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This smells amazing. The tart is the perfect strength and it's a perfect unisex winter scent. Happy customer here!

Any Outlander’s delight

Do you know the meaning behind the word Sassenach? I think it’s great Frostbeard continues to add these fun book wormy phrases into their scents. This scent smells so relaxing and comforting, but different, too; which for me, only enhances the name of the candle itself. It’s a foreign, yet familiar smell and I very much enjoy it.

Cozy and Refreshing

Sweet mint scent with a hint of wood, fills a room nicely

One of my favorites!!!

I got the smallest version of this candle as a Christmas gift and immediately fell in love. Ordered the biggest size once I finished it with no regrets! You can really smell all three scents evenly in this candle which makes it both sweet and rich.

A hit!

I bought several of the sample sizes so that my friend would have many different scents for her home. Not only did her and my co-workers love them. The buttery wizard drink was a nostalgic hit. Can’t wait to buy some candles for myself.

Love these scents!

I really enjoy getting all these wonderful scents inspired by stories I love. You can tell a lot of thought went into the different elements in each one. The scent stays strong from one cube for about two to three days then it lessens, but I think that's a pretty good amount of time. Thanks for the great work!

Love it!

I got a smaller size just in case I did not like the scent for some reason, but I should have gotten the full size! The perfect candles for between Christmas and the start of warmer weather can be tricky to find, but this scent perfectly captures the feel of a snowy winter day.

A Christmas Gift

We got this candle as well as the Bah Humbug one for my father for Christmas 2018. He loves this one! It combines his favorite smells and it's strong enough that he just has it sitting out in his room; he has yet to light it! He said he definitely wouldn't mind having more of the Bookstore candle. We might just buy more for the whole family! It smells delicious!

A Christmas Gift

We got this for my father for Christmas 2018 as well as the Bookstore candle. He absolutely loved them! These candles combined some of his favorite scents and he's really been enjoying them. He has one in his room and one in his office currently. We will definitely be shopping with Frostbeard again! We enjoy their products and their service is wonderful!

Best Candle Yet!

This is my absolute favorite Frostbeard candle that I own! Castle Fire Demon is the perfect combo of smoky earthy tones and warm spice notes. I was actually about to order another since I burned through the one I had way too quickly, and I was so sad to see it’s not currently available! I’m hoping this one gets enough votes for a rerun!!!

In Narnia

This candle takes you back through the wardrobe. It is perfection.

Every candle I've bought has smelled exactly like the inspiration it is named for. Amazing company!


It smells sweet, it fills the entire room. It's warm. Smells like lemon meringue pie.

Could be stronger

The candle itself smells good, I wouldn't say it smells like old books, but still delightful. Would've wished it was stronger to fill the entire room. 8/10

Another cool and clean

Cool clean refreshing smell

Clean and refreshing

Smells like your windows are open in the mountians


Fresh and wintery

Bookstore in a Jar!!!

Bought for a friend so I haven't smelt it myself but the recipient loved it. Excellent company, very helpful, communication was good.

Very unsatisfied.

I ordered six different candles and four of them all smelled like popcorn that's both burned and rotten while another smelled like a cheap bathbomb.

Love your candles

I found Frostbeard Studio's candles by chance (ad on Instagram) and first tried out their Sherlock's Study candle, which I love. I bought this candle for a friend and he loved the scent, realizing that it smelled like earl-grey tea--his favorite tea. I love the creativity that goes into these candles and I will be continuing to buy most of my candles here.

Great gift

Loved finding the right candles for my parents to add as a customized Christmas gift! Candles are great size, wonderful scents, and of great quality. Will definitely be buying more in the future !

Musky, but in the best way

I really like this candle. It smells very old and musky, but in a pleasant way like an old leather chair. One that you'd park yourself in for hours with a good book. One of the more masculine smelling candles I've every purchased.

THIS is what Winter smells like!!

THIS is what winter smells like!! Not vanilla and definitely not peppermint. The birch is woody without being overpowering like pine can be. The cranberry is sweet without over doing it as well. I'm going to have to order another one after I burn my current one, because I'm sure I'll miss it when it's gone. It's a very cozy smell.

Earthy and herbacious!

This is definitely one of the strongest candles I've ordered so far. I could smell the candle through the box. It smells like a fresh herb garden, and in the middle on January it's amazing. the lavender comes through but the basil is the strongest to my nose. Very pleasant without being very flowery.

Some smells are just too good!

While I don't think the smell is exactly of old books, it is still a very nice and interesting smell! I gave this as a gift to my sister-in-law and she loves it!

So fresh!

I loved the smell of the candle so much, I almost kept it for myself! This was a gift for my best friend and fellow book lover. The shipping was fast and the whole experience seamless!

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