Shipping Updates Coming Soon to Help Us Reopen Our Shop

Our original plan was to reopen our online shop today. Due to the extended Stay-at-Home order in Minnesota, we're making some changes to our business and pushing that back a few days to Sunday April 12th with limited inventory.

We're transitioning over to using a third-party fulfillment service, which will ship out our orders. To help open our shop as soon as possible, we will be sending over and selling only 8oz candles at first. Normally we make and ship everything in-house — so while we're not anticipating any major shipping delays, we thank you in advance for your patience if there are any hiccups as we make this transition.

For now, our small Frostbeard crew needs to remain at home. At some point, non-essential workers will be able to return to work while following specific safety guidelines. When this happens, we will be able to operate normally and can begin to produce and sell all the product variants (tins and wax melts).

Our March Candle of the Month, Watson's Journal, will be available for an extra week or so. The April candle will also be extended. We are not taking pre-orders for the Lit Box, but any remaining previous boxes will be available for sale while supplies last. Our studio retail shop will remain closed until social distancing is no longer necessary.

Thank you so much for your support through all of this. As small business owners, we couldn't make it through these tough times without you. We hope you're able to light some candles at home and catch up on some reading. A thousand thank yous to all of the essential workers out there. Stay safe!