Going Back to Self-Fulfillment

Big changes happening at Frostbeard — we're switching back to self-fulfillment! Starting in mid-summer we'll stop using a warehouse partner and will resume shipping orders from our studio in Minneapolis, just like we did before the pandemic.

Using a shipping fulfillment service for the last two years helped keep things operational during the height of COVID. We were able to focus on production and reduce our exposure by keeping our crew small throughout the year. It also made the November-December holiday rush much more manageable and less stressful. 

But certain things we didn't have direct control over, like packaging, processing times, and shipping services. With shipping rates going up, we realized it would be simpler, more affordable and less wasteful to ship directly from our studio instead of sending pallets across the country. We're a DIY business at heart and now it's time to switch back.

By addressing our customers' biggest issues directly, we're hoping to make some improvements to packaging and delivery methods. We're sorry if you've received broken items or had orders get lost in the shipping queue. It's our responsibility to make things better.

If you're a long-time customer, you can look forward to our old packaging method of hand-stamped, super tough boxes and teal tissue paper. Our goal is for your candles to arrive safely so you can light them, curl up with a book, and get your cozy on as soon as possible.

We're planning on making these changes in the next few weeks. As always, thank you for your continued support of our handmade business!