Candle of the Month Club

What’s better than a candle that elicits memories of your favorite works of literature, film, or television? How about a new candle every month that can transform your home from lackluster to a literary haven! By signing up for our Candle of the Month Club or by completing a bulk order, you’ll be among the first to experience our new and exciting book-themed candles. Some of our past Candle of the Month Club scents have included Potions Dungeon, Dandelion Wine, Cauldron Cakes, and more! You never know what’s going to be inside your Frostbeard Candle of the Month Club box.

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How does it work? That’s easy, just like with other subscription based services, once you’ve signed up for our Candle of the Month Club service a new literary themed candle will be sent straight to your door at the beginning of every month. Each of our candles are made in-house by a member of our team and is crafted with the same skill and love that went into the piece of work which inspired the candle. In one way or another, each of our candles are inspired by literature, some are more specific and named after singular works of literature, such as our Sherlock’s Study candle, while other are more generally bookish, like our Rainy Day Reads candle.

Give our Candle of the Month Club subscription as a gift or keep it for yourself - the choice is yours. Break up the monotony of junk mail and bills with a hand crafted book lovers soy candle each month! Want to surprise a friend with a limited time subscription? Not a problem. Take your pick from our 3, 6, or 12-month plans. With these recurring subscriptions you’ll be able to purchase several months worth of fantasy fragrances for yourself or a friend and the subscription will automatically expire. After your first payment has been processed, the candles will continue to be charged and shipped every month for the duration of your order.

It’s easy to manage your subscription through your online Frostbeard account. In your account, you’ll be able to manage your shipping and billing info with just one click. Change your desired shipping address or payment preference easily and securely. Canceling and re-activating your subscription can also be managed through our online portal. Subscriptions can be canceled or started up again at any time you wish.

For monthly subscriptions, after the initial payment has been made, accounts will be charged on the 28th of each month. Orders usually arrive at their destination within the first week of the month, meaning that you’ll be experiencing our new scents before anyone else!


In the beginning, Frostbeard was just a glimmer of an idea in the back of the minds of co-founders Roxie and Tom. In fact, Frostbeard was originally a pottery studio. With Roxie being a ceramist, and Tom a commercial animator, they only had two goals for a new business: become self-employed and make a living as artists. In the beginning, Frostbeard sold mugs, plates, and bowls at local craft fairs, shops, and on Etsy. It was one year later that the spark was struck that eventually lead to the creation of Frostbeard’s first book inspired candle.

Today, we make over 50 different book inspired candles between our seasonal, permanent, and specialty collections. The first candle we made was the Oxford Library candle, which is still available today! This candle came about through some untraditional means. Roxie had been spending days trying to find a book themed candle online, but when her search eventually proved unfruitful she decided to take matters into her own hands and DIY her first literary inspired candle. This candle was met with love and praise by anyone within sniffing distance and the rest, as they say, was history.


Though we’ve grown quite a bit since that first candle, we’re still a small, local business sitting in an awesome, hard-working DIY neighborhood in South Minneapolis. We take pride in crafting each candle with care and attention to detail. We only make things we love and are passionate about - it is that level of care and devotion (and nerdiness) that has allowed us to grow into the company we are today.

Are you ready to join our Candle of the Month Club? Signing up is easy. Still, have questions? Feel free to send us a message to learn more about this program or to answer any of your other questions. We look forward to welcoming you into our bookish bunch where we celebrate all things literary!

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