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a fresh breeze across a meadow

This is one of my favorites (and I have many). It's a light, delicate scent reminiscent of a gentle breeze across a flower-filled meadow. It's not very strong and tends to stay in the room it's melted in.

starts off raspberry, turns floral

Smells very raspberry in the pack, but once it's out on the burner it becomes a good deal more floral than raspberry. It's a very sweet, light scent that spreads well, but generally sticks to the room that it's burning in. Very pleasant and a good spring scent.


It smells really good with the Old Books candle I purchases from FrostBeard and alone as well.

Ravenclaw Pride

I got this for a close friend amd she really liked the smell! Other Hogwarts themed candles for Ravenclaw were often too heavy on tea aromas for people so I chose to purchase this one... she loved it!


This candle is so sweet and smells really good. It's great for any bookworm!

Another Frostbeard Hit!

I was a big fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery's books as a child, and the raspberry cordial incident is a classic. This candle has a lovely sweet berry scent with just a hint of tartness that goes well with my literary nostalgia.

It is inconceivable how good this candel smells

Absolutely love this candel. When you are looking for a great clean scent this is your go too. The teakwood is by far the most noticable. However there is the perfectly subtle scent that reminds you of the ocean

Best birthday gift

My cousin is a total bookworm and she loved this gift! I cannot wait to buy a few of my own soon!


Smells like raspberries.

Honey to fill the whole house

This one smells exactly like honey, and is strong enough to get into all the rooms of the house without being overpowering in the room it's melting in. I really enjoy this scent.

All candles

Excellent! Do some from Little Women? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ? There is Oxford Library—how about Harvard Library ( Widener)...? Shakespeare? Any spy novel scents? Love the Anne of Green Gables. Love all your candles. Definitely going to order more soon!

Perfect Librarian Gift

I bought this as a gift for my mother-in-law, who is a school librarian. It’s the perfect mug to keep on her desk at school.


I bought this candle for my best friend and she loved it. It smells amazing and I cant wait to get one for me too!

Summer in candle form!

This candle smells wonderfully summery and has a really strong scent throw. Burning it makes me feel like I’m on a tropical beach vacation no matter where I am! Another awesome scent!

Delicious scent!

Seriously, this is the best-smelling candle I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.

Cute & Comfy

This shirt is so cute, soft, and comfortable and the charcoal color is beautiful. The size chart is also accurate and my shirt fits exactly as I hoped it would. Definitely one of my new favs! Thanks Frostbeard team!❤️

The Perfect Gift For Your Bosom Friend!

I got this for my best friend as part of her Birthday gift! We love Anne of Green Gables dearly and the second I saw this I knew I had to get it for her! The scent is lovely!

Bosom friends

The candles came packagedwell and the smell is wonderful! Only problem is they are Christmas gifts so I have to wait to burn mine I bought extras to give to my Anne of Green Gables fans in the family!


I got ghis as a present for my brother and he absolutely loves it. I wish I had gotten a bigger size before they went away.

More floral than fruity

I was hoping for more raspberry to come through in this scent. It had more floral notes than I would have guessed. I love FBS so this is not a negative review, just not my favorite scent.

For the Bravest and Best

The best way to describe this vanilla scent is warm. Smells like the common room might smell: friendly, inviting, ready for wizards chess. The smell is not as string as other candles, a subtle vanilla.

The scent to intoxicate your friends with

Your Bosom Friends will take in deep breaths of this candle as greedily as Diana guzzled her "raspberry cordial". The tart raspberry scent is balanced by the light floral. One of my favorite Frostbeard scents so far! (Plus, who doesn't love a good Anne reference!)

Wizardy Buttery Drink!!!

Wizardy Buttery Drink is the perfect scent for Fall! It is so warm and inviting! It’s perfect to grab a book and curl up for the day! Would highly recommend to anyone who loves a sweet smell!

Love this candle!

This is my favorite candle! It makes you feel like you're in a coffee shop, but without all the noise. I love reading with this candle lit. It also helps me be more productive with work! Highly recommend!

A must have

I cannot emphasize how low my jaw dropped and how big my eyes got when I saw this Anne inspired candle! I ordered one for me, and of course one for my own Bosom Friend. I was a little worried it would be too sweet of a scent, but it isn’t at all. Light and happy, just like Anne.

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