Rewards Program

Thank you for supporting our small business! Our Bibliophile Rewards Program is a way to earn Pages (aka rewards points for book nerds) towards discounts and special releases from Frostbeard Studio.

Start Earning Pages

Rewards Program FAQ

How do I earn pages?

To earn reward pages, you first need to have an account on our store. Please login or create an account. Once you're all set up, you can then earn pages by placing orders, following us online and referring friends.

How do I spend pages?

You can spend your pages on any order you place through our store. At the cart and at the checkout please adjust the slider to spend your points on that order. Please make sure you are logged in first!

How can I see the number of pages I've earned?

To see your earned pages, first login to your account. You can view your balance by clicking on the Rewards button.

How many times can I share on social media?

You can share on social media as much as you want! However, we can only offer rewards for the first 10 times you share.

How does the yearly reward work?

We will reward you for every 365 days you are a customer for the first three years of your account with us.