10 Gifts for Avid Readers (And Candle-Lovers)

The holidays are here, and for many, that means decking the halls and spreading good cheer with family and friends. If you’re anything like us, that means that you’re super excited to give and receive some awesome book-inspired presents this year. But if you’re someone who isn’t particularly literarily inclined and are trying to find a bookish gift for the avid reader in your life, you may find yourself a bit lost. Finding a present for someone who would rather be reading over anything else can be hard – that’s why we’ve created a bookish holiday gift guide! 

We also may or may not have made this list so that we could send it to our friends and family for a not-so-subtle hint as to what we would like to receive as gifts this holiday season, but that’s beside the point. Check out these awesome gift ideas, some of which come from the cool companies we’re partnering with for the Frostbeard Lit Box!

Cozy Throw Pillows

A night of reading just isn’t complete without the perfect pillow to prop a book up on your lap. Check out Bookworm Boutique’s selection of readerly throw pillows, floor pillows, blanks, rugs, and more for the bookish decor of your dreams. The throw pillows, like this “Just One More Chapter” design, would make a great, lightweight present if you’re traveling with gifts! Surprise the person who stays up way too late with a cozy pillow that really speaks to their soul.

Book Lovers Notepad 

Is your loved one always in the middle of their next great novel? Do they keep notepads around the house to jot down ideas when inspiration strikes? Then you know from experience that you can never have too many pads around to capture story snippets and lines of dialogue. Help your friend or family member keep track of all of their epiphanies with a quirky notepad from Boy Girl Party. This handmade business also stocks enamel pins, keychains, journals, and more!

Cats and Stacks Socks

Does anything encourage winter relaxation quite like a cozy pair of socks and a good book? We don’t think so. But if your loved one already has every crazy pattern under the sun, it’s time to get creative. Take a look at Out of Print’s collection of Book Socks for some whimsical designs and excellent references to the most beloved stories out there, like The Great Gatsby. We particularly like this pair, which features some adorable kitties clambering over a bookshelf.

A Decorative Tea Tin

The tea drinker in your life has probably steeped quite a few different flavors – but we’d bet that they’ve never tasted anything quite like the literature-inspired blends from Noveltea. Each of their teas is a play on a classic work of fiction, like Oliver Lemon Twist or War and Peach. You can also get them bagged or in a gorgeous, decorative tin that will look stunning displayed on a shelf stuffed with classic books!

Romance Novel Bar Soap

"Open Book. Sniff. Read. Repeat." T-ShirtChannel your favorite rom-com or classic romance with a bar of soap shaped like an open book and scented with notes of hibiscus, jasmine, and amber. The Soap Librarian stocks a huge range of bath products inspired by classic literature, so you’re bound to find a lovely, scented something for the hopeless romantic in your life.  


A Bookish Pin

Custom Book Phone CasesSome movie adaptations are quality works of pop culture in their own right, but we’re of the opinion that the book will always be better. Shout your stance without having to say a word by sporting this “The Book Was Better” enamel pin from Rather Keen/a>. They also offer a number of other excellent bookish pins, along with greeting cards and earrings. 

"Do You Even Read?" Mug

Very little goes as well with a good book than a steaming cup of coffee or tea. Unlike others, your friend dazzles onlookers with their high-reaching word count – as opposed to rep count. They count words, not calories, and they believe in a rigorous reading schedule to train their brain. So seriously, do you even read, bro?

"Open Book. Sniff. Read. Repeat." T-Shirt

To us, there’s nothing weird about cracking open a good book to inhale its intoxicating aroma. From paperbacks to hardcovers; even if you don’t have the time to sit down and read, just taking in the comforting scents of a book can help to put the mind at ease. No matter the genre, length, or quality, the smell of a book is a universal pleasure that can be shared by all.  

Book Inspired Candles

What could be better than sitting in a plush chair reading your favorite novel as scents of your favorite fictional world fill your home? From frozen tundras to magical worlds, Frostbeard’s book inspired candles take the love of reading to a whole new level. With a variety of sizes to choose from, as well as a prepaid subscription candle of the month club, it’s easy to find the perfect book scented candle for the ravenous reader in your life. 

Atmospheric Art Prints

Know someone who has dedicated way too much time to perfecting their reading nook? Give them the last little piece of decor they need to make their space a true book haven – a beautiful art print created from an original watercolor painting. Little Truths Studio stocks ethereal prints, cheerful greeting cards, tea towels, and more. 


Find The Perfect Holiday Gift For Readers With Frostbeard

We love the holidays. From baking fresh cookies to taking our dog Tonks for a long walk in the snow, everything about this time of year seems to fill us with warmth and cheer. Are you planning to surprise a book lover in your life with an unexpected holiday treat this year? Whether you decide to go with any of the items listed above or with our book inspired candles or bookish merch, we know that your loved one will be happy with any thoughtful gift you give them because they know that it came from someone who cared. From all of us here at Frostbeard, we hope that you have a very happy holiday season.