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Sweetly fruity

This candle filled the room with its fragrance each time I lit it, and I was very pleased with it. The raspberry smell was a hit with my daughters, and we lit it as I read aloud Anne of Green Gables to them, so now it is the smell that will bring back memories of reading together and being immersed in the world of Anne Shirley!

Love this one!

I liked this candle so much that as soon as my first jar was almost gone I ordered a new one. It has a strong herbal smell, like a garden, so I think it’s perfect in spring weather, or really any time you’re curling up with an Outlander read. ;)

Wish it were stronger!!

This candle smells amazing! It is a very mild scent, and I wish it would be stronger to fill the room. A very peaceful and lightly warm fragrance.

Perfect holiday scent

I bought two of these candles because I found they are my favorite scent for the holidays! I love the pine and cinnamon- it blends all of my favorite Christmas smells into a symphony of scents, rather than just one fragrance overpowering the others. I highly recommend this one!!

Cinnamon bears

I was expecting this to smell more like baked goods or a hot spiced drink but it reminds me of those cinnamon bear candies.

Something different

This is one I'll burn occasionally. It doesn't smell like rain to me but I'm not sure what it is. It's a unique aroma, just not one of my favorites.

Freshly baked pastry

I bought this based on the name alone, but it smells so delicious, like a freshly baked lemon blueberry scone. I don't normally like lemon, but it works with this candle. It has a good strong scent.

Sweet pumpkin

This has a nice scent, what I would imagine pumpkin juice might be like, a little sweeter than traditional pumpkin candles. However, I could barely smell it when lit, even sitting right next to it.


Smells great and has an adorable packaging.

Definitely a new favorite!

Loved how clean it smells! I sometimes find herbal candles to be a little too perfumey (which can bother family members' allergies), but this one hits just the right note with its fresh herbal scent. Highly recommend for those who tend to be sensitive to floral or vanilla scents!

Return buyer

I bought this candle years ago and decided to buy it again as a treat and I never regret it. This is a strong smelling candle and the herb combination makes it one of my lifetime favorites


This is a wonderful, cozy scent. The scent could have been a tad stronger, but I still loved it.

I fall more in love every time I order

This was my first time trying the Briar Rose candle and I definitely don't regret it. The rose, vetiver and cedar all make an amazing smelling candle that's not overly flowery 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 5 Roses out of 5

The Wall
Great scent, but very mild

Smells amazing right after opening the lid, but is hardly noticeable when lit. If it were stronger I would love to try it again.

Very floraly

Very floral smelling. If you like those types of scent, this'll be your jam!

Warm and Spicy

I just received this candle in my monthly subscription and I am in love. It reminds me a little of Christmas at the Burrow, but the spice cake scent and cinnamon make this scent much less sweet and more balanced. If you love the smell of baking banana bread, you'll really enjoy this one!

One of my favorites!

Love this scent! This is one I will keep coming back to buy!

Pretty good!

Out of all the scents I've purchased this one falls in the middle somewhere. Don't hate it, don't love it.


Love it!

Love This Scent

Perfect aroma! Wonderful coffee smell, perfect for both the kitchen and the reading room. Love it.

All time favorite candle!

This is my absolute favorite candle. It smells so warm and buttery, and the sweet caramel is a lovely note! I also find the scent to be just the right strength — not overpowering. Frostbeard, please never stop making this candle

Crisp, icy and fresh!

This candle is such a lovely, clean scent. The cranberry is strong, but isn't sickly sweet or overpowering. A nice candle to burn while cozy in bed :)

Smells amazing!

Love it!!

Please make this a permanent offering!

This is my favorite so far. Not only bc I adore the Inklings books but bc it truly invokes the imagination of what it may have felt like being in their presence. The scent is wonderfully strong in the wax melts but much less so with the candle.

So unique and I love it!

I was honestly not sure how I would feel about this scent but I was intrigued. I actually love it but do kind of wish it had a tiny bit more cocoa smell. That's not really a complaint though, just an observation that part of the scent is the least strong. Maybe a campfire/ s'mores scent would be nice one of these days! 😉💗

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