3 Ways a Great Book Can Help Spark Inspiration To Create

3 Ways a Great Book Can Help Spark Inspiration To Create

We all have different pass times we enjoy, and for some, nothing is more blissful than reading a book. This mindful activity encourages openness and thinking outside of the box. When we read, we draw connections between scenes and infer the overall message the author wants to convey. Below, learn how a great book can help spark inspiration to create.

Engaging Your Mind

Every book lover has at least one author that they most gravitate towards, and sometimes it’s due to the world that the writer creates. The better an author describes a scene, appealing to several senses, the more engrossed you become in the story. This is an incredible workout for your brain and helps increase your ability to focus while reducing stress levels.

Exploring New Stories

No two books are identical, even in the same genre. Every writer has a different way of expressing specific ideas throughout their novel. Reading allows you to understand these ways of thinking, which helps open your mind and increase freeform thinking. After all, creativity is all about being unique while also taking inspiration from others.

Reading Tip

Create a cozy spot in your home to take an imaginary journey while reading. Consider buying a book-scented candle with smells that perfectly align with the novel’s setting to truly set the mood.

You Appreciate Writing

Many authors are also big readers because the stories other people tell help to inspire their own. Moreover, exploring imaginary worlds as you engage with a novel can help encourage a person’s appreciation for writing. The more you engross yourself in a piece of literature, the easier it is to notice small details or themes laid out by the author.

Some readers decide they don’t love the way the plot went and create fanfiction to express this. Other readers get ideas to create original stories within the same genre as the book they read; they may want to tell the novel’s theme differently.

Tips for Getting Creative

Now that we’ve discussed several ways a great book can help spark inspiration and creative thinking, let’s get into a few ideas for expressing your creativity. For instance, you could write a short story or poem based on the novel or draw how you pictured a scene. An amazing tale may spark an urge to redecorate your home by painting story quotes on a wall.

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