The Ultimate Gift Guide for New Teachers in 2024

Why Practical and Personalized Gifts Matter for New Teachers

When selecting the best gifts for new teachers, balance practicality with personalization. New teachers often face the challenge of setting up their classrooms and carving out their teaching style. They need tools that make their work easier and items that show they're appreciated.

Here's a quick list of some top ideas:

  1. Handwritten notes and personalized stationery: Heartfelt notes from students can be a lifelong treasure. Custom notepads or stationary with a teacher's name add a personal touch.
  2. Gift cards: These are incredibly versatile. Think Amazon, Starbucks, or TeachersPayTeachers.
  3. Practical classroom supplies: Laminators, whiteboards, and quality stationery can be game changers.

A great introduction to any teacher’s first year can be summed up with a quote from Thao Vo, a sixth-grade math teacher: "When students take the time to write me a note or a card to tell me what they've learned or how I’ve inspired them, it helps validate why I became a teacher." Even small gestures like these can make a big impact.

As an expert in creating cozy, bookish environments, I have seen how thoughtful gifts can make all the difference. In my experience running Frostbeard Studio, pairing practical items with a touch of personalization is always a winning combination.

Here's a rundown of the essentials to give teachers in 2024:

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Essential Classroom Supplies for New Teachers


Stationery is the backbone of any classroom. Teachers go through countless pencils, pens, and paper. One teacher on Reddit humorously noted, "I don’t know if my students are eating them or what, but I’m always searching for more." Consider gifting high-quality pencils like the Palomino Blackwing 602, which are a favorite among stationery lovers.

Notebooks and notepads are also crucial. Field Notes Original Kraft Memo Books are pocket-sized and perfect for jotting down quick notes. They come in packs of three, making them an economical option for gifting multiple teachers.


Whiteboards are indispensable in modern classrooms. Personal whiteboards and dry-erase markers are always in high demand. As one teacher said, "Expo dry-erase markers... Teachers are always running out, and they can get really pricey." A classroom set of whiteboards can make interactive lessons more engaging and efficient.


A laminator is a game-changer for any new teacher. Laminated materials are durable and reusable, saving time and resources in the long run. One Reddit commenter noted, "It just makes my classroom work stations last so much longer." Laminators help preserve important documents, create reusable worksheets, and even make custom classroom decorations.

Classroom Decorations

Classroom decorations set the tone for an inviting learning environment. Personalized items, such as name signs or educational wall art, can make a classroom feel unique and welcoming. One teacher shared, "My mom bought me a very nice large pencil name sign and I love it. Perfect classroom decoration."

Wall stickers and posters are also excellent choices. They can be educational, motivational, or simply fun. Amazon and other online retailers offer a variety of options that can brighten up any classroom.

classroom decorations - best gifts for new teachers

In summary, essential classroom supplies like stationery, whiteboards, laminators, and classroom decorations are some of the best gifts for new teachers. These items not only make their jobs easier but also create a more engaging and productive learning environment.

Next, we'll dive into personalized gifts that truly make a difference.

Personalized Gifts That Make a Difference

Personalized gifts can add a special touch that shows you care. Here are some ideas that new teachers will love:


Custom stamps are a fun and practical gift. Teachers can use them to mark student work with phrases like "Great Job!" or "Needs Improvement." A personalized face stamp is also a fun way for teachers to add a unique touch to their grading.


Personalized stationery is another thoughtful gift. Imagine a set of notepads or thank-you cards with the teacher's name on them. This can make sending notes home or writing quick reminders feel a bit more special. You can find great options on Etsy or even make them yourself if you have a Cricut machine.

Name Signs

A name sign for the classroom can be both decorative and functional. One teacher shared that her favorite gift was a large pencil name sign her mom bought her. It’s a perfect way to make the classroom feel more like home and helps students remember their teacher’s name.

