From ABCs to Gifts: What Kindergarten Teachers Appreciate Most

Importance of Appreciating Kindergarten Teachers

When you're thinking about great gifts for kindergarten teachers, it's crucial to remember the significant role they play in early childhood education. Below are some quick gift ideas to make your child's teacher feel valued:

  • Handwritten notes or cards: These heartfelt gestures always make an impact.
  • Classroom supplies: Dry-erase markers, reusable water bottles, and electric kettles can be lifesavers.
  • Self-care items: Think along the lines of hand creams or cozy candles.

Kindergarten teachers are the unsung heroes who shape our children's first educational experiences. They foster not just academic skills, but also social and emotional development. Therefore, a thoughtful gift can go a long way in showing your appreciation.

I'm Roxie Lubanovic, and I bring years of experience in understanding what makes a perfect gift for teachers. Through my journey from starting a small pottery business to co-founding Frostbeard Studio, I've learned that meaningful gifts can brighten a teacher's day. Let's dive deeper into what makes a gift truly memorable for these amazing educators.

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Understanding What Kindergarten Teachers Really Want

When thinking about great gifts for kindergarten teachers, focus on what truly matters to them. Based on research and expert opinions, here are some of the most appreciated gifts:

Handwritten Notes

A heartfelt handwritten note can mean the world to a teacher. Many educators cherish these personal messages, often keeping them for years. Thao Vo, a sixth-grade mathematics teacher, says, "When students take the time to write me a note or a card to tell me what they've learned or any way I've inspired them, it helps validate the many reasons I became a teacher."

handwritten note - great gifts for kindergarten teachers

Richard Schwartz, a high-school history teacher, adds that such notes can "contextualize a class, a student, a year, a career." They become a source of encouragement during tough times, making them a priceless gift.

Kid-Made Gifts

Kid-made gifts hold a special place in a teacher's heart. These gifts are not only unique but also show the effort and creativity of the child. Whether it's a drawing, a craft project, or a simple "Thank You" card, these handmade items are treasures.

Donna Whittaker from Big Blue Marble Academy notes that many schools have teachers fill out questionnaires about their favorite things. This helps parents and students create personalized kid-made gifts that are sure to be appreciated.

Practical Items

Teachers often spend their own money on classroom supplies, making practical items highly valued. According to an assistant dean at a New York City private school, "Most teachers actually need things that are boring and unglamorous." Items like school supplies, desk organizers, and even classroom snacks can be incredibly useful.

classroom supplies - great gifts for kindergarten teachers

Gift cards are another practical option. Many teachers prefer them because they can buy exactly what they need. Amazon gift cards are particularly popular, as they offer a wide range of options.

Combining Practicality and Personal Touch

Combining practical items with a personal touch can make your gift stand out. For example, a customized notepad or a set of self-inking teacher stamps can be both useful and thoughtful.

Sabrina White, an English literature teacher, loves the idea of a stationery subscription. "Receiving a monthly shipment of pens, markers, greeting cards, and more, all designed in collaboration with indie artists, is a treat," she says.

By focusing on these types of gifts, you can show your appreciation in a way that truly resonates with kindergarten teachers.

Great Gifts for Kindergarten Teachers: Budget-Friendly Ideas

Finding great gifts for kindergarten teachers doesn’t have to be expensive. With a bit of thoughtfulness, you can give something meaningful without spending a lot. Let's dive into some budget-friendly ideas.

Price Considerations for Teacher Gifts

$10-$20 Gifts
You don't need to spend a fortune to show appreciation. Many heartfelt and useful gifts fall within this range. A personalized notepad, a set of colorful pens, or a small plant can brighten up a teacher's day. Even a simple handwritten card can be priceless.

$50 Pooled Gifts
If you're looking to give something more substantial, consider pooling resources with other parents. For around $50, you can get a high-quality item like a portable Bluetooth speaker or a set of luxurious hand creams. Teachers often appreciate these practical yet thoughtful gifts.

Handwritten Cards: A Priceless Gift

Emotional Value
One of the most cherished gifts by teachers is a handwritten card from a student. Thao Vo, a sixth-grade mathematics teacher, says, "When students take the time to write me a note or a card, it helps validate the many reasons I became a teacher."

Personal Touch
Teachers like Richard Schwartz keep these notes for years. "They become a gift that keeps on giving," he says. A heartfelt message can lift a teacher’s spirits, especially during tough times.

Practical and Useful Classroom Items

School Supplies
Teachers often spend their own money on classroom supplies. Gifts like Expo dry-erase markers, colored pencils, or even a pack of sticky notes can be incredibly useful. Marty Rogachefsky mentions, "Teachers are always running out of Expo markers, and they can get really pricey."

Desk Items
Items for the teacher’s desk can also be a great gift. Consider a reusable water bottle, a small electric kettle for tea, or even an ergonomic footrest. These gifts not only add comfort but also show that you care about their well-being.

By focusing on these budget-friendly ideas, you can show your appreciation in a meaningful way. Next, we'll explore some creative and thoughtful gift ideas for every occasion.

Creative and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

End of Year Gifts

Self-care items Teaching can be stressful, so self-care gifts are always appreciated. Consider items like candles to help them relax and focus. A candle from a small business can be a thoughtful choice.

