4 Strategies for a Healthier Relationship With Technology

4 Strategies for a Healthier Relationship With Technology

Technology holds an important place in our lives since it serves numerous roles. We use our phones to remain connected to others, take photos, watch videos, and more. Many of us also use tablets and computers or watch television regularly. Using technology is a regular part of our lifestyles as our world continues to change and adapt, but we shouldn’t rely on it. You can maintain healthy habits with a few strategies for a healthier relationship with technology.

Set Screen Time Limits

It’s easy to sit on any social media app and get lost in the endless scroll. Many of us do this to decompress since it doesn’t require much effort. The problem is excessive consumption of social media increases your reliance on it. Rather than take the risk of aimlessly scrolling for hours, establish times in the day to go on social media and set a timer. By timing how long you’re on your phone, you can enjoy living in the moment more.

Mute Notifications

Sometimes, our reliance on technology stems from notifications. You may be reading a great book but the sudden “ping” of your phone alerts you to a social media update. Checking in on those apps becomes too tempting, and before you know it, you spend the next hour scrolling away.

Mute notifications on your phone or switch it to silent if you’re with loved ones or focused on other tasks. Depending on your type of phone, you may also be able to schedule Do Not Disturb to automatically turn on and off at specific times.

Do a Tech Detox

A digital detox is one of the best strategies to develop a healthier relationship with technology. Spend a few days every week not using social media apps, unless it’s necessary for work. At the end of your detox, journal what mindset shifts you’ve noticed within yourself and the changes you’ve made. What do you do after a long workday instead of going on your phone? Try to carry these changes into your daily life and maintain time limits on your digital consumption.

Find Healthy Sources of Entertainment

Most of us rely on technology as an easy form of entertainment, but it’s not our only option. For example, you could read rather than go on your phone before bed. As a bonus, reading will help relax your mind, so you get a better night’s sleep.

Other activities to do include:

  • Going for walks.
  • Playing a musical instrument.
  • Completing a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Playing with your pet.

Think about your hobbies and swap them out for most of your screen time. You could also try something new and explore your talents.

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