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Comforting Blanket

This is such a lovely scent to have burning in my room. It also helps set the ambiance that I'm looking for during my study sessions. This is a scent that I can both focus to a let myself relax in.


I love the orange and chocolate blend. It's not too sweet and not too citrus-y- juuust right!

Cleanliness with a hint of mysticism.

This candle is soft in scent layers, airy as it should be, and perhaps more than mild (depending on size of candle) for those with rather sensitive noses. A nice nod to a beloved room and fans of the series, particularly Ravenclaws or House Hybrids tied to it.

(Prompt shipping. Friendly service. Thank you.)

A Bit Weak

To be fair, I might just not have received a strong pour on this one, but I found that the scent was not strong when lit. To really enjoy this candle, it needs to be right next to me, and it doesn't permeate the room. I love the scent of the candle in the glass, but that scent doesn't go anywhere when lit. Still it's a beautiful candle, and maybe if you get a good pour you'll be able to enjoy it! The color is lovely as well

Love it! Perfect for reading, cleaning, or relaxing with a good puzzle.


It smells just like I hoped it would!

Favorite Scent... So far

I absolutely love this scent! It's clean yet comforting, especially when I mix it with rainy day reads. I'm definitely going to try as many scents at I can!

Burning this one on Rainy Days

As it's been raining a lot where I am, I've been burning this one on the rainy days to enhance my life experience. It's got a nice mild scent, I didn't find it strong, and sometimes I can't tell the scent has diffused through my room until I leave the room and come back. In those moments, I really appreciate and enjoy the scent of the candle.

Relaxing Candle

When it's getting around the time I need to wind down, I've been burning this candle in my room and letting the scent permeate. It's such a great smell, not overpowering at all. I make sure to blow it out before I get under the covers though! Great addition and I can see it being a welcome addition to a relaxing bath if you have the opportunity or self spa day.

The One I Most Enjoy

Out of all the candles I have purchased from Frostbeard, this one is my favorite. It has a nice herbal scent that isn't too strong or too weak. You may not find it as strong if you have the "reading at the Cafe" or the "Oxford Library" candles though. If you're looking for a relaxing and calming scent, then this candle should bring you satisfaction.

Not as Strong as I Would Like

I love the idea of this candle. I almost gave it to my mom because her love for Pride and Prejudice is strong, but I decided to keep it for my own. I like the blend of this candle, but the scent is a bit weak. In order to really get the effect, I have to put the candle on the same surface I am working on instead of being able to place it in a candle "nook" I have created to safely place my candle, and even then the scent is not as strong. Maybe I just didn't get a strong pour but I like it enough that I plan to replenish this once its been burned out.

Grew On Me

When I first got this candle, the scent of leather was strong and overpowering. I wasn't entirely sure whether I liked it or not. By day three of burning this candle, the scents grew on me and the leather toned down a bit! It's my new favorite scent to burn when studying. This candle has a strong scent. I don't need to crack a window when burning it to dilute the scent, but I did the first two days when the leather was overpowering. I reccomend it.

Delightful Candle

This candle is one of my favorites. It has a strong smell which I want out of a candle. That said this candle is very strong. If you like coffee and chocolate together, this will do it for you. If you're looking for a more subtle scent, then this is not the candle for you. It has a sweet element to it as well--from the chocolate. Despite the love I have for this candle, and my love of strong scents, this one is a little too strong at times and I have to crack a window to dilute its potency.


This is a cool, clean smell that is refreshing like a mojito!

My favorite scent from Frostbeard! It’s sweet and cozy- reminds me of our family’s cabin.

Thanks for the reviews, Katie! This is a favorite of ours as well :) Glad you're enjoying your candles!

One of my favorite scents! It’s not too sweet and doesn’t give me a headache like a lot of food scented candles do. Definitely reminds me of butterbeer!

Such a delightful scent, it’s much softer when you burn it than it is straight out of the box. Very calming and peaceful.


A pretty floral scent with just a hint of something sexier. A great spring scent when you're ready to move away from the cozier winter scents to something fresher. It smells like real flowers.

Fresh and Lovely

A very fresh soothing smell. Great for a cool/rainy spring day where you crack the windows to smell the rain without actually getting wet.

Thanks for the reviews! This is such a perfect scent for this time of year :) Glad you are enjoying your candles!

Such a lovely cozy smell. A bit like the Reading at the Cafe scent (probably the coffee?). Its like sipping a delicious latte while curled up with a good book. So Good!

My new favorite

This is the candle I've been waiting for my whole life, and I never knew it. It smells exactly like I'm sitting in a lush garden. I can't get enough of the rose petals smell. I hope this one stays on as a permanent option!

It doesn't hurt that it's named after Pemberley, either :)

Hi Bethany, thanks for the review! Pemberley is not one of our permanent candles unfortunately, but is a part of the spring collection! It is available March through May so be sure to stock up for the next year :)
Bookish scent

This is a lovely candle if you don’t want an overpowering scent. More of a vintage aged paper smell instead of antique papers.


I subscribed the the candle of the month club and this was my first candle! I absolutely love it! It is a perfect smell to read to! Not overbearing, and perfect enough to fill the whole room!

My favorite candle!

I looove this candle! It is so fresh and light.

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