About Us

Frostbeard Studio was founded in 2012 by Minneapolis based married couple Roxie and Tom. Selling pottery and soy candles at local craft fairs for several years before this, Frostbeard turned from hobby into full-time career once Roxie’s quest for book-themed candles turned out to be an on-the-nose adventure.

Rox and Tom midway through the mural at our studio

After discovering a lack of literary candles available for purchase at local shops or online, Roxie took the skills she’d acquired as a teenager making handmade scented candles with her mom, and decided to create a library scented bookish candle. A cozy sandalwood scent with notes of leather and oak blend to make Oxford Library - and just like that, the genre of book scented candles was born.

Both Roxie and Tom are self-proclaimed book nerds. A favorite date night is Reading at the Cafe, and their wedding cake was even shaped as a stack of books (with The Hobbit as the top tier). Wanting to incorporate this love of books into their handmade candles, they naturally started creating scented candles based on their favorite books, characters, and bookish places like Bookstore.

It turns out many other readers were also interested in the concept of literary candles, either for themselves or to use as book lover gifts for friends. Shortly after two successful Kickstarter campaigns to get start-up funding, Buzzfeed featured Frostbeard’s Old Books candle in a 2013 holiday gift guide. Business picked up enough for Roxie and Tom to get a studio space and hire their first employee.

Since then, the crew has grown slightly but still remains a small handmade in-house operation. Frostbeard has created more than 120 unique book-themed candle fragrances as part of their Book Lovers’ Candle collection. They have sold over 100,000 orders through their Shopify site and ranked as the number one candle shop on Etsy.

Aside from reading, Roxie and Tom enjoy the outdoors with their daughter and husky Tonks, appreciate anything and everything nerdy including DND and boardgames, and love embracing tropey millennial hobbies like houseplants and baking.

Mission Statement

At Frostbeard Studio, our mission is to create exceptional, eco-friendly soy candles that not only illuminate your home, but also inspire a love for reading. We are dedicated to handcrafting high-quality, sustainable products that bring the magic of literature to life, fostering a cozy and inviting atmosphere for book lovers everywhere. Through our commitment to environmental responsibility and our passion for craftsmanship and literature, we strive to spread joy and warmth, one candle at a time.

We welcome feedback and suggestions! You can contact us here.