Book Lovers' Soy Candles

Our scented candles evoke fictional worlds, literary characters, and the pleasure of reading. With the spark of a match, they can take you from your ordinary life into a world of romance, adventure, or drama. What once would take you thousands of words to feel can now be felt in mere minutes as the scents of your favorite lands fill your home.

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At Frostbeard, we have three goals in mind:

  • Create awesome things that need to exist!
  • Encourage people to read, because reading is cool!
  • Promote education and literacy through community outreach!

With our candles, we’re proud to say that we’re able to consistently work towards these guiding principles.

Every one of our candles is 100% soy and made by hand at our Minneapolis shop. With four members making up our team, each of our candles is made with love and passion by the hands of a fellow book lover. Why soy candles? Well, we chose to make soy candles because soy wax is renewable, biodegradable, and vegan, meaning that we're doing our part to leave the world a better place than how we found it. Additionally, each receptacle, be it glass or aluminum, is 100% recyclable and can either be used around the house after your candle has burned its last or can be safely deposited in your recycling bin.

Aside from being made of 100% soy wax, our candles contain a lead-free cotton wick, hand selected fragrance oils, and dye chips. For the best flame and scents, we recommend that you trim your candle to ¼” before each use. Try to burn your candle no longer than 2-3 hours at a time, and when you’ve finished enjoying your bookish candles, cover them with their lid to reduce soot accumulation. For obvious safety reasons, burn your Frostbeard candles within sight on heat-resistant surfaces and keep away from kids, pets, and flammable objects. Because, you know... fire.

If you were to ask us to pick our one and only favorite book our minds might explode - that’s why we make a new book inspired candle every month! This way we have carte blanche to channel our favorite works of literature into our signature candles. But our candles aren’t the only way in which we express our literary love. Our team likes to flex their creative muscles by designing bookish merch that’s inspired by our favorite literary delights as well as personal drawings and illustrations.

If you’re not sure about which candle you should start out with or if you’re torn between two scents, give our Candle of the Month Club a try! With this club, a new Frostbeard book-inspired candle will be delivered to your doorstep each month. Choose from either a bulk order or a monthly subscription; no matter which option you choose, you’ll gain access to our new scents faster than anyone else. Additionally, the Candle of the Month Club makes for the perfect gift for the book lover in your life. You can give the gift that keeps on giving by bulk ordering a 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions for the bibliognost in your life.

So what exactly do our candles smell like? Well, each candle has an enticing description (as well as the actual scents we use) and can be viewed on the candle’s individual product page above. As to our yet-to-be unveiled scents, well, for starters we always try to make each fragrance both clever and nice-smelling. But, it should be noted that our candles are novelty items with non-traditional scents. With hints of dirt, dragon’s blood, or buttercream, our fragrances are artistic interpretations of fictional ideas, which may not perfectly match what you have in mind, based solely on the title. As far as the bouquet, some of our scents are stronger than others. Each candle is listed with a scent strength to help guide you on its corresponding product page.

A typical 8oz Frostbeard candle will burn for at least 40 hours. But remember to take your time; burning your candle for a couple of hours at a time will help your candle to last. We currently have 12 candles residing in our permanent collection. When partnered with our seasonal, Bring It Back, and brand new monthly candles, that’s hours of scholastic scents to enjoy. If your absolute favorite scent gets pulled from our permanent collection don’t worry. You can let us know that you want your scent back in your home through our “Bring It Back” limited run items. Simply submit your request, and if enough book lovers agree, then we’ll whip up a new batch! We try to do at least two returning scents each month.

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How do you get your wonderfully wordy candles? We’re glad you asked. Since we get our wax from local suppliers in the Midwest, which helps reduce our carbon footprint, we happily ship all over the Midwest, the entire U.S., and internationally. So really, we ship just about anywhere. International orders usually take longer to ship because of, you know, distance; but shipments within the U.S. usually take about a week. Orders of 13 oz. or more will ship between 2-3 business days, while shipments under 13 oz. may take 4-6 business days. Once you receive a shipping notification, please allow 24 hours for your tracking number to start working - it needs to get picked up and scanned in at the post office first. If at any point during the shipping process you believe that your candle has traveled to a different realm, been eaten by a dragon, or lost at sea, shoot us a message, and we’ll help clear up any parcel predicaments.  

We’d like to thank you for considering our book themed candles, as a small and local business it is the love of fellow composition candle connoisseurs that keeps our wax melters hot and wax flowing.