Embracing Hygge - Our Coziest Candles

I love winter. And yet, once the holidays have come and gone and the days are short and gray, it can have you desperately counting down to springtime.

For those that don't like winter to begin with, February and March can be brutal. To power through until the thaw, it's important to embrace the things you do like about the season, whether it's bundling up and going on snowy adventures or staying in with your favorite book. The Danish have a term for this concept called hygge (pronounced hoo-ga).

Hygge roughly translates to "coziness," but there's more to it than that. It's the all-around feeling of pleasure and comfort; being relaxed and surrounded by people you love and doing things you enjoy. Living in Minnesota, a population of largely Scandinavian heritage, I've been familiar with the idea of hygge for a while but some of you may be discovering it for the first time, finally able to put a name to that mood that gives you the warm fuzzies.

Our friend Sarah wrote a great article on How to Hygge and includes a list of activities to enjoy winter. Schools in the UK have started teaching classes on hygge, in hopes of driving away seasonal depression. The Danes have been on to something for generations and it's no wonder other cultures are finally starting to embrace the concept.

Thick wool socks and chunky sweaters, hot cocoa in front of the fireplace - these are all fine examples of hygge, but more and more I'm seeing the term paired up with candles. There's just something about the soft light of a candle that is peaceful and creates a warm, happy vibe. With this in mind, I've highlighted a few of our coziest scents to help you create the most hygge atmosphere possible this winter. 

Bookstore Candle Frostbeard Studio


One of the first fragrances in the Book Lovers' collection, Bookstore was a unanimous staff vote for coziest candle. It's rich and warm and truly unique. If being surrounded by stacks of books and wandering aisles of overflowing shelves with a cup of coffee in hand is your happy place, this candle is for you. Light it and let hygge fill your home.

Mahogany, Driftwood, Coffee & Leather

Reading at the Cafe Candle Frostbeard Studio
Photo by Allissa @abookishloveaffair

Reading at the Cafe

This sweet, delectable scent has become a recent favorite, despite making me hungry every time I light it. It immediately conjures the hustle and bustle of a cafe, but with the luxury of spending a relaxed evening at home with a book. The chocolate fragrance may trigger fond memories of baking, and the coffee lazy Sunday mornings. Mix all those things together and you get one seriously hygge-approved candle.

Roasted Coffee, Chocolate Pastry

 Headmaster's Office Candle Frostbeard Studio

Headmaster's Office

This is another complex, non-traditional scent that everyone agreed was seriously cozy. The warm blend of cedar and vanilla create a soft, masculine scent that's rounded off by the bright lemon top note and a hint of fireside. Professor's know how to hygge, with their book-lined shelves, ornate woodwork and thick wizard robes.

Cedarwood Vanilla, Fireside, Lemon Drop

Runners Up:
Sherlock's Study, Book Cellar and Sexy Librarian. All earthy, soft fragrances that will make you want to curl up with a favorite book and enjoy the season.