Custom gift cards Gift cards might seem impersonal, but they can be incredibly useful. Teachers often use their own money to buy classroom supplies, so a gift card can help offset these costs. If you want to make it more personal, ask your child what their teacher likes.

Christmas Gifts

Holiday-themed classroom decorations Decorations can bring a festive spirit to the classroom. Items like holiday-themed posters, string lights, or even a small artificial Christmas tree can brighten up the space.

Festive books Books make excellent gifts, especially for teachers who love to read to their students. Consider festive-themed books that can be added to the classroom library.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Snack carts A delivery of snacks and treats can be a delightful surprise. A variety pack of sweet and savory snacks can make a teacher’s day a little brighter.

Wellness items Wellness gifts show that you care about a teacher’s health and well-being. Consider items like a portable essential oil diffuser or luxurious hand cream to help soothe dry, hand-sanitized hands.

By choosing great gifts for kindergarten teachers that are both creative and thoughtful, you can make any occasion special. Next, we’ll discuss how to make your gift stand out even more.

How to Make Your Gift Stand Out

Personalization Is Key

Personalized gifts show thoughtfulness and effort. Kindergarten teachers, like anyone, appreciate items that feel tailor-made for them.

Customized items like engraved pencils or notebooks with the teacher's name can add a special touch. One kindergarten teacher, Kate from Boston, mentioned how much she loves "boxes of customized pencils with the school’s name or the name of the class." It’s a small but meaningful gesture.

Unique classroom supplies can also be personalized. For example, plantable pencils are not only practical but also eco-friendly. Each pencil has a seed capsule that can be planted after use, growing herbs or flowers. This turns a simple pencil into an educational tool that kids can enjoy.

Combining Fun and Functionality

Combining fun and functionality ensures your gift will be used and appreciated.

Educational games are a hit in kindergarten classrooms. These games make learning enjoyable and interactive. Whether it’s a math game that helps with counting or a puzzle that enhances problem-solving skills, educational games are both fun and beneficial for young students.

Interactive learning tools like laminators are also valuable. Finn Menzies, a kindergarten teacher in Seattle, said, "It just makes my classroom work stations last so much longer." Laminated sheets can be reused multiple times, making them both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

By choosing personalized, functional, and fun gifts, you ensure that your present will stand out and be cherished by the teacher. Next, let's address some frequently asked questions about kindergarten teacher gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kindergarten Teacher Gifts

How Much Should I Spend on a Kindergarten Teacher Gift?

When it comes to spending on a gift for a kindergarten teacher, there's no set rule. However, a common range is between $10 and $50. Many teachers appreciate the thought more than the price tag. For example, a handwritten note or a small plant can be just as meaningful as a more expensive gift.

Pooling resources with other parents is another great option. This way, you can afford a higher-value gift without putting too much financial strain on a single family. For instance, a group of parents could collectively buy a gift card worth $50 or more, which is highly appreciated by teachers.

What is the Greatest Gift to a Teacher?

The greatest gift to a teacher is often something that shows genuine appreciation. According to Thao Vo, a sixth-grade mathematics teacher, “When students take the time to write me a note or a card to tell me what they’ve learned or any way I’ve inspired them, it helps validate the many reasons I became a teacher.”

Gift cards are also a top choice. They offer flexibility and allow teachers to buy what they truly need or enjoy. An Amazon gift card, for example, can be used for classroom supplies or personal treats, making it a versatile and appreciated gift.

Is $100 Too Much for a Teacher Gift?

While $100 might seem like a lot, it can be appropriate in certain contexts. If the gift is from a group of parents, a $100 gift card or a high-quality item like a portable Bluetooth speaker can be a wonderful gesture. According to Marty Rogachefsky from Neighborhood House Charter School, practical gifts like Expo dry-erase markers are always appreciated, even if they are part of a larger, more expensive package.

However, consider school policies and the teacher's comfort level. Some schools have guidelines on the maximum value of gifts teachers can accept. When in doubt, a heartfelt note accompanied by a modest gift is always a safe and appreciated choice.

By addressing these common questions, you can confidently choose a gift that will make your child's kindergarten teacher feel valued and appreciated.


Showing appreciation for kindergarten teachers is more than just a kind gesture—it's a way to acknowledge their significant role in shaping young minds. These educators spend countless hours nurturing our children, and a thoughtful gift can go a long way in expressing our gratitude.

The Impact of Appreciation

A well-chosen gift can make a teacher's day. It shows that we see their hard work and dedication. Simple gifts like handwritten notes or practical items like Expo dry-erase markers can be incredibly meaningful. According to Marty Rogachefsky, operations manager at Neighborhood House Charter School in Boston, "Teachers are always running out [of markers], and they can get really pricey."

Frostbeard Studio: Enhancing the Gift Experience

At Frostbeard Studio, we believe that the right atmosphere can make all the difference. Our Book Lovers' Soy Candles are designed to elevate the reading and teaching experience. Imagine a teacher's delight in receiving a candle that brings the scent of a cozy library or a fresh classroom into their space. It's a small touch that adds a lot of warmth and comfort to their daily routine.

In conclusion, choosing great gifts for kindergarten teachers doesn't have to be complicated. Whether it's a practical classroom item, a personalized gift, or a cozy candle from Frostbeard Studio, the most important thing is the thought and appreciation behind it. Let's make sure our teachers know just how much they mean to us and our children.

Happy gifting!