortar stores in US.