Beginner Bookworms: Great Books to Read With Your Young Ravenous Reader

In the beginning, this was supposed to be a simple list comprised of 5-10 of our favorite childhood books that we read with our parents or loved ones. But we forgot one little thing; we’re huge book nerds, and all of our friends are book lovers too. So, once we began compiling our list by asking our Frostbeard team and then some of our close friends we decided that 10 simply isn’t enough. And so, our Books to Read With Your Young Ravenous Reader list was born.

This list isn’t just for the parents out there. If you have a niece or nephew or are looking for a gift for a friend's kid, or maybe you want to bring a new book to a child you babysit then this list is for you. When it comes to kids, we know that it takes a village, so whether you’re a mom, dad, sister, aunt, or friend, feel free to grab one of these books and spend some quality time with a young reader in your life.  

Phantom Tollbooth

If you like clever plays on words and next level imaginative storytelling, then you’ll love the Phantom Tollbooth. The story follows Milo, a young boy with too much time on his hands, as he travels through a magical tollbooth to a place where words are bought at markets and dogs can be overly loquacious.


Follow along as Stanley gets scent to a boys detention center due to a string of bad luck that started with his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather. At Camp Green Lake everything is not as it first appears as the boys in residence spend their days digging holes.

The Secret Garden

One of the Classics, The Secret Garden follows Mary Lennox after the death of her parents leading her to live with her uncle. Mysterious sounds and characters soon turn Mary’s lonely world into one filled with mystery and adventure. Read along as the character learn the meaning of family and what it is to love someone after a loss.

Junie B. Jones

The entire collection of Junie B. Jones books is one not to be missed. The books follow young Junie as she goes through her childhood encountering trials with family, friends, and a strange animals or two. These books will always impart a life lesson about morals without being in your face about it. You’ll laugh until your side hurts following all of Junie B Jones’s adventures.

Charlotte's Web

Another classic, Charlotte’s Web follows a group of young character, human and animal alike on a small farm in the country. The tale is sweet and heartwarming and may prompt a shed tear or two.

Captain Underpants

A favorite of young boys, and girls, everywhere, Captain Underpants, is a fun and creative story that will make you laugh from the very first chapter. Two boys who love to create their own comic books get their hands on a hypno-ring and turn their principle into their very own superhero, Captain Underpants!

Hank the Cowdog

The Hank the Cowdog series follows Hank the dog who acts as his ranch’s sheriff and chief justice. One part mystery and one part action, the series is great fun for young readers of all ages.

Anne of Green Gables

Another classic series, Anne of Green Gables follows Anne, a spunky redhead orphan and her adventures on a farm outside Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. Anne is taken in by a brother and sister pair who are in need of help keeping up their farm in their old age. Even though they requested a boy, the pair quickly becomes enamored with Anne’s charm and character.

Babysitter's Club

Another classic, many girls today attribute their love of reading to this series. The Babysitter’s Club series follows a group of girls as they set up a business that parents can use to find a babysitter. The series is packed full of charming stories and great role models for young girls and boys alike.

Nancy Drew

Apparently, everyone was feeling a bit old school because here’s another great classic that you can read to someone special in your life; Nancy Drew. The Sherlock for your readers everywhere, Nancy Drew is a self-made young detective who solves the mysteries and crimes that pop up around her town.

Boxcar Children

As you may have guessed from the title, The Boxcar Children follows the story of the Alden children as they make a home for themselves in a boxcar. Along the way, they meet up with strange character and form bonds with some unlikely characters.

Little House on the Prairie

We listed this title as Little House on the Prairie even though the series is technically called the Little House series because that’s the name most of us are familiar with. Laura Ingalls and her family live in the Big Woods of Wisconsin and go on all sort of adventures as they encounter bears, wolves, and panthers. Follow Laura, her sister Mary, and their dog jack as they explore the acres of forest surrounding their home.

Magic Tree House

The Magic Treehouse series is full of fun and fantasy as a magical tree house transports siblings Jack and Annie back in time to meet long lost figures, animals, and places. Learn about history through fun and imaginative stories with one very special tree house.

Harry Potter

How could we ever leave out Harry Potter? Beloved by both children and adults alike, the Harry Potter series follows the story of young Harry as he learns that he is actually a wizard and will now be attending a special wizarding school for magic. What was once a dull and sad life lived with his dreadful aunt, uncle, and cousin, suddenly becomes exciting and full of adventure as Harry and his friends learn magic, battle foes, and try not to get expelled.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Honestly, anything by Roald Dahl could and should be added to this list. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory follows young Charlie after he wins a prized golden ticket and gets the chance to tour the heavily shrouded Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. Flowers made of candy, rivers made of chocolate, and Oompa Loompas aplenty make this story a perfect bedtime story. Best paired with a glass of warm milk and a cookie.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The A Series of Unfortunate Events series is not your average children's story. There are no happy ending or satisfying conclusions, but despite their seemingly endless doom and gloom, the stories are incredibly captivating and imaginative. Follow the Baudelaire orphans as they solve mysteries, create ingenious inventions, and evade Count Olaf.

Chronicles of Narnia

Lions, centaurs, magic witches, talking beavers, and a magical wardrobe, what more could you ask for? The Chronicles of Narnia series predominately follows four siblings as they travel to a remote country house during the war to escape farm only to discover a magical wardrobe that can transport them to a different land. The first book of the series acts as a prequel as the following book gain and lose characters as the children age.


If you love horror stories then here’s a place to start your favorite young reader. Never too scary to cause nightmares, but enough to keep a young child captivated or give them goosebumps, the Goosebumps series is a delight to young readers of all ages.

Start Reading With Frostbeard

We tried to keep our list small and only included 18 titles, so obviously we missed quite a few. What are your favorite books? Do you read to any young readers? Tell us what titles we should add to our list below, we love hearing what everyone is reading- young readers included!

Whether you’re planning on giving these books as a gift or are planning on spending a rainy Saturday reminiscing with your favorite childhood stories we encourage you to find a soft spot, a good book, maybe a cat or two and read to your heart’s content. If you’re looking to gift these books to a young reader and parent, try adding in a book-inspired candle to the mix! Mom, dad, or any adult can unwind after story time with one of our handcrafted book themed candles while their young readers doze off after hearing the latest from their new favorite stories. We’ve even made book-inspired candles from some of the titles listed above. Young or old, getting into a new book is the gift that keeps on giving.