Tote Bags

A sturdy tote bag is essential for any teacher. Teachers carry a lot of stuff between home and school, and a good tote bag makes this easier. Look for one that can fit a laptop and has plenty of pockets. The "Open Book. Sniff. Read. Repeat." tote bag from Frostbeard Studio is a fantastic option for book-loving teachers.

Personalized gifts like these can make starting a new teaching job feel a bit more special and organized.

Best Gifts for New Teachers in 2024

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a lifesaver for new teachers. They offer flexibility and can be used for both classroom needs and personal treats.

Starbucks Gift Cards: Many teachers appreciate a caffeine boost. A Starbucks gift card is a great way to help them start their day energized.

Amazon Gift Cards: These are incredibly versatile. Teachers can use them to buy anything from classroom supplies to personal items. An Amazon gift card can be handy for everything from snacks to colored pencils.

Practical Tools

Equipping new teachers with practical tools can make their job easier and more efficient.

Laminator: A laminator is one of the most useful tools for a teacher. It helps protect important documents and create durable teaching aids. Teachers have noted its importance in the classroom repeatedly.

Electric Tea Kettle: An electric tea kettle is perfect for making quick cups of tea, coffee, or even instant noodles. It's a small luxury that can make a big difference during a busy day.

Classroom Printer: A reliable classroom printer can be a game-changer. It ensures that teachers can print necessary materials even when the school's copier is down. This is especially useful for new teachers who are still getting the hang of classroom logistics.

Personal Care Items

Personal care items are essential for teachers who spend long hours on their feet and need to stay healthy and hydrated.

Bandaids: Classrooms can be full of small accidents. Having a supply of bandaids can be a quick fix for minor injuries.

OTC Medicines: Stocking up on over-the-counter medicines like Advil, Tylenol, and cough drops can be a lifesaver. Teachers often keep these in their desks for those unexpected headaches or colds.

Water Bottles: Staying hydrated is crucial. A good water bottle, like the Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler, keeps drinks cold for hours and is perfect for a long day at school.

These practical and thoughtful gifts can significantly ease the transition into teaching for new educators, making their first year a bit smoother and more enjoyable.

Creative and Crafty Gift Ideas

Utilizing a Cricut Machine

Customized Mouse Pads: A personalized mouse pad can brighten up a teacher’s desk. Use your Cricut machine to add their name, a motivational quote, or even pictures of their pets. This small touch can make their workspace feel more personal and enjoyable.

Teacher Stickers: Teachers love stickers for rewarding students or just adding a bit of fun to their classroom. Create custom stickers with encouraging messages, cute designs, or subject-specific themes. These can be a delightful and practical gift.

Wall Stickers: Transform a classroom with wall stickers. Use your Cricut to design educational wall art, like the alphabet, numbers, or inspirational quotes. These stickers can make the learning environment more engaging and visually appealing.

Handmade Classroom Decor

Personalized Signs: A custom sign with the teacher's name or a welcoming message can add a warm touch to the classroom. Whether it's a "Welcome to Ms. Smith’s Class" sign or a large pencil-shaped nameplate, this gift shows thoughtfulness and creativity.

Educational Wall Art: Use your artistic skills to create wall art that is both beautiful and educational. Think of posters that explain math concepts, historical timelines, or scientific diagrams. These not only decorate the classroom but also serve as valuable teaching aids.

Crafty gifts like these not only show you care but also provide practical benefits. They help new teachers create a welcoming and effective learning environment. Plus, they add a personal touch that store-bought items can’t match.

Next, we’ll explore gifts that keep on giving, offering long-term benefits for new teachers.

Gifts That Keep on Giving

When it comes to best gifts for new teachers, consider those that provide long-term benefits. Subscriptions and educational materials can make a lasting impact. They not only help teachers but also enrich the learning experience for their students.

Subscriptions and Memberships

Educational Magazines

Subscriptions to educational magazines like Scholastic Teacher or Edutopia can be invaluable. They offer fresh teaching strategies, classroom activities, and updates on educational trends.

