The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Book Lovers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re looking for gift ideas for book lovers, then you’ve come to the right place. Being the bookishly inclined people that we are, we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of Valentine's Day Gifts that would send any book lover's heart aflutter. From mugs to book-themed candles, you’re sure to find something that your literary valentine will love down below.

Do You Even Read Mug

While some may enjoy spending their days pumping iron and advancing into the next weight class, your valentine enjoys crushing novels and shredding through chapters. Your loved one can impress their friends with their word count as opposed to their rep count. This mug will help get your valentine’s book goal swole.

Open Book. Sniff. Read. Repeat. Tote Bag

What’s one of the most troubling dilemmas facing all serious book lovers? Not enough mobile book storage space. While they probably have shelves full of books at home, when they venture out into the great wide world, their backpacks and purses are too full of non-bookish items to carry all of their literary-related needs; namely books. With this stylish tote, your valentine can carry around all the books his or heart desires while proclaiming their love of that classic scholarly smell.

Cat Sleeping on a Book Art Print

What better way to show your love of reading than through a book-themed print? The creatively named, Cat Sleeping on a Book art print is an original watercolor design created by our very own co-founder, Tom. This print encapsulates the charming inconsiderate-ness of our feline friends when it's reading time.

Wizarding Sweater

You’re a book-lover, Harry. Help your loved one show their wizarding pride loud and proud with this magical sweatshirt. With all seven books of one of the most beloved wizarding series of all time emboldened right on the front, this cuddly sweater will keep your valentine warm as they marathon through either the classic wizarding books or films.

Monthly Book Themed Candle Subscription

Why limit your loved one’s book lover bliss to only one day? With our prepaid Candle of the Month Club, a new book-inspired scent can be delivered to your valentine’s doorstep every month! With scents like Headmaster’s Office, Old Books, and Winterfell, your valentine will feel right at home among these literary smells.

BookyourCase Laptop Cases

In equal parts protection and personality, these customizable laptop cases take a love of reading to a whole new level. With reinforced corners and a cushioned spine, your valentine will be able to protect their digital books while hopping from place to place. These cases can be made to fit any laptop or tablet.

I Just Want to Read Books and Be Emotionally Crippled by the Deaths of Fake People Who Never Existed, Is That Too Much to Ask? T-Shirt

Sometimes you just want a shirt that tells it like it is. Enter the "I Just Want to Read Books and Be Emotionally Crippled by the Deaths of Fake People Who Never Existed, Is That Too Much to Ask?" T-Shirt. This quirky piece of apparel is perfect for those just getting over the death of a captivating fictional character. If your valentine has been moping around, rereading the same chapters over and over again, or crying silently while quietly turning pages, they need this shirt.

Wand Makeup Brush Set

No one ever said that magic couldn’t be glamorous. The Magic Wand Brush Set will accurately depict some of your valentine’s favorite wizarding wands. Whether they choose to use them for applying makeup or dueling dark forces is up to them. Bring a little wizardry to your loved one’s morning routine with these magical makeup brushes.

Audible Subscription

Sometimes, book lovers don’t have the time they need to sit down and enjoy a good book. Between work, family, and activities, finding the time to read that book they’ve been dying to start for months now can seem impossible. Luckily, we’re living in a technological renaissance, and one of said renaissance’s perks is books on tape on demand; we’re talking about Audible. With a prepaid subscription for either 3, 6, or 12 months, you can support your valentine’s reading habit in a new and creative way.

Clear Acrylic Book Weight

Have you ever been trying to read a book outdoors only to have the wind blow your pages around? The solution; a Clear Acrylic Book Weight. This is one of those gifts that your loved one won’t even have known they wanted until they see it. And once they use it, they’ll never leave home without it again.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Frostbeard

The weather outside might be chilly, but this Valentine’s Day, set your loved one’s heart aglow with a thoughtful book-inspired gift from our list above. We’d love to see what you come up with for Valentine’s Day gifts for the book lover in your life, so share a picture or a comment with us down below or on Facebook. Lastly, from our bookish family to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day!