The Top 8 Essential Reading Supplies

Reading is such a simple, lovely pastime – all you really need is a book. Or an e-reader. Or a laptop. But have you thought about how you can make those hours spent flipping pages even more enjoyable? We’ve got you covered with some all-important supplies. Whether you’re sneaking in 30 minutes of studying or planning to spend a lazy Sunday binge reading a new release, you can ensure bookish bliss with a few key tools of the trade.

A Clear Acrylic Book Weight

Okay, this one might be a little silly-looking, but also...useful? The weather can’t warm up fast enough here in chilly Minnesota. When it finally does get nice outside, we love stretching out on a picnic blanket and sinking into a page-turner by one of our great state’s many lakes.

But sometimes, reading outdoors isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. A stiff breeze can quickly become an annoyance, flipping and folding pages, and even (gasp) causing us to lose our place! The solution? A quality book weight that can anchor those pages down. We love this clear acrylic one because it’s actually shaped like a book and doesn’t block our view! All you have to do is place it over the page, and you’re all set for some convenient, hands-free reading.

The Perfect Mug

A lengthy reading session isn’t complete without a drink of your choice, and that special dark roast or rare tea blend deserves to cool down next to you in your favorite mug. Whether you’re more into aesthetically beautiful cups like this glass one or incredibly functional designs like this insulated travel mug, take some time to peruse the internet and find an option that will bring you joy every time you reach for it. We even offer some Frostbeard mugs designed especially for book lovers!

Don’t feel excluded from the world of adorably soothing drinks if you’re not one for making tea at home. Maybe you adore reading in coffee shops and can’t get enough of those colorful frappes. Consider bringing a reusable glass tumbler with you for those coffee runs, to help out the environment just a little!

Reading Glasses

Eyestrain is real, especially if you spend most of your day staring at a computer screen at work. Be sure to check in with your optometrist regularly to keep your eyes happy and healthy. In the meantime, you can pick up a non-prescription solution and fight the blur with some reading glasses. And if you’re bringing that mystery or thriller to the beach or planning to get some reading done while lounging poolside, don’t forget a pair of sunglasses to cut down on any harsh light.

A Warm Blanket

Is there anything more soothing than wrapping up in a fluffy blanket and cracking open a brand new novel while it rains or snows outside? Honestly, we look forward to "bad" weather, because it means we can head straight to our reading nook with quilt in hand. We really like this microfiber design, but there are countless options available online and in bedding stores. If you’re particularly crafty, you can even make a tied fleece blanket or hand knit one of those chunky blankets that took the internet by storm a year ago. 

A Cozy Kitty

Picture this: you get home from a long day at work and can’t wait to crack open that new thriller that everybody’s been talking about. You’ve got your blanket, your tea, your squishy couch, your reading glasses – what’s missing? A furry friend to keep you company, of course! Books and cats go hand in hand for us, but we love all kinds of critters. Got a Golden Retriever that thinks he’s a lap dog? Invite him on up! A bearded dragon that wants some attention? Let her chill on your shoulder while you dive into that twisty plot!

Your Favorite Book Themed Candle

Nothing throws off our groove like an unexpected smell. Think wet dog – maybe Sirius needs a bath before joining you on the couch – or burned popcorn – okay, that one’s on us. Set the scene for your reading marathon with a scent reminiscent of magical worlds or romantic landscapes. Delicate or dramatic, nutty or floral, our handmade, book inspired candles can take you exactly where you want to go.

An Actual Bookmark

Receipts, book jackets, pencils, a (clean) sock – we’ve used them all to mark our place. But we’re not proud of it! Really! In an effort to change our ways, we’ve started investing in real bookmarks and leaving them scattered in our favorite reading spots. The idea is that one will be within reach when it’s time to put down the latest trashy romance. We’ll see how it goes. It’s all about getting in the habit of using one instead of leaving a paperback splayed out on the couch, right?

The great thing about bookmarks is that they’re endlessly customizable. If you’re artsy, you can make your own with papercraft, watercolor, or pen and ink. But if you’re not so inclined, you can find the most beautiful bookmarks in your local bookstore or on Etsy. We’re talking pressed flowers, dangling jewels, and even upcycled silverware.

Bookish Swag

We’re big readers here at Frostbeard, and we’re proud of it! We’d shout it from the heavens if we could, but we’ll settle for expressing our love of literature by showing off our favorite bookish merch. The most wonderful thing about the internet is that it’s filled with thousands of crafters coming up with incredible designs – there’s a piece of merch out there for just about every fandom you can name! And that merch comes in equally varied forms, from prints to bed sheets. It could be an enamel pin stuck on your backpack to show off your favorite literary quote. A t-shirt that boldly declares your propensity for sniffing new books. The possibilities are endless!

Settle in for Some Prime Reading Time with Frostbread

At Frostbeard, we’re passionate about sharing our art and encouraging the practice of reading, We do that primarily through creating our signature book themed candles, which can set the perfect mood for diving into space operas and romances alike. What’s the last book that kept you up well into the night?