8 Pieces of Bookish Merch Any Book Lover Would Want

Who doesn’t love some good bookish merch? From creative ceramics to surprising special scents, there are plenty of unique bookish items out there that would make the perfect gift for the book lover in your life. Or for yourself if you’re looking to add to your collection of fictional oddities.

At Frostbeard, we’re all about that bookish merch life. In fact, we carry a number of novel novelties that encapsulate our love of reading right here in our Minneapolis studio. You might even see a few of our own items listed below in this comprehensive cacophony of book-inspired delights.

"Open book. Sniff. Read. Repeat." Mug

From where we’re standing, there’s nothing weird about cracking open a good book to inhale its intoxicating aroma. That signature fragrance of a freshly opened paperback is hard to replicate (trust us; it took our team quite a few tries to get it right), and sometimes you just want a piece of merch that perfectly encapsulates your love of this singular scent. Enter the Open book. Sniff. Read. Repeat. mug. This quirky mug can be a bibliophile’s best friend. Tell the whole world how you feel about that new book smell each morning as you sip your hot drink of choice.

Bookish candle

"Do You Even Read?" T-Shirt

Some pump iron, others beef up on their knowledge. While your muscles may not get swole, your brain and imagination certainly will as you run thousands of miles across fictional worlds and burn calories as you deftly turn thousands of pages. Let everyone know what your favorite kind of exercise is with this textbook T-shirt.

book shirt

Cat Sleeping on Book Art Print

If you like to read and share your home with a cat, you’re well familiar with the scene depicted below. Why is it that when you’re not reading, your cat is fine with simply being in the same room as you, but once you crack open a book, that book’s open pages is the only place where your kitty wants to nap? No matter the genre, size, or length; if there’s an open book on your lap, you can expect your cat to be along shortly. Now you can display your struggles for all to see with this funny feline print. Because nothing says “crazy cat lady meets book nerd” quite like this print does.

Harry Potter Glasses Glitter Tumbler

What could be more magical than being fully hydrated? If you want to be able to fend off dark witches or wizards at large, you’ll need to be sure that you’re drinking your daily allowance of water. This magical tumbler makes drinking your eight cups a day a breeze! Give it a shake and watch as the gold glitter contained within the cup’s walls sparkles and shines like a newly minted snitch. Whether you want to fill it with potions or punch is up to you.

Floating Bookshelves

What could be cooler than displaying your favorite works of literature on shelves made out of books? Don’t worry, no books will be harmed in the making of these shelves. Simply use some paper tape and secure the bottom cover of your chosen book on the bottom side of this minimal shelving unit, and then start piling on your collections. Display an author’s complete works or pick and choose a few books from your TBR list. No matter which editions you choose to display, these shelving units are sure to wow your visitors and give any space a more bookish flair.

Clear Acrylic Book Weight

Very few things are as annoying as battling against the wind to keep your pages in place as you enjoy some sunshine while reading the latest releases. Stupid nature, don’t you know that we’re trying to enjoy you along with our books? Stop blowing our pages around! Finally, there’s now a book weight that is unobtrusive and easy to use that’s capable of taking on even the toughest winds. This clear acrylic book weight is exactly what the name implies, and it will change the way you read outside forever.

Oraton Rubber Stamps Library Embosser

Has your impressive collection caught the eye of your friends and family? Do you find yourself nervous about handing out your precious tomes? What if you lend someone a book and they never bring it back! Well, worry no more, because now you can emboss your books just like your local library. By embossing the front and back pages of your favorite novels, you remind the lucky few that you’ve loaned your books to that your books belong to you and must be returned! Show how much you care about your books by superimposing your name and contact info on each book that leaves your home.

Book Inspired Candles

Imagine if you could curl up with your favorite book as the scents of the very fictional land you’re reading about swirl throughout your house. Whether you’re into fantasy, romance, wizarding adventures, or classic literary scents, we have a candle for you. Plus, we’re always adding more scents to our permanent, seasonal, and bring it back collections; so there’ll never be a shortage of studious scents to saturate your home. The only real question is, which candle will you bring home first?

Which Type of Bookish Merch is Your Favorite?

Are you more of a decor person or a gadget person? No matter which way your tastes lean, you’re sure to find an awesome new item that will make any bibliophile’s heart skip a beat from the list above. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can sign up for our monthly subscription  Candle of the Month Club! As a member of this exclusive club, you’ll get a handcrafted Frostbeard candle sent to your door each month. We offer both rolling and prepaid payment options, making this the perfect gift for yourself or a book-loving friend.