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Charmed Choco Toad

This candle has a great chocolate scent with a touch of orange zestiness. It burned very nicely and smells great.

Perfect for My Study

Picked up a 2oz of this scent and put it in my library/music room. Lovely scent and just what I was hoping for. Perfect scent for relaxing in a chair with a cuppa or practicing music.

Wish I could eat it lol

This one smells delicious!! It makes me want to go to Harry Potter land at Universal! Perfect mix of caramel and butterscotch!!

Wish the scent was stronger

Unfortunately it smells too much like chocolate and not enough like coffee. Would have preferred a stronger, more balanced scent.

My Favorite!!


Easily the best candle I have purchased thus far. It smells amazing! I highly recommend it.

Repeat Purchase

This candle smells insanely good. I wanted to include candles in some care packages recently, and this is the one I chose- because everyone who smells it loves it.

Delightfully Strong

When I saw this candle and the scents, I was like "oh this must be a mild candle though." Then I saw that it was strong/medium strength so I took a gamble and purchased it. I'm glad I did because it is a good strength. Not as strong as some of the other medium/strong strengths, but strong enough that I don't forget that I've lit the candle and I love the ambiance it helps to create. Wintery it might be, but it has a bit of a summer feel like if you went camping.

Would purchase it again.

Definitely Mild

Love the scent in jar. Love the idea of the candle. I love the subtlety of this candle because otherwise, I think it would be too strong a scent. That said, I still wish it were closer to medium than to mild. Sometimes I can't smell it unless I leave the room and come back and sometimes I'm coming back with tea or hot cocoa and it sucks when my warm drink permeates the room better than my candle. Still lovely. Still would repurchase. It helps set the mood when reading some of my fantasy books, but I just wish it were a bit stronger.

Not as Strong as I Would Like

This one says it has a medium scent but I feel like it's a bit closer to mild. I love the scent of this candle but wish it had a stronger throw. I've only lit it a couple of times though and for some of my Frostbeard candles, the scent gets stronger as I get further into the candle so I'm hoping that's the situation here. I'll update this review should that be the case.

Love It

Bookstore is a nice combo between Oxford Library and Reading at the Cafe. If you find either of those two candles to be too strong or you only have the budget for one, I'd say go with Bookstore and get the best of the two. The nice part is that the medium scent is still strong. I've gotten some medium strength candles that go closer to mild but this one has great throw and you don't sometimes wonder if you lit the candle. But if you enjoy the strong scents of Oxford Library or Reading at the Cafe, this one may be a bit too lite for what you want.

5 stars, I'll definitely buy it again.

"Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"

The color of this candle is my favorite, but the scent is equally wonderful. I swear I can smell caramel in there, but maybe I'm just imagining that the Headmaster keeps caramels in his office drawers.

The North Remembers

Listen, I haven't even burned this yet, but I open it and sniff it every chance I get. I already know I'll purchase the largest size of this scent that's available. I would give this scent 10 stars if possible.

By Jove!

MMMM! This smells so good! I love the combination of scents, especially the tobacco. It reminds me of someone I knew who smoked a pipe with tobacco that smelled like cherries. I was reading The Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr while burning this. Perfect match.

Halfling Hills a Hit!

For how much I've been burning this, I'm amazed at how much is still left! The candle must be enchanted with some Halfling magic. My 17-year-old son said he wished there was a deodorant that smelled this good.

Light lovely scent

Just what you’d think a divination classroom might smell like!

Second time

So this is my second time buying this. I really like it. It vaguely reminds me of “love spell” by Victoria secret.


I adore this scent! It smells amazing. I wish it was stronger though!


I feel like this is a unique scent. It’s the right amount of strength in my opinion. Not too strong and not too weak.

Smells SO good!

I gave this to a friend as a gift, and she loved it!! She said it made her entire room smell like a cafe. I smelled it before I gave it to her and I plan on buying one for myself because I loved the scent so much!

I love this fireplace smell

I just love this one. I will buy more of it. I cannot get enough of the fireplace and evergreen scent - but it is the fireplace scent that is most prominent and I LOVE that. Frostbeard does a good fireplace.

Fresh linen!

This is a nice clean (dry cleaner clean!) linen scent with a bit of cherry blossom. I have a cherry blossom perfume, so I knew what to expect. It has that cold clean cherry blossom smell - quite bright and high - but the fresh linen brings it down to earth.
Nice for a clean spring scent.

A very sweet smell to me, but interesting

I smell the honey, wasn't so sure about the champagne, but it is a distinct smell for sure. I don't regret buying it, but I'm glad I got the sampler instead of something larger.
I can see it being a hit at weddings as a takeaway.

Woodsy, earthy cousin of Book Cellar - love it!

I love how this has a dirt and earthy smell - like moss and bark and water. It's not a bit perfumey - instead it is an ambient forest scent. No scotch pine in this - it is more about earth and moss. Very interesting and I am very happy to have it in my collection.

I can smell the teak at the end!

This is a surprisingly nice ocean scent. Normally I find the ocean scents too cologne-y, but this one is pleasant and made much more interesting by the wood notes at the end. Great summer scent!

my favorite scent.

if you were to sit in divination class this is exactly as it would smell. it is intoxicatingly beautiful and thought provoking. the smells of insense and earl grey tea are amazing together.

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