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Currently burning these wax melts!

Okay, so I never had owned a wax warmer before and my boyfriend got me one recently so I thought I'd come on this sight since I have bought candles from yall before! I'm so excited that I received these today and I'm currently melting them in my little wax burner! I love the scent and you can definitely smell each scent that is described for this item. My whole room smells fantastic! I'd reccomend these melts to anyone who enjoys a relaxing scent! I also, purchased a couple more scents as well and they also smell really good! I will keep buying my wax melts and candles from you guys! Thanks for being consistent with your products!

First Purchase

Haven't bought a tart warmer yet so I can't comment on the scent but not sure if I like the smell of the tart itself, but oh well shopping for scents online is tough
(On a side note, are there other ways of melting the tarts if I don't want to buy a tart warmer?)

Love these candles!

I love the autumnal flair of these candles. They smell lovely and burn well. Would definitely buy again!

Makes me hungry

I came home one day and thought my husband had made me chocolate croissants and a fresh pot of coffee. He hadn't. He was burning this candle. I want my house to smell like this all the time.

Perfect candle for Halloween!

Spooky Stories is one of my favorite candles of all time. I can clearly smell the distinct scents as they are balanced, and the smell is neither too strong nor too faint. As much as I love this candle, I only burn it in October because it is just so perfect for Halloween that it only feels right to burn it in season. It's perfect.

Autumn smells!

I smelled this while I was in the store, and didn’t pick it up since it wasn’t what I was there for . But it smelled so good and just like fall. So I placed an order online the next day . Very glad I did!

obsessed with this candle

this candle is unreal in the sense that it actually smells like my favorite bookstore. i love how it makes my apartment smell like a bookstore. the people at frostbeard are so incredibly creative, i love it!

Exactly what I wanted this to be!

This candle is exactly what I wanted it to be - not too strong, not too light, and the smell is spot-on. It's a wonderful scent for fall (or any time of the year, really), and it absolutely transports me to the world of The Night Circus.

Love Love Love

This is such a great scent. It smells exactly like it is described and I couldn't be happier! It's warm and inviting and really great to read by! Thanks, Frostbeard!!

This scent makes me happy. Apples and crayons are the perfect combination.

Fall Season Vibes

This candle is everything you need and more. It’s scent of dry leaves, campfire and cocoa are perfectly proportioned to make this simply unique fall scent. The fall leaves and campfire give the candle a type of smokey incense smell, which can be a bit strong in some cases. However, the sweet scent of cocoa balances the scents perfectly and creates this absolutely amazing fall scent. Highly recommend to those looking for something to light on a fall evening with a book and dim lighting.

This is Fall!!!

I got this candle for the first time last fall and it was so good I had to get it again. It's the perfect pumpkiny smell with out being overly sweet! I plan on purchasing this now every year.

My absolute favorite

Smells cool and mysterious and subtle, exactly like an old stone room full of books should. Fantastic background scent for writing!

I want to drink this???

Despite the oak and tobacco this smells predominantly of cider with an almost caramel after...taste? But there is smokiness and it keeps everything from being too overwhelmingly sweet. I really want this fragrance in a cup for me to drink!

A very tempting cauldron

this scent is so clean with just the right amount of bite. fragrant but not overpowering, very herbal like a walk in the woods!

Bite of Fall!

I love this, it reminds me of going back to school. Never would have thought crayon would be a candle scent but it's so great!! The apple scent is perfectly crisp.


Sometimes I burn incense and light a candle but with this scent it's totally unnecessary! The mellow tea helps balance the heavy incense scent.


smells organic and straight from the ground

Better than a pumpkin spice latte!

This candle smells incredible! It smells exactly like what I always imagined pumpkin juice would taste like. The vanilla’s sweet smell mixes with the pumpkin in a way that frankly makes it difficult not to try to eat it. You won’t regret this purchase!

Light and chocolaty

light and chocolaty, but not particularly distinct. I have most of the FB candles and this is one I lit a few times and never thought about again. In my opinion, the thing it smells like most is... a wax candle.

I would like stronger smoky notes (I couldn't detect any) and stronger leaves notes (again, couldn't detect any). Just a light chocolate scent. And for that, I much prefer "Reading at the Cafe."

Perfect clean scent. Slightly perfumy

I love this candle. It's got a really nice crisp scent to it!
Short story, a mouse died in the ceiling space above my office and, let me just say, it was awful. I burned this candle, and it masked the scent. I have a small office, the candle wasn't overwhelming but it was strong enough to make my office smell nice despite the unwanted deceased visitor.

Warm and Cozy

This candle is so warm and cozy. It just smells like how wrapping yourself in a fresh-out-of-the-dryer towel feels. I started with the sample size, I bought this size, and this will be purchased in the 8oz candle once I finish this one. A permanent fixture in my collection for sure! I find myself reaching for this one more than the others!

Amazing smell!

Still one of my favorite candles ever! Makes me just want to snuggle up and read all day! And makes me crave coffee!


I really liked this scent. It wasn’t over powering. I felt like it smelled exactly as described. The cocoa was a nice touch.

I’m a sucker for anything Harry Potter

This candle was truly magical!

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