10 Mugs for Book Lovers

Few things go together better than books & coffee (or books & tea, for those picky tea drinkers. Just kidding, we love you too tea... we just aren't addicted to you).

Well then, it makes sense that book lovers would want a mug collection to enhance their reading experience, bringing even more joy than thought feasibly possible while curling up with a favorite read. Here are a few of my favorite bookish mugs to improve your mug game, for whichever hot beverage you choose.

1. My Weekend is All Booked Mug by Look Human - Nerds love puns. A pun about reading!? even better. And a cute design to boot. Plus these babies are a whopping 15oz, so settle in for a long Saturday reading sesh with this mug.

My Weekend is All Booked Mug

2. Still Waiting For My Damn Letter Mug by Bookworm Boutique - Harry Potter fans simultaneously breathe a collective sigh. You didn't get your letter either!? Maybe 31 is the new 11? Maybe Hagrid needs to cross the ocean in a tiny rowboat to come break down our front door to invite us to Hogwarts. Don't worry - in our eyes, yer a wizard!  

Waiting For My Damn Letter Mug

3. How to Kill a Mockingbird Mug by Tobe Fonseca - What do you mean this isn't a "how to" book? I imagine this cat faced some immediate disappointment, but then got wrapped-up in Scout's classic tale and had to keep reading. Can't go wrong with this witty, adorable illustration. 

How to Kill a Mockingbird mug

4. Coffee Spoons Mug by Obvious State -  "I have measured out my life with coffee spoons." - T.S. Eliot. You can contemplate this poem quote over a giant cuppa (another 15oz-er) in this elegantly designed mug. Even if you don't understand his darkly complex themes, you can pretend to and impress your friends by simply having it sit on your shelf. 

Coffee Spoons Mug

5. Hobbit Door Mug by Gehman Pottery Works - If anyone knows the creature comforts of home, it's a hobbit. Choose your favorite door from dozens of designs with these custom handcrafted ceramic mugs and transport yourself to The Shire with each use. This is one mug to rule them all.

Hobbit Door Mug

6. Personalized Custom Book Mug by Love Mugs UK - We're all familiar with the iconic Penguin Classics covers, now here's your chance to create your own design with a custom title and author. You can pick an already existing book (unfortunately the official Penguin mugs are no longer available on their site and are increasingly hard to find) or you could make something up. Perfect for your friend who is always talking about writing a novel some day. 

Book Mug

7. Typewriter Mug by Circa Ceramics -  For the writer in your life. This company was an inspiration for me when I first started doing ceramics. These hefty mugs are well made and I love the bright bold colors and simple decal graphic.

Typewriter Mug Circa Ceramics

8. Currently Reading Mug by Evie Seo - This one is great for Bookstagrammers. Save yourself the time of explaining that you are #currentlyreading the book in your photo by pairing it with this uber cute mug. #mugshot #booksandmugs #literallyusingthismugrightnow 

Currently Reading Mug

9. Library Card Yellow Mug by Out of Print - A classic throwback design. If you wanted to be a librarian when you grew up (no thanks, astronaut or pro sports player!) then this is the mug for you. Probably some libraries out there are still stamping due dates instead of sending them via email. One can hope. 

Library Card Mug Out of Print

10. Turquoise Cat Face Mug by Beard Bangs - Not bookish in the least, but look how crazy adorable this mug is! Everything these guys make, actually. And book people are cat people, right? Books and cats and books and cats. Plus it's teal. The end.

Beard Bangs Cat Mug