Incorporating Reading Into a Busy Schedule

Incorporating Reading Into a Busy Schedule

You may feel like you don’t have time to sit down and crack open a book when you live a fast-paced life. However, no matter how busy we are, we always find a way to squeeze in the activities we love most, and selecting the right books is key. Check out these easy ways to incorporate reading into a busy schedule. 

Swap Out Some Screentime

Most of us are guilty of going to our phones to entertain ourselves when boredom sinks in. After all, there are countless social media apps, and each has simple yet entertaining information readily available. One option for increasing your reading time is to do it instead of endlessly scrolling on these apps.

For example, if you spend around three hours most evenings looking at social media, swap out at least twenty minutes for reading. You’ll quickly lose track of time and completely forget about screen time when it’s a captivating story.

Utilize Audiobook Platforms

Sometimes, an audiobook is the next best thing when you don’t have time to sit down and read. With audiobooks, you’ll enjoy fantastic literature while working out or running errands. Likewise, you can play audiobooks aloud while cooking or cleaning to multitask without needing the physical book.

Listening to stories is also a fantastic option for anyone who struggles with traditional reading styles. We’re more likely to avoid reading when it feels like a challenge. However, audiobooks allow all people to share a love for storytelling.

A Bonus

Using audiobooks also helps you harness and practice active listening skills as you retain information about the story.

Read Before Bed

Enjoying a good book before bed is a wonderful way to decompress—which is another easy way to incorporate reading into a busy schedule—because we have more free time at this time of day. In the evening, many of us watch television or interact with one of our favorite digital devices to relax. The problem is electronic devices emit blue light, which reduces feelings of tiredness. Picking up a paper or hardback book and carving out some reading time before bed helps your mind to decompress.

Pick the Right Books

While book recommendations are always helpful, the person providing them may not share your definition of “the perfect story.” You need to decide on the books you want to read when you commit to reading more often.

If you’re not an avid reader yet, start with short stories to accomplish personal reading goals. Also, think about the types of stories you most enjoy seeing on film. Do you prefer dramatic, thrilling, slice-of-life, or comedic stories? Knowing this about yourself can help you determine the types of books you’ll favor based on the genre.

Pro Tip

Picking out the perfect story isn’t always easy. Plan a trip to your local bookstore and browse options based on genre. Read the story summary on the back or inside cover of the books with titles and covers that interest you to determine if you’ll enjoy it.

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