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Headmaster's Office - 2 oz Candle

This candle smells absolutely wonderful.

making me happy

these candles are wonderful. i love the scent: subtle yet present. they make the room happy, my cats happy, my wife and son happy, & me happy. i have said it before: frostbeard should be named a national treasure.

Somewhat Forgettable

The scent is somewhere between sandalwood and bay rum, reminiscent of men's cologne. Unlike Sherlock's Study, I get none of the notes of tobacco or wood. The throw is also a little weak.

My #1 Favorite

This and Old Books are their best scents, IMHO. The notes are of incense, paper, and leather and the throw is great. I buy the wax melts and combine this with Old Box for a wonderfully textured aroma perfect for setting the stage for writing.

one of their best

This and Oxford Library are their best scents, IMHO. The notes are of citrus, paper, and fresh cotton and the through is great. I buy the wax melts and combine this with Oxford Library for a wonderfully textured aroma perfect for setting the stage for writing.

Ghoul's Gate - 4 oz Candle

This is a decent candle... Very weird to me. My husband loves it. It smells like dirt, moss... Pretty much exactly as listed. It's not a particularly NICE smell, but it does bring a nuance of a musky, wet graveyard. If you're into that kind of thing.

Another great candle!

Unique and delicious-smelling — transports you to the library!

Bringing The Outdoors In

Sitting in my office with this candle burning is just lovely. Blood pressure lowering.


Christmas candle that won’t offend even the most sensitive nose. I prefer the holiday Hygge candle but this is a nice one as well.

Old time Christmas

This smells how you think Christmas would smell in old black and white movies. I love it. Soft fragrance but still amazing.


This candle is super earthy. Perfect for the Deep Dark Woods fans.

Mr. Darcy

This candle smells exactly how you want it to. Love it.


These boxes are super fun, not sure that I’d want one monthly but they are really neat.

Reminds me of my Grandpa's office

This is a great scent that has a very 'antique' feel to it! The smell of the antique wood definitely comes through, but it's sweeter than I was anticipating. The scent throw is also stronger than I expected; the scent itself isn't that strong, but I can smell it from a distance.


This scent does smell like walking through a damp forest. It is very earthy, but a little musky as well! I'm not a huge fan of super earthy scents, but for those that are, this one hits all the boxes! It is definitely a 'darker' scent than Sassenach or some of the other earthy scents.

This one doesn't give a huge scent throw either. I can smell it when I'm right next to it, but not when I'm sitting on the couch just a few feet away.

Just like the Three Broomsticks

If you've been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, this candle smells exactly like the pumpkin juice. It is a sweet smell, but has more pumpkin & cinnamon scents than a traditional pumpkin pie candle. It is perfect for Autumn!

My most favorite scent!

I've loved all of the candles I've purchased from Frostbeard, but I keep coming back to this one! I burn it whenever I'm wishing it was cold and rainy. The ginger adds quite a bit of spice, but the rain and lavender sweeten and tone it down.

It is one of the stronger scents too. It can fill my open living room and kitchen just fine!

Takes me straight to Hogwarts

This is Christmas in a candle. It smells like gingerbread and Christmas trees and festivities and magic. The scent fills my whole very open living room and is an incredible addition to my collection.

Fast becoming my favorite!

This candle really smells like a cup of hot cider while sitting in an old cracked booth in a dark pub somewhere. It’s magical and delicious!

Great Scent

Smells like winter! I love this candle. I will buy in the future.

Ghoul's Gate - 2 oz Candle
Aint' so bad.

I actually was expecting something different but it turn rather good! A Spooky one, I will say!


This was exactly what I was hoping for. Warm, relaxing, like a fire lit library full of leather bound volumes on a rainy afternoon. Perfection


I found this one very strong on the mahogany scent. A bit overpowering for my tastes


Not what I expected at all. Not a bad scent, just very sweet, like the aroma of a candy shop

Not What I Expected

I expected a more nuanced scent. It’s not bad, just very grassy.

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