"I love getting my monthly issue of Scholastic Teacher. It’s like a mini professional development session delivered to my mailbox," says Sabrina White, an English literature teacher in Mexico City.

Online Resource Platforms

Memberships to online resource platforms such as Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) can be a game-changer. These platforms offer lesson plans, worksheets, and classroom activities created by other educators.

"A Teachers Pay Teachers gift card was one of the best gifts I received. It allowed me to buy resources tailored to my classroom needs without spending my own money," shares Thao Vo, a sixth-grade mathematics teacher.

Books and Educational Materials

Young Adult Books

A well-stocked classroom library can inspire a love for reading. Consider gifting a collection of young adult books. Titles like The Hunger Games or Harry Potter are always hits.

"Books are always a fantastic gift. They’re the foundation of a good education," says Richard Schwartz, a high-school history teacher.

Curriculum Materials

High-quality curriculum materials can support new teachers in delivering effective lessons. This can include workbooks, educational games, or even science kits.

"I once received a set of math manipulatives. It made teaching abstract concepts so much easier," recalls Kat Doolin, a Pre-K teacher.

Subscription Services

Educational Subscriptions

Services like Papergang offer monthly deliveries of pens, markers, and greeting cards. Subscriptions to educational platforms like BrainPOP or Quizlet provide interactive learning tools that can be used throughout the year.

"My Papergang subscription is a monthly delight. It keeps me stocked with beautiful stationery and inspires my teaching creativity," says White.

These gifts keep on giving, providing ongoing support and resources that can help new teachers thrive. They make a significant difference, not just for the teacher, but for their students as well.

Next, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about gifts for new teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gifts for New Teachers

What is the best thing to buy for a teacher?

The best gifts for new teachers are often practical. Gift cards are a top choice. They allow teachers to buy what they need, whether it's classroom supplies or a treat for themselves. Amazon and TeachersPayTeachers gift cards are particularly popular because they offer a wide range of products and resources.

Personalized items also make a big impact. Think of things like custom stationery, name signs, or tote bags. These gifts show thoughtfulness and can be very useful in the classroom.

Is $100 too much for a teacher gift?

The amount you spend on a teacher gift can vary by circumstance. Generally, $100 is acceptable, especially if it's a group gift from multiple families. However, it's not necessary to spend that much to show appreciation. Many teachers are delighted with gifts under $25, like a heartfelt note or a small plant.

What gifts do teachers really want?

Teachers appreciate gifts that make their job easier or brighten their day. Heartfelt notes from students are incredibly valuable. They offer emotional support and remind teachers why they love their job.

Classroom supplies are always needed. Items like whiteboard markers, paper, and pencils are practical and help reduce the financial burden on teachers, who often buy these supplies out of their own pockets.

In summary, the best gifts for new teachers are those that combine practicality with a personal touch. Whether it's a gift card, a personalized item, or essential classroom supplies, these thoughtful gestures go a long way in making a teacher's day.

Next, let's explore creative and crafty gift ideas that can add a personal touch to your gift-giving.


In the end, the most meaningful gifts for new teachers are those that show thoughtfulness and appreciation. Teachers dedicate themselves to shaping young minds, and a well-chosen gift can make them feel valued and supported.

Thoughtfulness is key. Whether it's a handwritten note expressing gratitude or a personalized item that shows you’ve considered their unique needs, the gesture will be deeply appreciated. It’s not about the price tag but the sentiment behind the gift.

At Frostbeard Studio, we understand the importance of thoughtful gifting. Our range of bookish candles can bring a touch of comfort and nostalgia to any teacher's reading nook, making it a perfect addition to their classroom or home. These candles, inspired by beloved literary themes, can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day of teaching.

In conclusion, the best gifts for new teachers are those that combine practicality with a personal touch. From essential classroom supplies to personalized stationery and heartfelt notes, these gifts convey your appreciation and support. And for a truly unique and thoughtful gift, consider exploring our collection at Frostbeard Studio. Your chosen teacher will surely cherish it for years to come.