Ready for 2017

Hello Frostlings! 

A long overdue update is in order. We're going to start blogging regularly about our candle business, books we're reading, silly cat videos we're watching on an endless loop, etc. So here's what's been happening in Frostbeardland... 

Team Frostbeard at work!

We've had some big changes in the last year, including moving our studio to a permanent location in South Minneapolis, painting an epic mural (designed by our talented friend Saman Bemel Benrud), adopting our husky pup Tonks and last but not least, hiring another full-time employee (Rachel, on customer service!).

We've now grown from a husband & wife home studio company to a team of five and that's pretty exciting. For a more in-depth bio on the folks behind your favorite bookish candle company, check out our team page. (Or you can simply correctly assume that we're beautiful people with super interesting hobbies and lifestyles).

Frostbeard Mural

The nerdy candle business is growing steadily and we want to continue creating products - new monthly scents, different sized candles (2oz and 4oz tins!) and adding a line of bookish merchandise to our shop. Nerdy illustrations, graphic tees, mugs and enamel pins are all on the docket.

We hope to get back to our creative roots a bit this year, both in ceramics and illustration. Not entirely sure what this will look like, but probably an outpouring of book and cat-related products that you can drink your coffee from or hang on a wall.

Studio front door

Our new studio has a windowed storefront on a busy street, so we have created an official retail space for the first time with (mostly) set retail hours. Frostlings can come in and smell all the smells, and curious neighbors can gawk at us pouring candles.

The handmade aprons my mom made us with lumberjack plaid and vintage outdoorsy drapery fabric are well-worth a gawk, rest assured. The space kind of has the look of a bakery, and I'm a little sad for the people that pop in expecting fresh donuts and are instead confronted with candles that smell like old paper.

Erin and Roxie

Candlemaking workshops will likely be reinstated early this spring, both for larger private groups and smaller drop-in sessions. We're currently brainstorming ways to be more involved with our amazing community and this seems like an obvious first step. Other ideas largely involve our parking lot. Art fairs? Farmers Markets? Bees on the roof!? 2017 is going to be wild, y'all.

Thanks for the continued support and make sure to follow along if you want a behind-the-scenes look at a small handmade nerdy business :)