Divination Classroom

How nice to see you in the physical world at last. Perhaps you have found this candle with the sight of your Inner Eye? Or maybe you were pushed here by veiled mysteries of the future; but no matter the cause, with the help and focus of the Divination Classroom candle, all will become clear.

What do the tea leaves have in store for you? Read into your future with this mysterious crystal ball-esque candle. Traditional incense fragrances mixed with black tea scents will create a magical atmosphere as you practice prophesying. With scents of incense and earl grey tea, this mildly mystical aroma will help to make all events, past, present, and future clear.

Divination Classroom - Book Lovers' Soy Candle - Frostbeard Studio
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Unfogging the Future

It matters not if you prefer the books or the films, all who partake of the Divination Classroom candle’s illuminating scent will find their days spent in wizardly splendor. Whether you’ve just begun to explore the wizarding world or are a frequent visitor, discover new mysteries among the pages or scenes of your favorite fictional world in the company of this unique scent. The Divination Classroom candle will burn brightly for hours as you perfect your crystal-gazing or tea-reading skills.

While the prophetic arts may be unclear to most, the Divination Classroom candle is anything but. It may have a mystical look of intertwining and undulating white fog with dark and intriguing swirls, but the candle itself is made of eco-friendly materials and locally sourced soy wax. The attention to detail in this candle is clear.

How Our Potions Masters Wield Their Magic

Divination Classroom, along with Headmaster's Office and Wizardy Buttery Drink are three of our most popular wizarding year-round scents. And, during the summer, we brew batches of our signature Brave Wizards, Smart Wizards, Ambitious Wizards, and Loyal Wizards candles to celebrate the birthday of the boy who lived. Any of our wizardy scents will transfigure your house from a common non-magical dwelling into an enchanted lodging any wizard would be proud to call home.

Our potions masters might not wear robes or pointed hats, nor do they sit exclusively in armchairs or on poufs, but their ability to conjure spellbinding scents is nothing short of magical. Our dedicated team of chandlers brew all of our wizarding candles in small batches by hand. And since we pour our potions by hand, there is a likelihood that your Divination Classroom candle will not look exactly like to image above. In fact, we embrace the unique look of each of our Divination Classroom candles. You never know what secrets may lay within the swirls and whirls of your unique Divination Classroom candle.

Each Frostbeard candle is available in three sizes, as well as in tart form. Those sizes being 2 oz tins, 4 oz tins, and our original 8 oz candles. In our new aluminum tins, the 2 oz Divination Classroom candles make the perfect sample size. This way, you or a loved one can try out the Divination Classroom scent before committing to a larger size. Next, the 4 oz tins are the perfect gifting size. From birthdays to holidays, the 4 oz tins fit perfectly in everything from stockings to gift bags! Lastly, our original 8 oz candles remain our best sellers. Being our largest candle variety, the 8 oz Divination Classroom candle comes in a glass jar and burns for hours. Any of our three candle size varieties or a package of our tarts will make your home feel more like your favorite wizarding world in a matter of minutes.

Candle Safety

There are no useful spells to put out fires or take away burns in our world, so being candle-safe and smart is a must. Always burn your candle out of reach of children and pets on heat resistant surfaces. We recommend that you stop using your candle once there’s only half an inch of wax left in its container, be that aluminum or glass. You can read a full list of our safety instructions here.

Helpful Tips

  • Trim wick to 1/4" before each use.
  • Burn no longer than 2-3 hours at a time.
  • After use, cover with lid to reduce soot.

Quality Materials, Responsibly Made

While we know that our wizarding candles look great on your shelf, they’re really meant to be used! But looking good isn’t where our candle’s benefits end. Each Frostbeard candle is 100% recyclable, vegan, and cruelty-free. Additionally, we take pride in sourcing all of our materials from local Midwestern suppliers.

Each candle is made using a lead-free cotton wick, hand-selected dye chips, and artfully combined fragrance oils. Keep in mind that we craft our book themed candles with our ideas of what the Divination Classroom would smell like. Just like everything else from fictional stories, our interpretation might be slightly different than yours.


Size Weight Volume Height Width
2 oz Tin 1.8 oz 2 fl oz 1.3" 2"
4 oz Tin 4.4 oz 4 fl oz 2" 2.6"
8 oz Jar 14.8 oz 8 fl oz 4" 3"
Tart 3 oz 2.75 fl oz 3" 2"
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