Winter Seasonal Candles

January 1 - March 15

Winter is here! It’s time to grab a warm blanket, a snugly cat (or pup), and your favorite book and wander through mythical worlds as your world is transformed into a winter wonderland. Is there anything better than reading a new book, or an old favorite, in front of a crackling fire as fresh snow falls? When reading you can forget any of the inconveniences of winter, such as ice, snowstorms, and shoveling, and focus on your favorite aspects of the season.

Each of our scents have been crafted to conjure feelings of your favorite winter-time reads. Being Minnesotans we love the winter, in fact, our name was somewhat inspired by the season. One of our close friends rides his bike to work every day, even in subzero temperatures. These rides meant that he often turned up with a serious frosted beard. We wanted a name that was both Minnesotan and super nerdy; what better than a frozen beard!

You don’t have to leave the beauty of the winter outside once you enter your home. With a Frostbeard winter candle, you can enjoy your favorite scents of winter while being warm and bundled up inside. Enjoy your candle on the couch, in front of a fire, or in a warm bath; the choice is up to you.

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The Wall

Icy and refreshing, The Wall is a cool mint and cedarwood fragrance. Inhale deeply and imagine a larger-than-life wall of snowy ice and the wild forest that lies beyond. This candle is the perfect gift for any fantasy book lover. Winter is here, be prepared to weather the impending night with a candle that will light up your home all season long. Unlike others, our Wall holds up under fire.


Cedarwood, Winter Mint

Through the Wardrobe

Follow your nose through the woods to a mysterious lamppost where you’ll embark on a magical adventure into wintry realms. You might be cozied up with blankets and a book, but you’ll feel like you’re being whisked away to a snowy, enchanted forest in another world. While lacking dapper beavers, this mild scent will guide you through even the most perilous of literary journeys.


Spruce, Applewood, Snow

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Winter Is Here at Frostbeard

Help us welcome in the winter season with these four original seasonal scents. Every Frostbeard candle is hand-mixed and poured by one of our dedicated artisans. All scents used in our candles are made with a unique blend of natural essential oils and/or synthetic, non-toxic, fragrance oils. Additionally, our candles are both recyclable and vegan. Whether it’s bookish merch or our bookish candles, set the tone for your winter season with a Frostbeard original. This holiday season you can give the gift that keeps on giving with Frostbeard.