Top 10 Book-Related Paintings from Around the Web

Every time we write one of these blogs our team ends up with full Etsy shopping carts and lighter wallets. What can we say, finding awesome bookish good from around the web is too much temptation for us to ignore. Take The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Book Lovers, and 8 Gifts for Avid Readers (And Candle-Lovers) pieces for examples; in total, our team ended up purchasing five items between those two posts. But nonetheless, here we are again, finding some of the coolest book-related goodies from the net. Today’s theme is paintings!

Who doesn’t love book-themed art? We love it so much that we’ve even started making our own bookish merch! But we still like finding new pieces to add to our private and studio collection. From literary-inspired illustrations to broader book-themed compositions, here are a few book-related paintings that we’re dying to have.

A Harry Potter Inspired Apothecary Art Print

This magical watercolor painting by Little Truths Studio is too cute to pass up. Depicting everything you’ll need to brew your own enchanted elixir, this piece of nerdy art would go great in a kitchen or reading nook. Just don’t forget to take your rat tail! 

Harry Potter Print

A Bookshelf Cat Print

If your home library is filled with more cat hair than books, then this print is for you. Whether your furry reading companions prefer to spend their time on your shelves or in your lap, anyone can appreciate this realistic representation of the cat lady struggle by Annya Karina Marttinen. Aptly named “Bookshelf Cat Print” this work of art will serve as the perfect visual aid for when people ask why there’s so much cat hair coating your beloved books. 

Sherlock Art Print

If you ever want to see us go really coo coo for cocoa puffs, ask us about our feeling on Alice X. Zhang’s artwork. To say that she is talented is an understatement. Plus, being a fan of many of our favorite shows and novels, she has a wide assortment of work that covers just about every one of our favorite fandoms. This Sherlock art print will be a great way to begin your Alice X. Zhang collection. And yes, we know that this picture is clearly based on the TV version of Sherlock Holmes, but the character of Sherlock was first popularized via a novel. So we’re keeping this one on the list.

Minimalist Peter Pan Poster

If we were writing a blog about our favorite book and movie-inspired art, then we would tell you to check out the entire Disney minimalist series by Rowan Stocks-Moore, but since this is supposed to only be about book-themed works of art we’ll settle for this awesome Peter Pan print.

The Rory Reading List

If you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls, then you need to check out this “Rory Reading List” print. Like many, we connected with Rory due to her love of books and literary ways, and now Neighbourly Love has made a complete list of every book that Stars Hollow's favorite daughter has ever read! The 339 titles span all seven seasons, and the piece is composed in a checklist-style so that you can track your progress as you read

A Dr. Seuss Print

In the immortal words of Dr. Seuss, “Fill your house with stacks of books in all the crannies and all the nooks,” and throw in some cool book-themed art for good measure. This dictionary print by Whisker Prints (love the name) will be the perfect addition to any cozy reading space. From a Dr. Seuss lover to an aspiring wordsmith, any literary enthusiast will get a kick out of this unique print.

Hogwarts Castle Starry Night print

Combine one of the greatest series of all time with one of the world’s greatest painters, and you get the Hogwarts Castle Starry Night print. This imaginative book-inspired painting is sure to fill your home with whimsy and magic as you learn new spells and tackle daring adventures with your best friends.

Baby Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff Print

If you want to get your child off to a magical start in life, then you should seriously consider hanging this adorable Harry Potter baby artwork in your child’s nursery. Or you could just get it for yourself; we wouldn’t judge. With all four houses represented, your child can spend their days wondering about which house the sorting hat will place them in when they turn 11 or 12. 

Cat and Books Art Print

Aptly names “Literary Cat” this piece of work by Rebekah Francis is as cute as it is accurate. Anyone with furry family members knows the struggle of trying to keep your kitties off your books both while reading and while they’re in storage on your shelves. 

Cat Sleeping on Book Art Print

And lastly, depicting the most classic of cat poses, the Cat Sleeping on Book art print was actually created right here at Frostbeard by one of our co-founders, Tom. If you have a cat and love books, you know that there’s nowhere your cat would rather be than sleeping on whatever book you’re currently trying to read. 

Find the Perfect Bookish Piece of Art for Your Home with Frostbeard

We’re proud to say that through the writing of this blog we only purchased one of these items. Ok; two. But can you blame us! It’s a good thing that we have plenty of wall space still open in our Minneapolis showroom, or we’d be facing a serious problem. Whether you’re looking for your own book-inspired artwork or some book scented candles to complete your literary decor, you can find exactly what you need at Frostbeard.