Yum! Our Favorite Book Themed Recipes

Why is it that book food always sounds like the most delicious thing ever invented? The recipe could be as simple as molasses cookies, but if Claire Fraser makes them, then we want to try them. Book food, in our opinion, is even better than movie food. While food featured in films and TV may look appetizing, recipes taken out of the pages of a good book have a sort of mystery about them that makes them nearly irresistible. From book themed drinks to desserts, here are some of our favorite book inspired recipes!

Queen of Hearts Pop Tarts

No need to paint the roses red, this sweet treat will put a smile on even the cruelest queen’s face. Inspired by Lewis Carroll's famous Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland novel, this sugary recipe can be used for a Valentine’s Day treat or for a simple pick-me-up when your sweet tooth starts craving something warm and gooey. Leave traditional boxed pop tarts on the shelf; use this book-themed dessert recipe to make your own literary-themed confections.

Beauty and the Beast Beef Ragout

Beef ragout, cheese souffle, pie, and pudding all flambe! But, we’re only going to focus on the beef ragout. Adapted from the original French novel, La Belle et la Bête, Beauty and the Beast is chalked full of appetizing recipes. Set in France, this classic children’s story presents many opportunities for book-inspired recipes. Beef ragout is a classic dish that’s easy enough to make but prestigious enough to impress any house guest. Whether you’re having a Disney-themed movie night or just want to add a touch of whimsy to your meal, beef ragout is a great dish to serve to you and your guests.

Outlander Molasses Cookies

From A Breath of Snow and Ashes, this recipe perfectly mimics Claire’s molasses cookies that she makes for a special someone. Just like traditional sweets, these cookies are a breeze to make, and the recipe yields about two dozen finished cookies. Whether you’re planning on dropping these off at a bake sale or eating them at your viewing party, they’re sure to please even the crankiest Highlander. You can find more Outlander recipes in Outlander Kitchen: The Official Outlander Companion Cookbook by Theresa Carle-Sanders.

Wizard’s Butterbeer

This soothing wizardry drink goes great with any wizarding meal or gathering. Whether you’re gearing up to have a movie marathon or a read-a-thon, this drink will tickle the fancy of any wizarding world lover. Additionally, this drink is extremely versatile. You can choose to prepare it cold or hot; both ways are delicious and make great seasonal drinks. Brew your very own butterbeer in the comfort of your own home with this magical mixer. Find more wizardry recipes in The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Pasta Puttanesca

Perhaps one of the most well-known literary recipes, Pasta Puttanesca is one of those dishes that will ensnare the senses and remind you of your youth with its colorful appearance and unorthodox ingredients. Hopefully, your evening will fare better than that of the Baudelaire’s as you enjoy your tastefully prepared book-themed pasta dish. But be wary of men with eye-shaped tattoos as you eat your way through the evening.

Deadly Nightlock Punch

This is an incredibly easy recipe that packs quite the punch. See what we did there? With the option to brew these drinks as mocktails or cocktails, you can easily serve this drink to everyone at your next bookish party. For the 21+ version, add in some blueberry vodka to your batch to really give this drink some kick. With fresh blueberries, ginger ale, and fresh juice, this Hunger Games inspired beverage is great for summer birthdays or movie nights.

Patronus Punch

It may be our second wizarding recipes to make the list, but with the ability to glow, smoke, and bubble, this drink was just too good to pass up. This witchy brew is only for our 21+ readers and makes for the perfect movie marathon or party companion. The secret to making this refreshing drink really wow your guests is by using dry ice to achieve a magical look; but be warned, dry ice requires constant supervision and needs to be handled carefully. If you’re willing to put in the work to brew this bewitching drink, then we promise that your guests will be ensnared immediately by its one-of-a-kind taste and presentation. As always, drink responsibly.

Cookin’ Up a Storm at Frostbeard

We love creating book inspired delicacies to enjoy with our friends and family. From movie nights and special occasions to cozy nights in, anytime is a good time to try your hand at making some literary libations. If you want to really set the mood for your book themed evening, check out our collection of book lovers’ soy candles and merch. With scents ranging from Headmaster’s Office to Sassenach, we have just what you need to top off your night.