Spring Seasonal Candles

March 16 - May 31

Spring has sprung at Frostbeard, and we’re welcoming in the new season with four of our favorite springtime scents: Pemberley Gardens, Sexy Librarian, Gatsby’s Mansion, and Book Cellar. Now that spring is here; we’re ready to grab a light coat, a blanket, and a good book and find a sunny spot to read outside. The winter may have been harsh, but our new spring scents are here to melt away the cold and infuse your house with warmth and literary goodness.

If you’re looking for a new book scented candle to get your spring off the right start, we’ve got just the thing for you. We’ve distilled all of our favorite aspects of spring down to these four signature scents so that you can use our spring collection to enjoy all the warmth and comfort that spring has to offer; even if it's still cold and snowy in your neck of the woods. Give your spring candle a light and sit back as your home is filled with soothing springtime scents.

Being Minnesotans, our springs usually come a little later than the rest of the country’s. We use our spring collection to help us keep our hopes up as winter continues to drag on until late April-ish; so we need all the springtime cheer we can get.  

For our spring collection, we decided to focus on some of our favorite spring-related bookish scents. While not all of them blatantly scream “spring,” each one is certainly spring-like in its own way. From the blooms at Gatsby’s Mansion to the buds at the Pemberley Gardens, our spring collect is sure to fill your home with the scent of new beginnings and blossoming hope.

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Pemberley Gardens

Stroll through the imaginary rivers, trees, and valleys with one of literature's most eligible (former) bachelors, Mr. Darcy, with the Pemberley Gardens candle. With a traditional floral scent composed of rose, lilac, and hyacinth, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped onto the remarkable estate that is Pemberley. While we’re sad to say that your very own Mr. or Mrs. Darcy isn’t included with this scent, curling up with this fragrance and your favorite romance novel will surely result in at least some level of intrigue that is somewhat comparable to strolling through Mr. Darcy’s luxurious country estate.


Rose, Lilac, Hyacinth

Sexy Librarian

A big brain is always sexy. Let out your inner librarian with this studious scent. With hints of rosewood, lilac, and musk you’ll want to pull out your sultriest glass, let your hair down, and see what mischief you can find among your stacks of books. With a perfect combination of floral and woodsy scents, this sultry aromatic scent sets the mood for some steamy reading. Reading just got a whole lot more provocative with the Sexy Librarian candle.


Rosewood, Lilac, Musk

Gatsby's Mansion

With a bright, crisp scent, the Gatsby's Mansion candle elicits memories of staring longingly across the bay at a certain green light. Between the scents of champagne, sea mist, and daisy, you’ll be transported back to the roaring 20’s as you party the night away under the watchful care of your almost love. Let your mind become overrun with this luxurious scent as you contemplate what might have been and what’s yet to come while you traverse the wandering halls in a mansion by the sea.


Champagne, Sea Mist, Daisy

Book Cellar

Spring is a time for revisiting old collections, dusting off the shelves, and investigating new reads. The charming, earthy scent of the Book Cellar candle will conjure memories of rediscovering your favorite novels or finding new stories to read amongst a sea of collections. Earthen and vegetative, the Book Cellar candle is composed of dirt, basement, and vanilla bean scents to give off a rich fragrance that’s perfect for any bibliophile’s home.


Dirt, Basement, Vanilla Bean

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Spring has Sprung at Frostbeard

We’re more than ready to ring in spring with our four original spring scents. Our team had a lot of fun creating these scents. As always, we crafted each of these original scents from scratch in our Minneapolis studio. Each candle is poured by hand in small batches, so your candle might look slightly different from the ones pictured above, but we try our best to have each batch match as closely as possible.

All of our book scented candles are made using eco-friendly, vegan materials and come in 100% recyclable containers. You can enjoy each of our four spring candles in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz candle form or as a meltable tart. But no matter the size, each candle in our spring collection will burn brightly for hours and fill your home with charming, springtime scents.