You'll Want to Curl Up and Read in These Minneapolis Coffee Shops

If we’re not curled up at home in our reading nook or conjuring up new book scented candles in our studio, you’ll probably find us sipping a hot drink and racing through our latest novel at one of the many fabulous spots around the Twin Cities. We look for cozy spaces, great drinks, and a cool atmosphere, and there’s no shortage of that in our neck of the woods.

We know a lot of our readers aren’t local, so we thought we’d reveal some of our favorite Minneapolis coffee shops in case you ever find yourself in town! And if you are a Minneapolis or St. Paul native, we hope you find your new favorite spot on our list. 

Spyhouse Coffee

If you’re looking for high-quality coffee and a winning aesthetic, Spyhouse Coffee delivers both. Think brick, wood, and plenty of plants, coupled with specialty drinks and baristas that know how to make a mean latte. With six different locations scattered throughout the Twin Cities, you’re never too far from a cozy reading spot and a hot drink. 

If you’re not sure what to order, their seasonal concoctions are always a good bet. Autumn’s is Sage Against the Machine, a caramel and pecan latte that’s perfect for sipping on while burying your nose in a spooky story.

Recommended reading: atmospheric horror or dreamy magical realism.

Five Watt

When you’re on the hunt for a good meal or even a cocktail to jazz up your reading time, drop by one of Five Watt Coffee’s four locations. With three of those spots open until 10 p.m. each day, Five Watt has become our Minneapolis coffee shop of choice for late-night binge reading sessions when we just can’t put a book down. Head over to the East Hennepin location for acoustic melodies from local musicians every other Friday evening.

Recommended reading: that fast-paced thriller you already know you’re going to read late into the night.

Dogwood Coffee

Dogwood Coffee brings the quality, quirkiness, and comfortable seating that we crave. They operate four locations across Minneapolis and St. Paul, all of which sport whimsical artwork, bright accent colors, and the friendliest baristas around. Dogwood is often our cheery antidote to a cold winter day when we simply have to get out of the house. When you feel yourself going stir crazy, head to this place for the perfect cozy atmosphere and lighting that won’t strain your eyes.

Your book might be absorbing, but chances are your attention will be torn away to appreciate the beautiful latte art adorning your drink when it comes your way. Try a classic coffee or opt for one of their more adventurous concoctions, like the Sweet Potato Maple Bourbon Latte. 

Recommended reading: contemporary fiction, a memoir with a memorable voice, or romcom.

Aster Cafe

It might not be a coffee shop per se, but the Aster Cafe is straight out of a romance novel, with a gorgeous interior and a lovely patio. They even host weddings at this venue! The European-style patio is our favorite feature of this place – it’s the perfect spot for peaceful summer days spent powering through an entire novel. This is also a great option if you’re planning to grab drinks with a friend after you get some reading in: the Aster Cafe boasts an extensive list of beer, cider, wine, and mixed drinks, as well as a delicious brunch menu.

Recommended reading: romance if you’re sitting outside under the trees, mystery or historical fiction if you’re enjoying the rich interior.

Moon Palace Books

Moon Palace Books is the best of both worlds: a bookstore with a cafe attached! The Geek Love Cafe offers coffee, beer, wine, pizza, salads, and even breakfast. There’s also an adorable kids’ breakfast menu, making this the perfect place to pop into with your kiddo for a fun morning spent reading. If the weather is warm, head outside for a peaceful period of reading on the patio beneath a colorful umbrella. But be careful – you might feel so at ease in this homey, book lovers’ paradise that you finish your current read and dash to the bookstore session for your next one. We’ve certainly been known to do that.

Recommended reading: “geek” is in the name, isn’t it? Crack open anything sci-fi/fantasy!

What’s Your Favorite Coffee Spot?

For those of you who aren’t native to the Twin Cities, tell us about your favorite coffee shop! We’re always looking for cozy spaces to pop into while we’re traveling, but picking a place at random is pretty hit or miss. Save us from googling “coffee shops near me” and just tell us where we can find the best drinks and readerly ambiance in your town. Drop the name and why you love it in the comments below. Happy reading!