All The Times Books Are There for Us

When it comes to books we love, the list is extensive. Books have a way of being there for you when you need them most. A book won’t judge you, it’s only there to offer support, guidance, or a much needed escape. From books to read when you're sad to novels to help you learn new life skills, there will be dozens of times in your life when books will be there for you. Books have been there for us a number of times, from providing inspiration for our book themed candles to walking us through the finer points of running a business. Here are just a few of the times that books may be there for you in your life.

When Your Heart Has Been Broken

Heartache hurts. It infiltrates your every waking moment and occupies your thoughts for days, weeks, or months. The pain of breaking up with someone you love, even if amicably, can be hard to overcome. Male or female, a broken heart is a broken heart. Try these novels to either grieve a lost love or get a much needed dose of courage to finally ditch your broken heart and move on.

When You Get Back Together with an Ex

Sometimes two people seperate to find themselves and realize that together is where they belong. Whether you’ve just recently broken up or have just recently reconnected after years apart, here are some of the books we recommend while rekindling your old flame.

When You’re Starting Over Somewhere New

Whether you’re moving across town or across the world, each move presents the opportunity to start over. How will you change, what will you work towards? Here are a few books that can either guide you through the process or give an example on how someone else handled their move.

When You Have to be an Adult

Being an adult is hard. You have to do things like find a job, impress in-laws, and pay taxes. How is one supposed to prepare for the overwhelming task of adulting? Here are four books that should help you get started as a new adult.

When It’s Time for Baby Humans

Many individuals and couples decide to make tiny humans in their relationships. But how exactly does one prepare for such an event and how do you even know if you’re ready to be a mother or a father? The following five books should help you to prepare for your baby journey.

When It’s Not Time for Baby Humans, but Time for Baby Doggos

Sometimes, having a baby is just too big of a step, but bringing home a dog isn’t. But don’t be fooled, raising a dog is a hard task. Below are a few titles that range from instructional guides to warm hearted stories of doggo companionship. Heads up, a few of these titles may make you cry.

When You Feel Like Traveling but Are Broke

The desire to travel is one that’s well known to many, but a lack of sufficient funds is known by many more. Here are a few titles that will allow you to fulfill your wanderlusting heart vicariously through their captivating pages.

When You Want to Learn Something New

From learning a new skill to gaining a new perspective, books can be a great place to turn to when you want to learn something new. Rabbits, and Hygge, and Hypothetical Questions; oh my! These are our favorite novels when you’re hoping to learn something.

When We Want to Be Someone Else for a Little While

If you want a book that will ensnare you from the very first page and completely transport you somewhere else, then these titles are for you. Spanning across most genres, these books will help you to pretend your someone else for a little while.

When the Kids Ask for a Bedtime Story

If you’re a book loving parent, you’ve probably been anxiously awaiting the day that your child was old enough to delve into the exciting world of chapter books for their nightly bedtime story. If you’ve finally reached that point, here are a few good titles that you’ll most likely enjoy as much as your child.

How Will Books Be There for You?

From planning your wedding to getting lost in a good story while waiting at the doctor’s office, there’ll be many times that books will be there for you throughout your life. What are some of the ways that books have been there for you so far? We’d love to hear about your experience and favorite books in the comments below. And as always, if you’re looking for the perfect book themed candle to elevate your reading experience, we’ve got you covered. With scents that will go perfectly with titles ranging from fantasy to factual, you’re sure to find your perfect book themed candle with us.