4 Creative Ideas for Displaying Your Book Collection

4 Creative Ideas for Displaying Your Book Collection

Some people throw away books when they run out of bookshelf space. They think there’s such a thing as too many books. We know that isn’t true! There’s no such thing as too many books, only too few shelves. However, if your space doesn’t have the room for more shelves, you may need to get more creative with your storage and display options. We have four creative ideas for displaying your book collection below to help you out.

Tuck Books Underneath a Bench or Table

The space under benches and tables is virtually unused. That makes it the perfect spot to stash your books! If you’re worried about them getting dirty on the floor, you can place a rug down for extra cushion. If that’s not enough protection, you can slide a shoe tray underneath the bench or table and then load it with books. You can easily slide this tray out to pick up your book and then slide it back in. While this isn’t an obvious display, it will keep your books handy.

Make Your Book Collection Portable With a Basket or Crate

Why get up from your comfy spot to search for a book when you can bring your book collection with you? Stack your books in a basket or crate and you can place them in any room you want. Or you can leave the basket or crate in a designated spot, just like people leave containers of throw blankets in their living space. While this method only displays the top few books, it keeps them handy, just like the shoe tray idea above.

Decorate the Back of Your Piano With Books

Music and book lovers can combine their two loves when they place books on the back of their upright piano. You can get creative with the display, selecting music-related books or book covers that coordinate with the color of your piano. Place bookends on either end of your piano shelf to keep everything in place. Try to choose smaller books so you can easily move them out of the way for tuning.

Add Books To Your Fireplace Mantle

Our last creative idea for displaying your book collection involves a quick lesson in fire safety. Enjoying books and flames responsibly means you must always remain aware of open flames. If you can do that, you can safely display your books on your fireplace mantle. Your mantle is basically a shelf, which makes it a great option. Even if your fireplace doesn’t work, you can add a scented candle nearby to complete the ambiance of books and flickering flames for the perfect display.

While books are meant to be read, they also make a great display around your home. Displaying them keeps them accessible to you and any guests you have. You and your guests may also enjoy soy candles in book-related scents. Burn responsibly while reading and let the scents and words carry you to another world.